Pain Medicine, Psychiatry, Preventive Care
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MarcieKayFNP has 17 years experience and specializes in Pain Medicine, Psychiatry, Preventive Care.

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  1. MarcieKayFNP

    Do you feel non covid patients are getting good care?

    I fear the elderly & people without smart phones are surely suffering. Maybe we should be making Housecalls on them?
  2. MarcieKayFNP

    Will working with masks become permanent?

    That’s a very good question. Who is to say how long this virus will plague us. In theory, if Everyone complies with social distancing, wearing masks, quarantined if positive & uses good hand washing skills, we might get lucky.🍀
  3. MarcieKayFNP

    Send A Message To The World Contest | Nurses Week

    It’s so important to remind yourself to be ‘present.’
  4. MarcieKayFNP

    Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    Here’s one of my faves.