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EricJRN has 17 years experience as a MSN, RN.

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  1. What I'm wondering about is the motivation for going into mental health. If you haven't gotten much exposure to people with mental health concerns, I wonder if there are volunteer opportunities in your area where you could do so - before you make maj...
  2. EricJRN

    Exclusive: NCLEX-RN Shut-Off Data Reveals Pass and Fail Rates

    If I just took the exam and it stopped at 119, looking at the table would lead me to conclude that I almost certainly passed. But if I got a single question more than that, now I'm thinking I basically have no hope of passing? But then if my exam las...
  3. EricJRN

    Duties of a Radiology Nurse

    Sometimes in other nursing specialties, there are interesting ways that nurses work with imaging. Some nurses, for example, are trained to use ultrasound technology to facilitate placement of an IV line. It's the exception, not the rule, and it ...
  4. EricJRN

    Leaving Bedside? Adult ICU->NICU

    I think if you really want to assess whether a specialty change is going to do the trick, I would give it at least six months off of orientation. At three weeks on your own, you are probably still trying to figure out some basics like getting to know...
  5. EricJRN

    Help choosing best reference for application

    I agree with the previous poster. It sounds like your sandwich shop boss would be able to write a more personal and specific letter that would show qualities like leadership that would probably look good. Good luck to you!
  6. EricJRN

    Any RN to BSN Excelsior University Nurses Here?

    Hey Kamilah - I got my AS and MS (nursing education focus) at Excelsior. I finished the master's more than seven years ago, which is probably too long ago to be helpful to you, but I wanted to wish you good luck.
  7. EricJRN

    Do Any Hospitals Hire New Grads For Nicu?

    Almost all of them do in my experience, and I think it would be reasonable if an NNP program said they didn't count the orientation period as experience. (In the longer Vizient-type residencies, they'll probably be taking independent assignments long...
  8. EricJRN

    Allied Health Director-New Grad MSN

    I've never worked in the role, but I think you're right to be concerned about the experience. I'm surprised they're not requiring teaching experience in allied health. I know a couple of people in similar roles; one was RT faculty for several years, ...
  9. EricJRN

    Possible career? Seeking Insight

    To clarify, are you thinking about becoming a hospital unit-based educator? Or something more along the lines of a clinical instructor for a nursing program? A clinical instructor job can be a good way to try out teaching because it's usually on...
  10. EricJRN

    Do Any Hospitals Hire New Grads For Nicu?

    I'm late to the discussion, but I'm just echoing that that's an odd "no nurse residencies" requirement. A nurse residency program should make it easier to succeed as a new grad, not harder.
  11. EricJRN

    Alternative Options for Doctorate

    I'm in a similar place in my program as saheckler. I have felt supported in my program, but it can be a struggle to perform well without sacrificing important family and personal things. I would just add one career option to the above: Some hosp...
  12. EricJRN

    How to answer behavioral & clinical questions?

    I realize this is an old thread, but it’s a good question and might help somebody else. If you have any work or clinical experience, you have probably run into a time when you disagreed with someone. (When I’m conducting an interview, I ask this as “...
  13. EricJRN

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    I’m another EC grad here. I finished back in 2005, so I’m not going to be much help to you, but I wanted to say good luck!
  14. EricJRN

    Two ADN programs

    Good luck to you. It’s a little disconcerting to think that students in the second program will wash out so frequently, but it sounds like you would be an above-average student in that program. Something you might check into: Do these progr...
  15. EricJRN

    Clinical Grading

    Mine uses pass/fail, but the student has to achieve certain numeric scores (like a minimum numeric grade on care plans) in order to pass.

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