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jessica<3RN has 1 years experience and specializes in Psych, Tele.

GRaduated nursing school in April 2010

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  1. jessica<3RN

    Orientation time

    I'm starting on med/surg/tele tomorrow, coming from psych. I'm going to get 8 weeks of orientation, 12 weeks if I need it.
  2. I'm not too sure what SSC pays, but I do know that the starting pay for psychiatric nursing assistants at Austin State Hospital start out out $10+.
  3. jessica<3RN


    Yay! Congrats!!!
  4. Overall they are good. You have some that are outstanding, others that are mediocre. I graduated this past April.
  5. I attended BSHP. I loved the education I received at Baptist. I was accepted the first time I applied. I believe they have 200+ applicants per semester.
  6. jessica<3RN

    okay, guys, taking the NCLEX tomorrow...

    The test is very straight forward. You can pretty much rule out 2 questions, which gives you a 50% chance of picking the correct answer. Best of luck to you!
  7. jessica<3RN

    I passed NCLEX with a newborn!!!!

    Thank you. Good luck to you!
  8. jessica<3RN

    I passed NCLEX with a newborn!!!!

    Thanks, Mommycakers! I did about 1000 questions from Saunders a little less than 2 weeks leading up to NCLEX. Hurst helped me memorize FVE, FVD, electrolyte imbalances, etc. I literally heard Marlene's voice when answering questions. Her lectures are a great way to brush up on content. I never got around to doing their Mock NCLEX. I just stuck with content and lecture review. It really did help me! Good luck to you!
  9. jessica<3RN

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    PVT worked for me as well. Found out I passed at noon:)
  10. jessica<3RN

    I passed NCLEX with a newborn!!!!

  11. jessica<3RN

    I passed NCLEX with a newborn!!!!

    first, let me preface this by saying that it was not an easy task. i graduated in late april and took two weeks off to prepare for the birth of my baby, so i did not study at all during that time. i signed up for hurst online the third day home from the hospital. i really enjoyed the online review and materials provided by hurst. i initially signed up to test on june 9th, but my baby had other intentions. i simply did not feel as prepared as i should've, so i pushed the test date back to the 25th of june. this gave me plenty of time to go through the entire review and 5th day materials. this past week i browsed this forum for any helpful tips to prepare for nclex and came across the infection mnemonic as well as the random fact throwing thread. the infection mnemonic is invaluable and really came in handy during testing i also used saunders 4th edition. i did about 600 practice questions this week, and took one practice test the day before the test and scored a 68%. the test itself was very straight forward. the test questions were short compared to saunders. i still left feeling like i failed though. the computer shut off after 105 questions. i tried to keep telling myself that there were 15 pilot questions and that i stood a good chance of passing. regardless of what anyone tells you, you still feel pretty crappy. i went straight home and tried the pvt. i got the first pop-up that indicated 'the candidate currently has test results that are on hold. a new registration cannot be created at this time.' i started panicking, so i called my friend from nursing school for guidance. she told me to chill and try it again. i finally tried again and got the "good pop-up," 'our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time.' i was ecstatic, yet i still checked that damn pvt every hour on the hour! i couldn't be convinced. i finally received my 48 hour quick results exactly 48 hours after the time i signed up to test-i passed!!!! it still feels surreal. it has been a long, strenuous journey, but it is possible! good luck to all of you! jess, rn
  12. jessica<3RN

    Time Pearson Posts Tests Scores

    I signed up to test at 12pm on Friday, but actually tested at 1120. I checked PV from 7am-1150 this morning and they had not posted my results yet. I just checked at 1201 and my results were available.
  13. jessica<3RN

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I passed!!!!! The PVT worked for me, too. I got my results exactly 48 hours after the time I signed up to test. Good luck to those still waiting! These past 48 hours have been quite the challenge.
  14. jessica<3RN

    I Passed My Exam

  15. I took my last test yesterday and received 68%.
  16. jessica<3RN

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I'm hoping that this PVT holds true for me as well:) Took Nclex today and received the "good pop-up" shortly thereafter. Quick results aren't quick enough:/