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  1. MrNurse(x2)

    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    I got a nail in my foot walking in from the remote building. That was my one and only visit. Never for a bandaid, cough drop or ice pack.
  2. MrNurse(x2)

    Latex Balloons

    Yes, sometimes you luck upon the compliant doctor first thing. This position has shown me how many doctors cave to patient demands. It's sad.
  3. MrNurse(x2)

    Teacher awesomeness

    Amazing how school nurses get jazzed being able to visualize the emesis!
  4. MrNurse(x2)

    Got thanked by EMS/Police and Mom!

    Reading my Bible and praying, I know He is coming after that trifecta.
  5. MrNurse(x2)

    Just sent my first via ambulance....

    Good call. This is why critical thinking is so important.
  6. MrNurse(x2)

    buying supplies with your own money

    Thankfully Dollar Store bandaids are excellent and latex free. Dollar Store meds are also worthwhile. I have had a few parents offer to buy meds and supplies from their FSA's, I guess that is a double win for them as it is tax free withholding and then a tax write off as a charitable contribution.
  7. MrNurse(x2)

    Faith restored

    Had a student with frequent nausea come after lunch and said he bigfoot vomited ( it is gone and no one saw it). Came back 40 minutes later after he yacked in class, this time LOTS of people saw it, and I got to see it, too. Let's just say, this ain't viral puke. Had him drink and wait (really looked like stricture) and tolerated that. Called mom and she asked what I would do if this were my kid. I told her you may not want to follow my lead, I'm nasty. She agreed to keep student at school! Wow, that was a first for this year. I found another rockstar parent here.
  8. MrNurse(x2)

    Return after flu

    The problem with antivirals is the body stops the fever but remains contagious, that is why I am looking into a policy to protect other students.
  9. MrNurse(x2)

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    We keep our tympanic on Centigrade. My wife and I are accustomed to it from our hospital years and the students are clueless.
  10. MrNurse(x2)

    Return after flu

    I had a case last month and the physician said OK after 24 hours with Tamiflu. Physicians in my area succumb to patient pressure and customer service is forefront in treatment. I fear pediatricians will do what this last one did and cave to parent pressure. I have reached out to our health department for guidance and to see if a policy that may go against a physician order is prudent.
  11. MrNurse(x2)


    I follow a popular anti-vaxxer doc on FB, scary what these people believe. They are claiming that this outbreak, though in a poorly vaccinated area, proves herd immunization does not protect them. I tried to show them that herd theory protects those that can't have the vaccination, not those that don't want the vaccine, fell on deaf/ ignorant ears. I think I got removed for my pro vaccine views, that's how tolerant they are even though I only posted facts with no judgement.
  12. MrNurse(x2)

    buying supplies with your own money

    My administrators make less than the teachers and have mortgaged their homes for this school, one of the reasons I am willing to do what I do. Teachers here make half what the county public schools do and we are the lowest paid county in the state, despite being third richest.
  13. MrNurse(x2)

    Frequent Flyers

    Being male, it's all about the gadgets,. It does sit right next to me on my desk.
  14. MrNurse(x2)

    buying supplies with your own money

    God bless you. I work at a private with no budget. I pulled tooth and nail to get my SNAP program at $300 annual. I bring my own defibrillator and buy all my meds and supplies. It does irritate me when a student comes in 3 times a day for a week old injury for band aids.
  15. MrNurse(x2)

    Gender Bias in Pediatric Pain

    My wife sees more boys and I see more girl injuries. Both genders play it up equally, we have many future stars. Please remember that research is no longer "blind", always read each one with what angle are they coming from.