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  1. BeckyESRN

    Pandemic or pollen??

    Same! My letter board at home says "May: not Winter, not Summer, all pollen!"
  2. BeckyESRN

    The New Girl To School Nursing

    You can check your county health department for posters too! Some will send them for shipping only, some you can print out on your own. The Allegheny County Health Dept. has some good ones.
  3. BeckyESRN

    Happy Nurse's week.... I guess

    I got a card from social committee on Administrative Assistants' Day because "We won't remember you if we don't give it to you today"😑 Thanks...I guess I grabbed cards at Dollar Tree to send to my fellow nurses. We always remember one another
  4. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Has anyone else noticed the hashtags that were added to this topic? # school kids is fine, but # bad kids is not okay. I don't think any of us would ever refer to our kids as "bad". Bad behavior, sure; bad choice, absolutely: bad kids, nope AllNurse's Admin could maybe take that down
  5. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    We had a parent send her close contact kid to school the next day. She insisted he wasn't a close contact because it wasn't a school activity, so "it's illegal" for us to exclude him. She was also mad that we knew he was a close contact because she wasn't going to tell the school. 😤
  6. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    63 nonsense visits, 4 legit visits, a dozen meds, 1 hour and 40 minutes of contact tracing and phone calls, and one 9pm email from a teacher who "forgot" to include the students sitting by my positive case. Is it Summer yet?! Today's winner is the parent that insisted the doctor told her that her close contact quarantined kiddo could return to school today as long as he doesn't have a fever...exposure was Sunday🤦‍♀️ When I asked her to send me the doctor's note, she refused, because we all know that no actual doctor would say that. C'Mon Now!
  7. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    4th grade boy comes in pretty frantic: Look at my arm! It's bright pink. It's hot. It's super, super itchy! Me: Lemme see...😂 4th: 😤 it's not funny. It really itches! I could be having an allergic reaction Me: ooorrr...it could be pink highlighter😬 4th: 😳 oh Life saving nursing over here
  8. BeckyESRN

    Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    I got my 1st Moderna on Jan 15th. On Jan 21st, one lymph node near my clavicle and one under my arm, started swelling. They hurt a ton and are the size of a clementine and half a fast pitch softball. I have a follow up with my PCP today because the swelling and tenderness haven't decreased. That being said, I'll happily roll up my sleeve for my 2nd dose! maybe on the opposite side though...
  9. BeckyESRN

    Voluntary Post-Thanksgiving Quarantine?

    The wording that we are going with when parents ask about out of state travel or when we hear about out of state travel is "The health department strongly recommends a self-quarantine period of 14 days following out of state travel. While this is not required by the school district, we fully support the health department's recommendation and will excuse all absences related to self-quarantine and provide a fully online learning experience." I wish we could require it, but, because our health department doesn't require it, we can't either. Most of our parents have been great about being extra cautious this year, thankfully!
  10. BeckyESRN

    Staff Burnout

    Our teachers are overscheduled too. It seems like every minute is filled with meetings, zoom calls, webinars... It's too much. We are in person 4 days a week with a virtual day on Wednesday. There's a lot of emotional labor this year.
  11. BeckyESRN


    If I had a dollar for every kid that "just doesn't seem like himself today", I could retire tomorrow. I got called to the sensory room to check on a kid...the reason...he took off his shoes. No symptoms, no complaints, just took off his shoes🤦‍♀️
  12. BeckyESRN

    New Medical Syndrome (can I have it named after me...)

    Smelly mask syndrome is my new favorite. It's a disorder of denial, often found in elementary aged children who insist that their mask smells awful, the new mask also smells awful, the 3rd mask smells bad too...this smell is cannot possibly be related to the fact that they did not brush their teeth this morning. A mint is the only known cure
  13. BeckyESRN

    Are your kids back to school full time in person?

    Our elementary schools are back in person 4 days a week and we've had 1 positive in nearly 900 students. Our county numbers have been low since August and have continued to stay at that "green" level. Our classes have between 16 and 22 students; about 4ish + ft between desks, masks at all times except when walking outside around the track for mask breaks, classes are staying put and teachers are switching as needed for different subjects, no materials are being shared
  14. BeckyESRN

    Staff getting overly involved

    "Doing precision guess work based on unreliable data provided by those with questionable knowledge." is even more applicable this year!
  15. BeckyESRN

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    Ohio just closed all school for 3 weeks, starting Monday.
  16. BeckyESRN

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    We start Spring Break after Friday. Our teachers are trying to pry info from admin, but with the situation changing so quickly, no one has any idea what will happen when we return on the 23rd.