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shark_nurse14 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in school nursing.

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  1. Shadowing School Nurses

    I know some school districts that are going back with face-to-face instruction are looking for health room aides or CNAs. Applying to some of those positions may help you work closely with the school nurse to gain experience, and also put a few dolla...

    I haven't heard anything like this, and our district has been able to obtain N95s. I agree, we are certainly first responders! I see these kids before 911 is called, before the paramedics arrive, before they are considered inpatient in a hospital...d...
  3. Type of mask or face covering?

    Our district is going to have two nursing offices when school opens: an isolation office and a "daily visit, injury, mental health" office. Those in the isolation office will wear full PPE; N95s, gowns, gloves, face shield OR goggles. Those in the "r...
  4. Contract for parents before students return to school

    We have had something similar to this in the past within our student/parent handbook that is signed (but definitely not read as evidence by years of parents "not knowing"). In a perfect world, this would work, and I think you are right that it will ...
  5. Incoming Seizure Disorder

    I would have a very honest conversation with the family before the start of school regarding EVERYTHING they want the school to do in response to a seizure and have it included in an EAP with nurse/parent/doctor signature. I've had some students who ...
  6. What to wear?

    I typically wore street clothes, up until this year. Around Dec/Jan we had so many kids with flu, or flu-like illness, that I just felt like I needed something I could wash/wear without concern. I wasn't about to wash my $80 jeans after every wear an...
  7. Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    school nursing: just band-aids and ice packs all day
  8. Temps at the door?

    At this time, my school is not considering taking temperatures upon arrival. With the evidence that supports school aged children rarely have symptoms, including fever, we see it as a waste of time/resources. We also have concerns about the gathering...
  9. PICU to Elementary School Nurse - tips, suggestions, insight ?

    What are some of the highlights of your job ? The kids. You will be with these kids more than most of their parents are. You see them good, bad, and ugly crying. You are able to build a relationship beyond that of a nurse. For a lot of these kids, I'...
  10. NCSN

    I do! My supervisor put it on school letterhead and it simply read: ”National Board for Certification of School Nurses, (Your Name, credentials) has been employed as a school nurse by (your school/district) starting (start date of contract). She comp...
  11. Sub teachers grrrrr

    I wish we had a list of staff who were out! We’ve asked, but some teachers think it’s nosy....they don’t know I can usually tell who is out before lunch because of my visits
  12. Your favorite extracurriculars?

    Somehow I’ve become the go-to staff member for watching detention if an administrator has to address something....mainly because I’m contracted to be in the building until 3, when most other staff leave at 2:25. I don’t mind it, it tends to be kids t...
  13. Blood Disorder and Severe Bruising

    Yikes...go with your gut on this one.... Any parent I've had of a child with a true bleeding disorder has made sure I have proper documentation and emergency medication/orders from MD before the child steps foot into the school. Also, student's I've...
  14. question---How many?

    I just provided a "nursing office breakdown" to administration to share with staff, because I think there is a huge misunderstanding of how busy my office is! I have just under 500 students in my school of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. So far, there hav...
  15. Masters in Nursing

    I'm currently in my last class of the SNHU online MSN program, and love it! I took the MSN- Generalist approach and I'm so glad that I did. I find that working in such an autonomous position, the classes at SNHU have provided me with an overall incre...