Good Kids

  1. Just had a girl with 102 temp crying because she wanted to stay in school. She has midterm review today and a basketball game tomorrow.
    She was in earlier, afebrile, now with shaking chills. I'm suspecting flu.

    A nice, sweet involved kid who never comes in. Parents are a pleasure.

    Put your GOOD stories and Good kids right here.
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  3. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Oh, I love this!

    I love, love the few parents I have that have called me to warn me their child does indeed have a cold, but has been active at home, and has a math test this morning that said child is dreading. They would love me to help them keep their child in school unless I feel the cold has truly progressed and I am welcome and encouraged to tell their child that they talked with me this morning and this is the plan .

    Also, the parents that can be reached easily, have a plan to pick up their sick kiddo, and thank me so much for calling them. Goes a long, long way. Those parents, you rock!
  4. by   MrNurse(x2)
    One of the staff kids came to me this morning as I walked in. Before she said anything I saw the red eyes. I knew what she was about to ask and took her to my office. A quick look at her puffy peri-orbitals and clear exudate made me pretty confident she could stay. Her smile made my day as I told her mama it probably wasn't pink eye. Most of my kids here, even middle school, don't try to go home; the perk of an alternative school.
  5. by   Flare
    I had a kid (former malingerer) i sent home last week with a 102+ fever. She froze when she saw me in the hallway the very next morning. I asked her what she was doing in school, knowing that I made myself crystal clear about staying home to her parent. She told me she just couldn't stand the thought of missing a day. Good kid, malingerer card officially ripped up, but your behind is going home!!
  6. by   OldDude
    Good post Far...a reality check to remind us most of the kids in school and their parents are kind, caring, hard working, decent people; thank God! Thanks girl!!
  7. by   verdeacres
    There is a 6th grade boy, small for his age, that comes in occasionally to use his rescue inhaler. You can tell kids whose parents stress politeness in upbringing, he actually engages in conversation with you rather than the stilted school nurse conversation. So refreshing!
  8. by   shark_nurse14
    Really tough day yesterday for one of our teachers. I overheard one of the quieter kids ask her as he was leaving "Are you okay? I will be worried about you all night unless you tell me you're okay." 7th grade boys can surprise you sometimes
  9. by   MHDNURSE
    I posted back in September about a Kindergartener who was making himself throw up on a daily basis so he could go home. He cried all day long and was miserable and really hard for me to deal with. He finally settled into the routine and has thankfully been happy at school. So now, his thing is that when he sees me in the hall or at lunch, he gets a huge smile and runs over and throws his arms around me. He gives the BEST hugs and is just so cute. We both have come a long way
  10. by   Farawyn
    There was a kid who was pushed in the locker room during sports after school. The push was intentional. The kid is in 7th grade, the pusher was older.
    The kids will not tell who pushed him. We are still working on that. He has a popular older brother and is a great kid, so we are hoping it is an isolated incident.

    He came to me for me to check out his bruised and swollen knee. I gave him ice and an elevator key for the rest of the day. Not only did he return my key, but today he came in with a bunch of slices of gourmet pizza. His dad owns a pizza parlor in The City.

    He insisted me and the AP take the pizza, and thanked us for helping out. I called the mom, and she thanked me again, saying how secure she felt with me here taking care of the kids.

    I had artichoke hearts with ricotta and roasted red peppers. SO GOOD!
  11. by   Farawyn
    Lets keep this going, guys. We need this.
  12. by   ohiobobcat
    I had a student my first year here who I saw probably 90 times. She had a low back issue that I called home about and it was always like "I am calling the doctor TODAY!! TODAY I am calling the doctor for an appointment." She got diagnosed with arthritis I think. She never lingered in my office, it was always a quick in and out, but man did I see her a lot. She knocked on my door in the spring that year. I yelled "Come in!" and saw it was her, and I mentally braced myself for the 75th request for Tylenol/Icy Hot. Instead she brought me in a "Springtime" picture she had drawn for me in art class. Boy, did I feel like a heel.

    Fast-forward to now, her senior year. Her back is doing much better, I see her every so often and we reminisce about how much time she spent in here her freshman year. She's a good kid, and I will miss seeing her next year.

    This year's graduating class is the class that were freshman when I started here. I have really been amazed at how far they have come since 9th grade. I'm just so proud of them all!!!
  13. by   BeckyESRN
    My first year, I had a friend in first grade who was by all accounts a really troubled, mean, aggressive kid and the school had been trying to work with mom and the doctor to get him help, but hit road block after road block in our broken metal health system. I had been warned that meds almost always resulted in a complete melt down. But, he ended up being -to date- the sweetest kid I have ever dealt with. No matter what was going on before he came to my office, he left it at the door. I got a hug every single day. I still have the heart shaped "jewel" and the little paperclip man that he gave me. He's at an alternative school now and mom said that he is doing really well
  14. by   MrNurse(x2)
    Our graduations are very special. Each graduate, some of which I have now known for six years, gives a speech, complete with classmate's thoughts and a video presentation. Staff is always undone.