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  1. Toon Caption Contest | Student Nurse Day

    It’s not a tumor! What, haven’t you ever seen a brilliant mind before?
  2. Nurse Heroes Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    We salute you, you brave warriors fighting this pandemic!
  3. Send A Message To The World Contest | Nurses Week

    You want the city to fully open back up, but you find wearing masks offensive so you don’t want to wear one? ?
  4. Share Your COVID-19 Stories Contest | Nurses Week

    On Easter Sunday a patient that was being treated in our hospital that has switched over to only taking care of COVID-19 patients was able to enjoy watching his grandkids hunt for Easter eggs via one of the iPads we have designated for patients. His ...
  5. I was appalled when I saw a picture of a woman at a protest holding up a sign that said, “sacrifice the weak, open up the city.” What if she gets it and is considered weak or one of her family members, would she want them or herself sacrificed?
  6. Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    Good evening dear, I’ve got your bath drawn and your glass of wine poured just as you asked. I won’t even ask how your day went, I think that is pretty obvious!
  7. Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    I'm sure glad the hospital FORCED me to get the flu shot!
  8. I hope I don't find that they accidentally pulled out the central line the surgeon just put in that morning. They were getting out of bed without calling first and the IV line got stuck between the bed rails. Not that I have experienced this before, ...