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  1. BeckyESRN

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    Ohio just closed all school for 3 weeks, starting Monday.
  2. BeckyESRN

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    We start Spring Break after Friday. Our teachers are trying to pry info from admin, but with the situation changing so quickly, no one has any idea what will happen when we return on the 23rd.
  3. BeckyESRN

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    District sent out an email saying that they are monitoring the situation and reinforcing the CDC and DOH recommendation for cleaning and hand hygiene. Stating that there are both sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers in every room and in several other locations throughout the building Teachers: :reading email: psshh, yeah right! We don't even have hand sanitizer in our rooms Me: Every room has a dispenser beside the door, is your's broken or missing? Teachers: No, it's just empty and has been for weeks Me: Oh, did you tell anyone? or leave a note on it for the overnight staff? Teacher: Well no, but someone should know that they are empty and just refill them. Me: I'm sure they'll refill them, if you ask someone or leave a note. Teachers: Well this is just more work for me, I guess... Why is this difficult?!? Apparently hand sanitizer, hand soap, and paper towels are just supposed to automatically refill. The fact that I had this conversation several times just makes me sad
  4. BeckyESRN

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    Just today, called a mom for a kiddo with an earache/headache looking pretty rough, especially for a 1st grader. Mom said that it would take about 15 minutes to wrap up her meeting and another 25 to get to the school, 50 minutes tops. No problem! Kiddo colored and napped. Mom arrived, realized that there was no one way to make it home and back in time to see her son's band concert (in my building, 30 minute performance), so I offered mom/kiddo the cot in my spare room. Mom snuggled her and made a doctor's appointment. I kept the kiddo while mom attend the concert, no biggie, happy to help. I just need communication and I can be infinitely helpful.
  5. BeckyESRN

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    Official knot remover! Tied your shoes in knots for 25 minutes during math? Go to the nurse! Tied your drawstring pants too tight? Go to the nurse! Tied the bow on your dress in 37 knots? Go to the nurse! Now, I rate the knots on a scale of 1-10 for difficulty and send it back with the nurse pass Bulletin boards- I LOVE doing bulletin boards. The music teacher didn't change his the year that I started, they were falling apart and the paper was faded, so I did them for him. Now I do them every year and I started doing the ones in the front hallway too. I love how excited the kids get when they see new designs and it takes one thing off of the teacher's plates (they had to do them on a rotation, each grade level every other month).
  6. BeckyESRN

    Sub teachers grrrrr

    They are relentless! It's unreal.
  7. BeckyESRN

    Sub teachers grrrrr

    On my 5th student from the same class within the first 10 minutes of the day, my first question was not "How are you feeling?" it was "Do you guys have a sub today?!" oye with the subs
  8. BeckyESRN

    Subpoena Summons

    Agreed. The students' only contact with you is in the school, this is literally why districts have attorneys.
  9. BeckyESRN

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    My school is pretty economically diverse. Lots of very low income students and lots of very high income students. I have no problem keeping a sick kiddo in my clinic for hours because a parent cannot leave work or has no transportation or has that perfect storm of circumstances where the backup to the backup plan falls through; it's fine, I'll do what I can under those circumstances. I've had parents tell me that they were in the check out line with all their groceries and I tell them to check out and put the groceries away before picking up unless it's really urgent. My frustration is with parents that 1.) don't/won't answer 2.) have several non-functioning numbers 3.) tell me that they be here in 20mins but take 2 hours, and 4.) medicate their child's 103 temperature and tell them not to come to the nurse until after 11 because they refuse miss hot yoga and thus expose the entire school to the flu for their convenience(this has happened 3 times, 3 different students). I see the most umm...liberties being take by the upper parents as opposed to the lower; the latter are generally very apologetic when they can't be here in a timely manner. I've had one situation where every backup plan fell through all at once, perfect storm type situation. Husband was working, in-laws were on vacation(which meant all 4 extra adults were gone), family friend was supporting a parent during surgery, my parents were both down with the flu...all at once. My own kid had to sleep in the clinic with me until I could care for my students here and safely go home for the day; stuff happens. I get it, just be reachable and be honest.
  10. BeckyESRN

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Myself, my husband, and my best friend are nurses; all with varying degrees of step-down, cardio, and ER experience. When I was in a car accident and spent a few days in the surgical ICU, they referred to us as "The nurse room, real nurses- the good kind, not the other kind" in report. We all totally understood what "the other kind" meant.
  11. BeckyESRN

    Parent harassing me in clinic

    In my building, only myself or the principal can accept medications.
  12. BeckyESRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I've been with the current 5th grade since they were in kindergarten. Sadly, while they have all gotten taller, a lot of them have not grown up. 6 years is quite enough!
  13. BeckyESRN


    I've seen one for a tummy ache 3 times today. Between visits 2 and 3, I asked the teachers how he was doing: apparently, he was caught stealing from a teacher's desk first thing this morning and his tummy ache was guilt induced. I second all of the above advice and add "check in with a the teacher" if it becomes an issue.
  14. There was one male nurse that wore Danskos when I worked at the hospital. I married him...despite the shoes.
  15. BeckyESRN

    Reaching my breaking point with middle schoolers

    "Not every ache requires intervention" I say this at least 15 times a day. I literally see kids because their body touched something or their head/ear/left great toe hurt for 30 seconds. And the number of "I took a drink, it didn't work" when instructed to drink more water with headache/sore throat/mucus...like 1 drink, C'mon Now. The expectation that one will never live with a single ounce of even temporary discomfort is baffling to me. And it's not a far jump to link this to the opioid epidemic.
  16. BeckyESRN

    sending sick children home

    I have a slip that I either hand to the parent or have the kiddo hand to the parent that states our fever and vomiting/diarrhea policy. I highlight the section that applies and write the most recent temp/time or vomit/time.

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