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calliesue has 15 years experience.

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  1. Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows where clinicals for Allegany College might have been held in the DFW area. I read in a previous post that there were clinical sites approved in Dallas and Austin. I never saw where. Anyone know where?
  2. calliesue

    Help!! I am looking for IV certification class after LVN

    I live in Texas, but I took mine through Pharmerica. I called and hooked up with a class being taught at a LTC facility.
  3. calliesue

    jobs in Nacogdoches Tx

    I have recently moved to Nacogdoches Texas from dfw and I am looking for a job. I am an lvn with 18 years experience rehab/ltc. Can anyone here recomend a good place to work, or maybe warn me of places to avoid? Thanks
  4. Question: In long term care in Texas it has been my understanding that all patients are Full Code unless there are signed doctors orders listing them as DNR and an out of hospital DNR signed by the doctor. Now the corporation I am working for is telling me I must write orders for full code. I was always under the understanding if there is no DNR in the chart they are presumed Full Code. Can anyone clarify this? Is there a new state regulation or somewhere I can find out?
  5. calliesue

    gi bleed question

    Blood was dark red . Pt given suppository and prune juice on 6/2,and impaction removed on 2/10 after which he had two more extra large bowel movements on his own. 2/10 nurse worried might have caused bleeding which occurred after pt had two more xlg bowel movements on his own. Bleeding occurred about an hour after last bm.
  6. calliesue

    gi bleed question

    Can disimpacting someone cause a gi bleed ?
  7. calliesue

    Another new RN in TX!!! Woohoo!!!

    :dancgrp::dancgrp: Congratulations !!!
  8. calliesue

    Happy NCLEX thoughts for txspadequeen921!!

    I am so sorry about your nclex experience . I can only imagine how bad you feel right now. You have been such a beacon of encouragement to me . I know when you regroup you will pass this test . I have no doubt that you will be an rn in June when you retake this test. You have already accomplished more than some people ever even attempt. Keep the faith!
  9. calliesue


    Hey , anyone hear anything from Txspadequeen ? I just woke up and was wondering how she is doing on her cpne .
  10. calliesue

    It's CPNE time...Plano here I come.....

    OK, I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. You got the cow bell right ??
  11. calliesue

    Love and Healthcare in the Third World

    Enjoyed your post, Thanks
  12. calliesue

    Good bye friends...hello CPNE

    Get It Girl ! It is your time!
  13. calliesue

    calculation catastrophe

    Try "Nursing Math Simplified " By Susan Garner Moore RN. I got it on amazon books. Used it in lvn program and am now using it to brush up on math skills.
  14. calliesue

    Recognized by coworkers on AllNurses.com?

    I recognize one nurse and I like her in real life, but I would never out her to anyone else. I enjoy reading her posts too much. She is funny. If you recognize me I don't care . I haven't spoken any untruths, , just my humble opinions .
  15. calliesue

    Passed CPNE this past weekend

    congratulations!! :dancgrp:
  16. calliesue

    Nurse strangles hitman with her bare hands!

    Don't mess with a nurse when she first gets home till she has had some time to decompress ! Seriously glad she is ok.

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