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MrNurse(x2) has 28 years experience as a ADN and specializes in IMC, school nursing.

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  1. MrNurse(x2)

    50 school days left until Summer

    My state just closed universities and colleges for 2 weeks beyond Spring break, so I don't think schools are far behind. That would at least lessen our year by ten days, so there is the silver lining.
  2. MrNurse(x2)

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Davey Do you have addressed everything I have seen degrade over my career. I was amazed at the number of F bombs that fly in front of staff and patients alike. No one apologizes to pts for their language, but I get it all the time because I don't use...
  3. MrNurse(x2)

    A Question About Standing Orders

    Check with your state department of ed, things I checked with the BON were never told to me that were mandates from the DOE. I was here 5 years and my school had NO CLUE nurses were mandated, even for privates (few in my county have them) despite the...
  4. MrNurse(x2)

    A Question About Standing Orders

    My school had no nurse before I came. I was able to call the next county over and they gave me their protocols. I got a physician whose children attended the school to sign off, but he was also the HD doc, so he would have been the person to sign off...
  5. MrNurse(x2)

    3rd Party Lice Reports

    Give a three hour lecture in August before school starts with the premise that your policy is evidence based and teach the intricacies of parasite science. Tell them it will repeat next year if there is any misunderstanding during the year. That shou...
  6. MrNurse(x2)

    C'Mon Now!

    You've been outed.
  7. MrNurse(x2)

    S/s x 3, 4, 7 days??

    I always make the parent aware, that is your CYA. I tell them they are missing class because of this. Being private, I have parents who want to keep asses in classes, except for vacations, of course.
  8. MrNurse(x2)

    Coronavirus and Schools

    The media is so reckless with this. The hospital I work at had 2000 isolation gowns "disappear", we had none for the weekend (not that I mind, EBP says gowns have no impact on contamination) and had to do without. Sure we will see them on eBay for $1...
  9. MrNurse(x2)

    "Can you do something about this?"

    You didn't even invoke the name of Jesus! You are a miracle worker.
  10. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    Nursing DOES come with that flexibility, and my wife and I show it. As stated, we have put our promotions and ambitions on hold so that a parent is available all the time. Sorry, people in AN have NO excuse to not be available beyond personal selfish...
  11. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    Just like in the hospital, it is never about me being put out when someone needs something. It is about the effect on the "patient" that concerns me.
  12. MrNurse(x2)

    Coronavirus and Schools

    This is the scariest part in anything that happens to China. The world has allowed them to produce everything, and their social structure allows it to be economical. We need to start manufacturing things again.
  13. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    ... and, as stated earlier, single parent and low income do not pertain to this discussion.
  14. MrNurse(x2)

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    My point is we have allowed dual income to be the norm. I am guilty, our lifestyle demands dual income, but we make allowances that reduce our comfort to allow security for our boys. I could go on for hours how our greed from the 80's has brought us ...
  15. MrNurse(x2)

    "Can you do something about this?"

    Funny that the teachers that don't want to talk to parents are the same ones who call when they are sick and they don't want them in their classrooms.