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  1. NBCSN test tomorrow!!

    Good luck! ?
  2. Is Camp "On" for Summer?

    I am charge nurse at my camp. The camp director, camp physician and I met a few weeks ago and decided we will not be operating our typical overnight camp this Summer. We serve a very medically vulnerable population with a complete camper turnover eve...
  3. If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    I got my first Moderna on 1/12 and my arm was sore immediately, that lasted for a couple of days, along with some swelling around the vaccination site. I got my second Moderna on 2/8 at around 3 pm. I noticed some numbness in my L hand (vax arm...
  4. So frustrated.

    Another option is to check with you state school nurse consultant and see if your state is doing anything to help supply schools with PPE. Cloth face coverings are what is recommended for most people when social distancing cannot be maintained. So y...
  5. Summer camp called it

    Our camp cancelled too (Maine). I was worried about staffing (LOTS of international counselors) and medically fragile campers (camp for adults and kids with special needs) so I am kind of relieved. I'm still moving out there for the Summer, though...
  6. Job loss

    Yes!! I keep doing as much as I can to justify having a school nurse. I am working on back -to-school protocols and policies at the state level. I am updating the district on what the schools nurses have been doing since we shut down. Trying to b...
  7. Nurse Practitioners in the school setting

    I was just coming here to ask this same question. Has anyone ever gone for your FNP (or any NP) while working as a school nurse? How do clinical hours happen?
  8. The fate of camp this Summer

    We canceled camp last week. At least 75% of our campers are medically fragile and we just couldn't take the chance of a COVID exposure/outbreak at camp. We are working on some fun online stuff, and we are also hoping to open camp to small groups wh...
  9. The fate of camp this Summer

    We haven't decided yet either. I work with adults and kids with special needs at my camp, so we are especially concerned with some of our camper's health issues. Our campers are all local (from our state with a few exceptions) but our international...
  10. Nightmare Principals Man...

    Geez Loiuse! I would have another person present (union rep if you have one, or maybe your supervisor) in that meeting with the principal. I am assuming your documentation is ON POINT, and I would bring that as well, to reference the multiple asses...
  11. 3rd Party Lice Reports

    In this particular case, it was a group of "concerned citizens (read: other students)" who reported it to the teacher, and the teacher passed the information on to me. Teacher made it clear in her email.that she has not seen Student X.
  12. 3rd Party Lice Reports

    OK, thank you for this. I, too, typically say thanks for the information, and move on with my day. But I started second-guessing myself for some reason today after that teacher emailed me.
  13. 3rd Party Lice Reports

    The following situations have happened to me over the years (I work in a high school): I have had student A (along with friends student B, C and D) come in to my office and tell me they are positive student E has lice. I have had student L's parent c...
  14. C'Mon Now!

    Had a student come in with cough/cold symptoms last week. No fever. Student states to me that she thought it might be allergies because "It's Spring now." It's February. We live in Maine. There is not a green leaf on a tree anywhere to be seen in...
  15. Student Overdoses

    First of all, good job! I'm glad the other student disclosed the "real" issue and that you were able to intervene appropriately and get that student the help they need. I had a student with a significant mental health history take a bunch of ibuprofe...