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  1. School nurse interview

    If this is a public school district and the nurse salary is on the district pay scale, there is zero wiggle room. As the PP said, salaries are budgeted a year in advance. The wiggle room comes from getting the school to be willing to move you down ...
  2. District School Nurse

    I am not clear if you mean District Lead Nurse/Nursing Supervisor, or you mean a school nurse that would cover an entire district and travel from school to school. They are very different. What the above poster described is Nurse Leader who supervis...
  3. School Nurse Sub

    Here is a pocket manual: Definitely poke around on the internet- there is some good stuff out there from other school districts.
  4. Curious for any of you who have recently dropped the mask mandate (or do not have one), how things are going? The governor announced yesterday that as of March 1, schools no longer need to mandate masks for students, though individual school dis...
  5. Puberty Education

    If you go to Youtube I can see several on there ?
  6. Where to Draw the Line...?

    I think it is all about the school culture and being clear about your boundaries. I have gotten MUCH better about shutting OFF my work cell the minute I step out the door and not turning it back on until I enter the building. I also no longer check...
  7. Leftovers (meds, not food...)

    The local police station takes all of ours. They have specific rules- like pills need to be out of the bottles and all dumped into one plastic bag, etc. Each nurse made sure everything was done correctly with another nurse and nurse leader as a wit...
  8. Power point?

  9. Do you get any real and regular supervision?

    My supervisor is our District Lead Nurse. HER supervisor is a new position that was created this year and so far none of us can understand why this new person would supervise the Lead Nurse. The role is not clinical, the person in the role is a tot...

    Experiencing ALL the same stuff in my district. All of it. I am so tired of feeling like the mask police, especially with the adults in there building. Grow the F up and follow the rules. Seriously.
  11. RAPID rapid test

    I had one like that a couple weeks ago. The kid was part of a positive pool so we grabbed all the kids to rapid them and figure out who was +. Kid comes down and is coughing and sniffling and says he woke up like that. That + line appeared almost i...
  12. Returning After Starting Antibiotics

    Interesting you posted this as we have always gone by the 24 hour rule (plus fever-free) and just a couple weeks ago my friend's daughter was Dx'd with strep and her MD wrote a note to return 12 hours after antibiotics. This is definitely a new tren...
  13. Brazil Immunization Translation

    Do you have a link? Scoured that website and can't find it. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I also posted a similar thread in the School nurse forum since I am a school nurse, but thinking some public health/community nurses here might be able to help. I am looking for a resource to translate immunizations from Brazil in...
  15. NCSN

    A bunch of us here in my district took it last March and a few over the Summer and we ALL thought the same thing and all of us passed! One of my colleagues ended up taking it at the same time and place as I did totally unbeknownst to either of us un...