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  1. verdeacres

    Free Stuff for School Nurses?

    I started last year as my first year as a school nurse and scoured the web for freebies. It seems like there used to be so many more available even 10-15 years ago. I could not find anything, we have a very poor school district and anything is better than what most of them have.
  2. verdeacres

    Health room aide

    That is interesting as it seems like the position would be posted as a nurse instead of an aide if they use only nurses. I work for a large pediatric hospital that uses aides for individual schools and has RN's over them for the district. Maybe they are changing their modus operandus (spelling?)
  3. verdeacres

    If you had to choose...

    High schools probably have less per capita visits than elementary schools. Pretty subjective, depends on your preference for actually immature, or denying maturity.
  4. This is for you middle/high school nurses for hanging in there during your day. You have to read the whole article though! All those tedious days, the menial contacts you have might be a great influence on a hurting student. Why your teen needs messy books | Fox News The title is deceiving but I got a kick out of it.
  5. verdeacres

    School Nursing

    I could be all wrong on this, but I work for a major pediatric hospital that contracts with school districts to provide nursing services. My pay is hourly, I am able to get benefits, yada-yada. My base pay is less though than I would be if I was a district employee on the a teacher scale. On the upside of this, there are resources backing you from the hospital. We do also participate in the educational retirement system, not social security. I think there are probably different meanings depending on where you work. I mostly do clinic hands on, but do IHP's and ETR's when necessary.
  6. verdeacres

    Ideal RN position for mother of toddler

    I also agree with home health or school nursing. Unfortunately, with school nursing - or some positions that offer a more flexible, predicable schedule, the pay is not as high as some other fields of nursing.
  7. verdeacres

    Phlebotomy refusing to draw

    Renal access fistulas and grafts are very susceptible to clotting off. The patient is taught to listen for the bruit everyday. A lot of the patient wear a bracelet on their access arm in case they are hospitalized or in a squad so that the arm is not used for an iv or blood draw. If the bruit is not heard by staff or patient, if they can be seen by a special procedures lab at a hospital, they might be able to get it opened up again. Good luck in your first year!
  8. verdeacres

    New school nurse poll

  9. verdeacres

    New school nurse poll

    Something besides the wastebasket for puke, I am still working on that. I need to find a free supply of littler containers. And I will second the suggestion of antigermicidal wipes!
  10. verdeacres

    How many are members of NASN?

    That would be awesome if the fee was paid by the district, mine does not.
  11. verdeacres

    How many are members of NASN?

    I was wondering how many here are members of NASN? I am getting around to it, know I should, but was wondering how many are and what benefits/perks you use and appreciate about it. Thanks!
  12. verdeacres

    Storing medications

    Organizers are a great idea, I have been in clinics without locked doors and the meds have been in a locked desk drawer or filing cabinet after school hours if need be.
  13. verdeacres

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I didn't read through all the posts, but my favorite is some of the scenes with a dialysis machine beside the bed with red stuff in the tubing and the blood pump running. Where is the blood coming from? The person in the bed does not have a catheter or an access!!!
  14. verdeacres

    Student Nurse Clinical Site

    Her class should have a checklist, goals, tasks that the professor has established for them, shouldn't it?
  15. verdeacres

    Student not comfortable with me.

    I have had the attendance secretary tell me someone left the building, picked up by a parent due to not feeling well. Were they in to see me? NO. I can only do so much...
  16. verdeacres

    muslim prayer

    Some time from posting this, how is your practice of praying working at your job? Just wanted an update if there was one. I too am a Christian but believe that faith is important.