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MrNurse(x2) has 28 years experience as a ADN and specializes in IMC, school nursing.

30 years experience, PCU, school nursing

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  1. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent harassing me in clinic

    Not sure if you are public or private, but I understand the hesitance if you are private, LOTS of politics. Maybe tell admin that you are very fearful of this woman and she is acting differently when it is just you. I would ask them to let her know they know her behavior and will bar her from the school. The shame of not being able to participate at the school should quell her behavior immediately.
  2. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    Affluence is a double edged sword. I am treated as a servant a lot. Our students used to have older parents, we are now post depression and the young affluents are coming in and owning the place. Would love to see students thrive in a school where they can rise above their circumstances as opposed to watching kids flounder under selfish parenting. This is my last year and I am thankful. Love the kids, the parents, not so much.
  3. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    ... and I agree that the lower income families are the exception to my statement, most are single parents working low wage jobs that barely allow you to call out sick, I get that. My experience with professional parents is my world view, and in my world, what I said is accurate.
  4. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I don't want to come off as judgmental, but I have to ask, how can you continue to function without knowing there is a backup for emergencies? My wife and I have no family local, yet we have four people we can reach out to should we need them to pick up our boys, if necessary, and we work nights. A school nurse's office is a crummy place to spend a day when you feel wretched. We don't call you because they have a sniffle, we call when it appears they are actively sick and by that time, they really don't feel good. I realize my wife and I are the minority when it comes to our children, but our careers come second to their security, which you threaten by abandoning them at a school for hours. I work at a private, I see so many dual income families who are unreachable during the day, my term is rich parents, poor kids. It is your responsibility as a parent to be able to get your children picked up in a timely manner in all but the most dire of circumstances. I have witnessed the erosion of trust in a parent that children have who have to wait hours for pickup, with a few asking if their parent even cares about them, from elementary to middle school age. I suggest you make some friends with SAHM so this doesn't happen to you. Sorry if this makes you feel guilty, but this is the reality of so many children today and it really is harming our next generation.
  5. MrNurse(x2)

    All pukes are not created equal

    Why observation is so important. Viral puke has a signature smell and look. It is important to find out when they ate last. If it is viral and you don't get to observe it, give them water and you will know in five minutes. These are our assessment techniques.
  6. MrNurse(x2)

    CBD Administration in School? Policy?

    This is how parents rewrite policies, forget logic here. This is about agenda, not what makes sense.
  7. MrNurse(x2)


    The bane of the school nurses' existence. Had the dreaded contagious headache this afternoon with the preemptive "my teacher says we have drank a lot of water". Well played. I proceeded to find out they just started and it is exceptionally warm outside. I am blessed that I have a fairly wide berth where suck it up buttercup comes into play. Why do these kids think it is never going to be uncomfortable in this life?
  8. MrNurse(x2)

    Screw Nursing Caption Contest

    Hospital CEO: Now go out there and do your best, leave no unit untouched.
  9. MrNurse(x2)

    First day back after mat leave

    To quantify that statement, a new nurse is still new a year into their career, and finally comfortable at the three year mark, give or take. You must refine your critical thinking skills, which need education and experience. This will make your transition to an independent position like school nurse daunting, something new nurses don't understand because they don't know any better. Hope your transition back is uneventful and fun. Enjoy that beautiful baby.
  10. MrNurse(x2)

    Coping with emergencies at any time.

    I am going to lay it out realistically, I apologize if it seems harsh in advance. Nursing is all about critical thinking, a skill that takes education and experience. More education can never replace more experience and experience alone can not make up for education. Your floor experience is too short to really gain experience, therefore your critical thinking skills for emergencies are deficient. It is one thing to develop experience where you have more experienced nurses to bounce things off of and help to debrief after situations, but you have put yourself in an isolated position without oversight. You may luck out and never experience that emergency you are not prepared for, but you are putting yourself and students at risk. Sometimes the right job comes at the wrong time, and your choice to take another track in nursing means that there are certain positions that you should shy away from, like this. There are many nurses that would be salivating over the choice you made for administration and would read your resume with great envy. This isn't a critique of you as a person, it is an analytical assessment of your nursing career until now, and is only a snapshot of where you are now. I suggest you take a step back, get your acute care experience over the next two to three years and develop those critical thinking skills that allow you to function independently and then dive into this.
  11. MrNurse(x2)


    So you choose to come here, complain about ONE post that said that having a student bleed all over the place by not pinching their nose is stupid behavior and then saying we can’t criticize your viewpoint? I thank God above that my teachers are lifelong learners and can learn things and adapt. Maybe you should reconsider your career, I know there is a shortage, but I pray my boys don’t run into such a myopic mind in their short public school experience. Thankfully not all teachers adopt your prejudiced mindset.
  12. MrNurse(x2)

    Tired kids!

    No offense, but this is reverse thinking. Littles require less sleep than their older siblings, and littles are more apt to awaken early.
  13. MrNurse(x2)

    Spacers: Do you order extra?

    Same here, meds and bandaids are provided by us.
  14. MrNurse(x2)

    EMR--what do you use?

    SNAP has a lease option at $300/ year and records are available even if you stop leasing. Even my modest school could afford it, and I loved it. We went to Renweb, now FACTS, that is web based, so my student info is available remotely and I can send my documentation to parents as an email without additional steps.
  15. MrNurse(x2)

    Free Health Posters

    Try NIH or CDC. You may have to print them.
  16. MrNurse(x2)

    schedule change

    It is only unsafe when it is on their terms. There is no safety concern if students have been dismissed. This is a teacher centered complaint. I leave at dismissal because each of those children have an adult waiting outside that can handle an issue. I don't feel bad at all. I guess it depends how important this is to you for your work/ life balance. I stay for my son's tuition, he graduates in June, so I know I have an end. Who knows, if you stick to your guns, it may work out.

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