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  1. GeauxNursing

    ICU to Home Dialysis, eek!

    Are you talking about doing in home hemodialysis? Or peritoneal dialysis? Because those are two very different roles. The home hemodialysis nurse goes to the patient's home, sets up the machine and does the treatment for the patient, and then leaves and goes to the next patient.
  2. GeauxNursing

    New dialysis nurse in training

    You have to be patient with yourself. Everybody learns at a different pace. It can be very anxiety causing when you are expected to set up a machine during turn over. Do they not have machines in the biomed office that you could practice on? Seasoned techs and nurses on the floor can forget what it's like to be a new person. They will try to rush you as much as possible, but you have to say if you are not comfortable yet. All you can do is keep practicing everyday. It will become second nature, I promise you.
  3. GeauxNursing

    Outpatient dialysis

    Home hemo, all the way. With private insurance, one can even have a nurse (usually lvn) come out and do it for them.
  4. GeauxNursing

    Chemo labs

    Platins. Carbo. Think carbo, creat.
  5. GeauxNursing

    Oncology RN in doctors office

    I currently work for a four physician oncology group in Dallas. This is my first job as an RN, with 12 years of dialysis as an LVN behind me. I am the clinic nurse for one of the physicians. We do clinic together, I fulfill his orders of medication, Imaging, chemotherapy verification, Labs. I request lots of records and review them. Our clinic also administers chemotherapy, which we mix. So 3 days a week I am mixing and giving chemotherapy. I am very busy as his nurse with office visits and follow up. And the chemotherapy room is very busy as well. I do triage as well, for the chemotherapy and non chemotherapy patients. I love this job a lot, everyday has something a little different. And it also allows me to build a good relationship with my patients, which I am used to from dialysis. It is a very busy office, there are probably 20 of us who all work together.
  6. GeauxNursing

    RN OCN compounding chemo

    We are gynecologic onc.
  7. GeauxNursing

    RN OCN compounding chemo

    My office mixes our own chemo. We have the hood, ppe, etc.
  8. GeauxNursing

    Rookie mistakes in dialysis

    Our clinic had standing orders for BP notification to dr as well as holding epo, or giving prn clonidine.
  9. GeauxNursing

    ICU to Home Dialysis, eek!

    Do u have experience in dialysis? Are you referring to a home henodialysis job? Like doing treatments in patient homes? Ive done that for the past 3 years as lvn. Loved it. Great pay, flexibility, but i had no benefits. Just getting my first RN job in oncology after doing dialysis for 12 years.
  10. GeauxNursing


    I assume LPNs can charge in your state? I'd be nervous, too. Allroach your manager. If they have integrity, they are looking for another RN to cover in the mean time. Are you in a bay with patients as well? How many chairs in the clinic?
  11. 2 shifts are give or take 10 hours. For the RN. You have to stay in the afternoon till all patients are gone. Depending on transportation, this could be a wait. Not completely unlikely for a patient to sit in the lobby an extra hour waiting for their ride. On physician round days, my nurses stay closer to 12 hours, charting new orders, making appts, etc. So, 10 hours is a rough estimate.
  12. GeauxNursing

    DIALYSIS! I am new in the field and feeling very discouraged

    In that case, you are not doing assessments, you are doing data collection. You shouldnt have to asses heart or lungs. The rn does that. You are just checking temp, edema, asking for shortness of breath, documenting heart rate, and presence of thrill and bruit. The machine will tell you the start time, you can go back and look that up later. I honestly start the tx, write down weight, start time, starting bp, temp and then move on to the next patient. Do your machines not automatically carry over the blood pressure lines to the computer? That saves time, too. On ours, once the bp takes, it generates a whole line of bp, art and ven pressures, tmp, uf removed. Then you can go back to it later and type a note. If youre in the middle of something else. .
  13. GeauxNursing

    DIALYSIS! I am new in the field and feeling very discouraged

    My habit is: turn off the blood pump, clamp the 2 big lines on the patient end as I'm about to connect the patient, then immediately clamp the saline line. Clamp, clamp, clamp. Detach the lines from each other, and hook up the patient.
  14. GeauxNursing

    4 day work week question (10 hour shifts)

    Some clinics have set teams. A monday wed fri group, and a tts group. Your 4th day is on one of those opposites. Other clinics have no pattern and just schedule around other people's request offs. Also depends on how many nurses are available in the pool. For example, my clinic uses 2 nurses each day. There are 5 nurses to pull from. A and b go one day, c and d go the next, then a and c, b and d, then e and a, etc.
  15. GeauxNursing

    WGU Prelicensure RN BSN program

    There is a forum dedicated to the WGU program under student nursing. Look for that and you will probably find more information
  16. GeauxNursing

    DaVita New Grad questions

    She was kept there so long because the clinic was short on pcts. Its a shame. She had to go to the regional director to get her training started.