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txspadequeenRN has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, PICC Nurse, Nursing Supervisor.

Mother of many ,wife to one and nurse to all....

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  1. txspadequeenRN

    Your most annoying, obnoxious family member stories

  2. txspadequeenRN

    Charge nurse

    I am a fill in house supervisor and I hate every minute of it. The politics ,the drama and staffing issues are to much most days..I prefer to take my 2 or 3 ICU patients and do patient care.
  3. txspadequeenRN

    Brian Short News

    I just heard...so so so very sad
  4. txspadequeenRN

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    I could have wrote this article word for word........
  5. txspadequeenRN

    Help, I hate my job

    A ratio of 1:10 is WAY to high for LTACH... There is no way care can be completed or even attempted with this ratio. If I were you I would look at other LTACH's and check their ratios.
  6. txspadequeenRN

    Hey so young nurses, are we really making "that much"?

    I work for two LTACH's in the Ft Worth area and I make $35 base plus differentials /charge diff at one and real close to $45 at the other (including my diffs).....My charge/house diff is $2 nothing compared to the diffs working weekends or nights.
  7. txspadequeenRN

    Why can't nurses intubate?

  8. txspadequeenRN

    Help Me! with changes in condition to report to M.D?

  9. txspadequeenRN

    Where have you applied? Gotten your acceptance/rejection letter yet?

    Applied to Texas tech.....3.8 under grad & 4.0 grad GPA, Alumni ( did RN to BSN there), average recommendations and I guess OK personal statement.....I just don't have high hopes knowing how hard it is to get accepted.....but I'll just sit it out and hopefully I'll get some news this week..if I don't get in at tech I'll apply at UTA......
  10. txspadequeenRN

    What would you do???

    Dementia patients take someone with a special touch. Redirect...re approach and then redirect some more is the key....always ask your charge nurse for help. She actually should come down and try to brush the patients teeth herself just so she can see the behavior and chart accordingly. Brushing her teeth against her will first is illegal but second if can cause her to become so angry that she falls or hurts herself....just not worth the risk. The nurse needs to speak with the family. Many families of dementia patients are just not educated on behaviors that a patient with dementia can exhibit. I cant tell you how many times Ive heard..."my mother would never behave that way".........sometimes they have to be shown......good luck to you
  11. txspadequeenRN

    LVNs/LPNs being phased out?!

    This is not exactly correct....Many LVN's learn about IV's in school. In mine back in the day I had a whole 12 weeks course built into my course. Of course LVN's assess...you cant take care of patients and be responsible for their care if you cant assess them or their health status. Initial, assessments must be completed by the RN then the LVN can carry on with limited assessments. This is all clearly defined in the Texas BON practice guidelines. I spent 10 years as a LVN and learned 90% of what I know as a RN from my days of being a LVN. I am a strong advocate for the LVN practice and education. LVN/PN's will never be able to be phased out...first it is just not practical... who will take care of the elderly in nursing homes, home health and assisted living centers.... There is just not enough RN's to go around. If you want to be a LVN...then go to school without worries. There are plenty of opportunities for you......
  12. txspadequeenRN

    LVNs going extinct? MAs taking over?

    $24 bucks a hour is pretty good for a tech position.....however, since MA's are not licensed they will never be able legally to replace the position of a LVN (hospital setting) unless that LVN is actually working as a tech. Because MA's do not give meds, assess ,push IV drugs in the hospital this is not legal and because of that liability just does not happen.
  13. txspadequeenRN

    NursingCAS Complaint

    I have the same problem. I have well over 200 hours and multiple degrees and they expect me to enter each one of these courses individually... But there is the option of paying the $150 fee to have them do it for ya.....so they got me either way......
  14. txspadequeenRN

    Today's Dr. Phil shocker: Nursing home abuse

    i cant say A-MEN loud enough......
  15. txspadequeenRN

    Today's Dr. Phil shocker: Nursing home abuse

  16. txspadequeenRN

    UTMB Fall 2013

    I am applying as well but for the Adult Geri NP....I really wish there was no such critter as the Nursing CAS...it is a PITA..... I am going to have to pay the $150 fee to have them enter every class into the system cause there is just to many courses to enter....But I digress