Roll Call - Introduce Yourselves, Texans!


Go ahead, break the ice, and introduce oneself!

I guess I'll start. I'm originally from California, and have resided in Texas since late 2005. I've been an LVN since January 2006, and I currently work in the rehab section of a skilled nursing facility in Fort Worth. Since August 2006, I have earned 38 college credit hours worth of prerequisite classes to be applied toward one of several local LVN-to-RN bridge programs.


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OK, here's me:

Born and raised in South Texas, graduated as a Paramedic in 2001, and as a nurse in Feb. 07. Working in the ER now, but starting to peek around and see what else is out there. I'm interested in PACU, OR, and flight nursing. I guess that's about it!


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I am also originally from California. I have lived in Texas for the last 24 years. Been a nurse for 14 years (LVN) and am currently taking classes at cc for rn. Also work in a skilled nursing facility in Ft Worth.small world.


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I'm Eric, a NICU nurse from Houston. Currently working FT weekends and finishing a BA in psychology and a BSN from separate schools part-time.


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I was born and raised in East Texas. Graduated as LVN February 14, 2007. Have been working as an LVN at local state mental hospital in my area since graduation, where I've worked as a psychiatric nurse's assistant 3.5 years prior to getting my LVN license. Just finished my pre-reqs for RN and will start an RN-BSN program in the spring at local university. My plans are to go into perioperative nursing....and move

away from East Texas...:lol2:


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[EVIL]:angryfire[/EVIL]I'm in Dallas, orignially from LA, Baton Rouge and New Orleans area. I have a BA in sociology. Ive been a dialysis tech for the past 2 years, and tomorrow marks the end of my freshman semester of LVN school! I plan on doing the LVN thing in dialysis for a bit, not too long bc I am getting burnt out already i think. fiance will go to school while I work, then I will start on RN classes to bridge. who knows where I will go after that! i think I've got a good start on my prereqs due to my BA.

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Born and raised west of Houston. LVN for 18 yrs. Working part time on Med-Surg/Tele floor on the weekends. Full time student. I will start my last semester of LVN-RN program in January. Light at the end of the tunnel...not a train.


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Well I am the mother of two kiddos. 3 girl & 5 boy Full of energy!!! I just finished my first semster of Nursing school -LVN. I have lived in Texas my whole life. Born in Sherman moved to Denton at age 3 and lived here since. Been in school for a long time and now I have a direction. I have everything except microbiology done for my LVN to RN bridge program. Its going to take a while to finish everything but it will be worth it in the end.

WOOT:balloons: WOOT:balloons: WOOT :balloons:

First Semester is OVER !!!!!!!! SOO SWEEEET !!!!!!! I got 3 B's and 1 A.

Med Surg = B

Clinical = B

Not sure how but an A in EMA

Skills = B

Celabration time is near!!!! Just 8 months to go!!!

Graduation August 2008 Here I come !! Dusty


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Hi, I was born and raised in the Houston area and have lived there my whole life. I just finished my first semester of a BSN program and am so excited about the next two weeks of not "thinking"...

I just got married this summer to the most amazing man on the planet, we have one child (though most of you would consider him a "dog") with the cutest black curly hair and little waggling tail...

I love Texas, the people and the weather... and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!


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Hey all!

Born in Berlin, Germany, raised in Galveston and Houston. My family has been residing in Austin for nearly 5 years now. Have a 6 year old boy who was also born in Berlin. I got engaged in May of this year, and will be getting married October 26th, 2008.

Next semester I will be wrapping up A&PII and Micro to complete the nursing courses needed to fully focus on clinicals. I will be applying to 4 programs, and hopefully starting next fall.


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Hi I am from Texas; I have 3 kids (13, 10 and 5) and live at Saginaw. I have a first degree in financial economics and this is a second chance to change carrier for a better life and also do what I enjoy doing most, which is helping others. I currently work as a PCA with a local agency and love my job, I did this to help me gain experience working with sick people, and yes, this has given me experience in working with Alzheimer's, paraplegic and Parkinson clients. I just got accepted into TCC and will start this spring; I would like to be a CRNA eventually. More power to nurses. :smilecoffeecup:

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born and raised right here in texas. i have lived most of my life out in the boonies of joshua tx.... i am a lvn currently work here in johnson county at a skilled facility... attending twu (denton) for my bsg and excelsior from my asn in nursing...after that who knows.....

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