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MrNurse(x2) has 28 years experience as a ADN and specializes in IMC, school nursing.

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  1. MrNurse(x2)


    She is on pump with CGM, diagnosed 3 years ago. She normally drops with infection and she never sneaks food. Our teaching with her is constant. Mom doesn't seem keen on her independence. Scar tissue could be an issue. I have reached out to her endo at Hopkins with little help, not the experience I got from their peds hospital with my son.
  2. MrNurse(x2)


    She is seven, not hormonal, yet. Friday morning she had sausage with no coverage. Fats and proteins drove up her sugars, I noticed that. Her waking sugar was 321.
  3. MrNurse(x2)


    Wow, didn't know that was a thing. Thanks for putting it on my radar. This girl has been so well controlled since her CGM. I think mom was rounding her carbs down so she wouldn't go low (less than 120 for her) pre CGM and her daily average on fingersticks was 220. She would get symptomatic under 100. I am kind of amazed at the T1 mentality of endocrinologists to not do dietary teaching and allow them to eat whatever they want.
  4. MrNurse(x2)


    My T1D has been quite well controlled with her new for this school year CGM. Thursday and Friday showed very unusual high readings of 300's and 400's. Friday lunch was 535, her highest. Called mom as I was very concerned, but she said she would deal with it when she got home. Well, two hours before the end of the day, she vomited. The teachers were concerned about a virus, I was concerned about something far worse. Called mom, she was an hour away, but GM was 10 minutes away. EMS is 15-20. I stressed the urgency and was about to go 911 when mom said she got a hold of GM and she was there in about 5 minutes. Hospital is where I work and the mom told staff they could discuss with me. Nurse said her pH was very concerning, transferred to Hopkins emergently. Stated she was probably an hour or two from unconsciousness. Scary part is, mom doesn't understand the scary part of highs, far more concerned with glucoses less than 100. I have asked for ketone strips, as her symptoms manifested within minutes. She used to run in the 300's fairly consistently before CGM, I guess her body was used to it then. I wish mom would understand that highs can kill, too. Now and in the future. Meanwhile, I think our admins are very scared of a world with no nurse given the choking two weeks ago and this.
  5. MrNurse(x2)

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Monday and half day Tuesday, then I work Tuesday through Thursday nights at the hospital, but I am still thankful. Have a great break.
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    I am in a small building, but I have only had to go to a child twice in five years.I am so sorry you all are abused the way you are.
  7. MrNurse(x2)

    Exciting possibility...

    They could probably hire education students for the "non-essential" classes, like all the social engineering classes. Oh, that's right, those are the most essential. This is the mindset that allows educators to problem solve the way they do.
  8. MrNurse(x2)

    Basketball Season

    Because you have all the ice.
  9. MrNurse(x2)

    LIU Brooklyn Spring 2020

    Nope, the moderators take care of it. You can kick back and wait for the magic to happen.
  10. MrNurse(x2)

    LIU Brooklyn Spring 2020

    I alerted moderators to move your post. This is for school nurses, not nursing school. Happens a lot and moderators are quick to redirect.
  11. MrNurse(x2)

    Heimlich Queen

    My wife showed our staff why we are here yesterday. A kinder was choking at lunch, unable to do any air exchange and my wife did the Heimlich. Most nurses make it through life never doing this. This is the fourth totally obstructed person my wife has saved. God knew what He was doing yesterday and placed the expert here. Parents weren't quite impressed, though.
  12. MrNurse(x2)

    Why would a teacher say that?

    My son woke up sick this morning and had a borderline fever. He proceeded to drag his feet but also mentioned that his teacher said he would get a zero even if he was sick on an assignment due today. I dragged him in and told the teacher that her class is probably going to get infected because of her statement. She denied ever saying it. Why would a student who WANTS to stay home make a stupid statement. Other students stated the same punishment as I was taking him out of class. I made my point and let her know it really wasn't her place to decide if a student isn't sick. BTW, I was taking him home after her class, which was second period. I took him immediately after administration knew what she hadn't said.
  13. MrNurse(x2)

    Fun run is mutually exclusive

    Today is fun run. The only thing I find fun is not many students come and it's a half day. This morning during the pep talk they were talking about kids pushing through their pain and continuing. I looked at my wife and said "no, the only thing that does is make you puke, and that makes you come to the nurse, nope, just stay out of my office"
  14. MrNurse(x2)

    School nurse salary non-negotiable?

    The hardest part of school nursing is to realize you are an afterthought. There are districts that respect our profession and decide that we deserve the same as teachers, but most view us as an insurance policy and put us at the bottom of the budget, just like our own personal budgets. They probably look at it in terms of ice packs and band aids.
  15. MrNurse(x2)

    First case of flu

    Tamiflu and variants reduce the contagious period by 2 days, meaning 4 days post symptoms. That is a generality and may be longer. We put a policy in place last year because of the increased use of Tamiflu that they must stay home for 5 days post symptom onset or 24 hours fever free if longer than 5 days.
  16. MrNurse(x2)

    what to do if you disagree with PA's treatment

    I personally refuse a mid level if it involves diagnosis, OK for follow up. Doctors spend two years giving diagnosis assessments during their training, mid levels have weeks.