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    RAPID rapid test

    I had one like that a couple weeks ago. The kid was part of a positive pool so we grabbed all the kids to rapid them and figure out who was +. Kid comes down and is coughing and sniffling and says he woke up like that. That + line appeared almost i...

    Returning After Starting Antibiotics

    Interesting you posted this as we have always gone by the 24 hour rule (plus fever-free) and just a couple weeks ago my friend's daughter was Dx'd with strep and her MD wrote a note to return 12 hours after antibiotics. This is definitely a new tren...
  3. Anyone here have a high population of Portuguese-speaking families and have a good document to translate their immunizations? We have a large Brazilian population and the records we get are so difficult to translate. I have found a couple things on...
  4. Hi, I am being tasked with working on a "project" to increase our number of students across the district who are enrolled in our weekly pool testing and TTS program. I honestly do not know what else to do to increase participation. We have sen...

    How much quiet do you need?

    Haha, exactly what I do. Feed the cat, let the dog out and drink my coffee in peace!

    Anyone get their Booster yet?

    Update: Happy to report I got my booster yesterday at 3:30 pm. Moderna, same as my first two. Other than quite a bit of pain with the medicine going into my arm and some throbbing after, I have been fine. I felt tired last night but honestly I am...

    How much quiet do you need?

    I need my quiet time at the beginning of every day. I get up 45 minutes before anyone else so I can enjoy my coffee without having to engage with anyone. Really gets me in the right headspace for the day.

    Halloween in school

    If the schools were smart they would schedule no school for the day AFTER Halloween! Give all us nurses (and the kids) a break and chance to recover!

    Experiences with ECC staff

    This is pretty much our entire ECC staff. Most are older women who have been there forever so they are also not at all good with new staff, change, etc., etc. They have been doing things a certain way for 30 years + and refuse to change.


    Our orders are to cover the area with gauze to keep clean and call home. None of the students I can think of have reinsert orders.

    Anyone get their Booster yet?

    I'm scheduled for 11/3- the day before my bday- hopefully I do not feel crummy the next day. I was tired and had a headache after my first two but nothing terrible, and Moderna is a half dose for the booster so hopefully won't be too bad. I have ha...

    Experiences with ECC staff

    Our ECC staff are super high maintenance. They also need to be managed with kid gloves. Since we all returned to in-person instruction way back in fall of 2020, all schools were instructed to use cell phones to text the nurses and not send kids to t...

    Job transfer regret

    Seems like maybe the manager is already sensing that this might not be for you. I would be upfront and honest before you dig yourself into a hole and then feel stuck.

    Any nurses NOT responsible for contact tracing?

    OMG how??? Do you go from school to school? I cannot imagine...

    Pool testing problems

    We have definitely been in this situation a few times. The main issue is that Binax is definitely MUCH better at detecting the virus in symptomatic subjects- this is the main reason why I have a huge problem with Test to Stay- we have had several ki...