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  1. BeckyESRN

    Happy Halloween!!!

    We had our "Fall Festival" last Friday, so today is okay...tomorrow will be another story! All the grumpy stayed-up-too-late kiddos and the what did you have for breakfast "candy" kiddos will be in my office.
  2. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    2nd grade teacher calls, kid wore his costume to school with no pants under, so she was sending him down to get pants and take off his costume. 2nd grader arrives...in just a button down shirt and shoes. Me: I think you're missing something, friend. 2nd: Yeah, I guess so. I hand him pants, he starts putting them on right in the doorway of the clinic. I suggest he get dressed in the bathroom. He bends over to grab his shoes and I see his totally bare butt! Me: -tosses him underwear- guess you forgot these too! 2nd: Dad says we don't wear underwear Happy Friday
  3. BeckyESRN

    Why so long

    I had a 5th grader come down at 11:30 and asked that I wait until 11:45 to call mom because that's when her hot yoga class was over. She had given him meds for his temp of 102 in the morning because she didn't want to miss hot yoga. Mostly, just tell me how long it's going to take! Don't tell me 20 minutes or less and then take 2.5 hours
  4. BeckyESRN

    Bad day, Bad year

    I'm so sorry. You absolutely deserve a break. *Virtual hugs*
  5. BeckyESRN

    Head lice

    Totally putting this on a t-shirt! I might make my principal one too
  6. BeckyESRN

    Derm. resource to share

    If you are on instagram, I highly recommend following Brown Skin Matters. It is user submitted photos along with their diagnosis of dermatological conditions on darker skin. It is physician reviewed too! Reference books are seriously lacking in this area and it's nice to see that void being filled.
  7. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    It's pajama day (why?!). I was sent six 1st graders for temp checks because they felt/looked hot...after recess...in 80 degree weather...wearing one piece, hooded, fleece pajamas. Ya think?!
  8. BeckyESRN

    Head lice

    There are always head lice, parents should check their kid's head all the time.
  9. BeckyESRN

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Sani-Cloth PDI wipes. They smell like not catching MRSA or VRE, so that's a bonus!
  10. BeckyESRN

    ringworm on eye

    With an older student (3rd grade and up) I would have done that same. It's not a place that other people are going to be touching and the eyelid isn't going to be touching any surfaces (hopefully!), so i'd think that transmission chances would be low. I'd talk about not touch the lid and hand hygiene for sure.
  11. BeckyESRN

    Vision Screening

    Old school light box chart here.
  12. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Unfortunately, it's one of the voicemail is full, email disappears into cyber space parents. I was hoping the multiple conversations I had with the teacher would have cut down on it, but nope.
  13. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    This is my life. I had to tell a 2nd grader that I no longer put in earrings. I've seen her at least once a day, but usually 2-3 times because she keeps taking out her earrings. 19 days of school, 39+ earring visits. I started a tally sheet
  14. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Voicemail from 0750 (school starts at 0845): Good morning...ummm...we were wondering if you could take a look at our 1st grader's index finger. It's swollen and really bruised, so we were hoping you could tell us if it's broken. If it is broken, can you use put a splint on it? Okay...thanks!
  15. BeckyESRN

    Ice Packs

    PREACH! Every "injury" does not require intervention.
  16. BeckyESRN

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I found that at least 50% of "the previous nurse did this" claims were untrue! People just don't like change and they're going to see what they can get away with. Nurse passes have made a huge difference. I got my principal on board first, then he presented the vague idea of an easy way to communicate with the nurse, and, ta-da! the teachers had this amazing idea for passes In my experience, teachers have this whole way of communicating that involves a lot of smiley faces and exclamation points. My first year, I would email them the same way I would email a nurse co-worker and they would say I was being mean. I've learned to add unnecessary exclamation points and "thanks so much", "thanks for your help..." ect and that seems to work. It does get better.