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txspadequeenRN has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU, PICC Nurse, Nursing Supervisor.

Mother of many ,wife to one and nurse to all....

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  1. txspadequeenRN

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    I could have wrote this article word for word........
  2. okie dokie so what we are saying here is that joe blow off the street can give insulin as long as they can read instructions and know what angle to hold a syringe. we are not talking about a 6 year old child; we are talking about a elderly man with dementia . this man i can assure you has numerous issues going on and other medications that make insulin administration a little more complicated. patho does matter and it surprises me that a registered nurse would make such a re-mark. i also recommend if you don't know the medications you take you probably should pull out a drug book and do some research.
  3. if i were you i would stay as far away from that as possible... if you don't understand the patho and how the medications work you can cause that patient some real issues then be responsible. one issue is your a paid caregiver and acting well out of your scope. leave the medications to the family (and let them be responsible for messing up ) or a licensed nurse.
  4. txspadequeenRN

    Reality vs Nonsense.....specific to nursing and nursing aides!

    welcome to nursing!
  5. txspadequeenRN

    Hospital Ditches "Team Nursing" and LVNs

    think your patients are confused now about who's who in the hospital ...throw those initials in the mix....
  6. txspadequeenRN

    Online LVN to Rn

    i have a friend that is going to the lamar program and i assist him with his assignments. he has to have a rn with a bsn to walk him through various assignments such as assessments check offs. i have also assisted him with tutoring of some of his projects and it seems very in- depth. he has told me the reading and the course work are ridiculous but at the same time he has 3 kids and a full time job. to me it seems pretty right on target. i urge you to look into it
  7. txspadequeenRN


    is this another publishing company.......
  8. txspadequeenRN

    What size scrub pants do you wear and what size jeans?

    i wear a size 12 jeans but a size small scrub pant. i had a lap band done almost a year ago and was in a 26 jeans and 4x scrub pants:eek:.....
  9. txspadequeenRN

    Gripes Galore...Need ADVICE!!

    im going to put my input in here and its the best advice you are gonna get...stop the drama ,keep you head down and tend to your own. if you want to be a registered nurse do your work ,clinicals and move on. you dont want to be on a nursing instructors hit list...
  10. me personally i couldn't care less if people cheat... you can cheat till the cows come home...but that wont get you past the nclex...
  11. txspadequeenRN

    ADN nurses: do you think they will be phased out?

    they will never phase out adn's just like they will never phase out lvn's....this debate is one that is long overdue to be buried.....
  12. txspadequeenRN

    First LPN job in LTC...is this the way it really is?

    you ltc experience sounds about normal to me ...every place i have every worked at pretty much functions like this....however, i wont put up with mess like this with therapy and not giving meds during....as the nurse you are in charge of the patient and if they want to take the patient to therapy then they better make a stop at my med cart on the way out or expect to get interrupted during therapy.
  13. txspadequeenRN

    work at home positions

    i want to bump this up because im interested in learning more....
  14. txspadequeenRN

    I have looked at The College Network and Excelsior.

    ec is a great option and is affordable as your local community college plus it can be done quicker. however, its not for everyone and you must do your homework ....like staying away from places like the college network.....there are a lot of complaints about the cpne in this thread you provided....ive said it time and time again...many people think just because they have been in health care or a lvn/pn for 50 years they can walk in and pass this test...not so ...if you don't prepare properly then expect to fail....
  15. txspadequeenRN

    LPNs Fight Efforts To Phase Them Out

    this is non-sense.....
  16. txspadequeenRN

    Wait, wait...is it REALLY 529 pages??!!!

    cpne guide...aka "the carjack".....i took mine to staples and had it printed for something like 20 bucks...been a while but its better to have a hard copy rather than deal with a cd....just my opinion...