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  1. Farawyn

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    No pink, no cool table. *sigh*
  2. Farawyn

    We're back!!!

    Now it works! *pounce*
  3. Farawyn

    Are We Too PC?

    *swoons, as always*
  4. Farawyn

    Are We Too PC?

    I'm not YOUR dear. You sure it's not about you?
  5. Farawyn

    Are We Too PC?

    Because it's about you?
  6. Farawyn

    Are We Too PC?

    Exactly this. By the way, I hate the term "man up" OD, but that doesn't mean I'm offended by it. It DOES mean I will call you on it. What does that even mean? The song, IMO, is not a very good song. It's creepy, and non Holidayesque. I turn it off. I also turn Christmas Shoes, Do They Know It's Christmas? and that Hawaiian Christmas song. I don't think ANYTHING should be banned. No, we are not too PC. I welcome the discussion AND the change.
  7. Farawyn

    The Grinch of allnurses.com

    Starting Christmas too early is a HUGE no-no. The Kid's Bday is in early December, and I don't even think about it until then. Other than that, I'm sort of the Opposite of The Grinch...sorry!!!
  8. Farawyn

    Healthy Weight Week

    Sadly, there is no body type for "short and STACKED" I kid. I kid.
  9. I LOVE THIS!!! My mom had a metal syringe in a case.
  10. Farawyn

    A Newly Defined Type of Constipation: Opioid Induced Constipation

    I never do that at work. Unless I'm sick. Yes, I'm one of those nurses.
  11. Links to these scientific facts, please?
  12. So, if stuff is in caps it's more important, right? I'm looking at your credentials and I cannot wrap my head around that vs your posts. How do you treat your patients? Or do you refuse to treat certain groups?
  13. I'm sorry, trauma. This must be rough. You are only as happy as your saddest child. Thanks for putting it out here.
  14. Farawyn

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Are you wearing your pink today? You know I am.
  15. Farawyn

    Don't Be SAD! - Seasonal Affective Disorder

    No shame in it, Creamsoda.