Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

Can I pass the NCEX in just 3 weeks?

I want to show that it is possible to prepare for the NCLEX in 3 weeks without using a plethora of prep tools. Here is what worked for me:

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Can I pass the NCEX in just 3 weeks?

I looked through these discussion boards a lot while I was preparing for the NCLEX, and I told myself that I would come back to share my experience if i passed. I also wanted to share my experience because I got stressed out reading about others' preparation on this site because it seemed like everyone was doing so much more than I was.


I graduated from my accelerated BSN program in the middle of December. I moved back to my hometown and did not do anything nursing related until I bought the Kaplan Q bank (the Q bank ONLY, not the course) around 12/22. When I bought the Q bank, I did the NCLEX practice exam 1 and got 58%. I was discouraged with my score so I took a break until after the new year and did not do any questions or review.

After the new year, I really got down to business and started completing the Kaplan q bank, I did 75-150 questions a day until I completed the entire bank. My cumulative score for the bank was 62%. I then went back and did ONLY the questions that I got incorrect the first time around. Each day after I completed my questions, I would go back and review the rationales for ALL of the questions. I wrote down some of the rationales (the ones I had trouble remembering) into a notebook. It was really helpful to review the rationales because they sometimes contained information that did not have to do with the particular question asked, but would help me for other questions.

My scores on the Q bank questions ranged from 52%-77%. So if you are scoring low on the q bank questions, do not get discouraged!! I finished the entire q bank plus the ones I got wrong ~3 days before the exam. My practice NCLEX scores on kaplan were 58%, 54%, 90%, and 32%(all SATA questions). I also found the Question Trainers online (did not pay for them) and did QT 4,5, and 6. I do not know what my scores on them though because of the way the website was set up.


The day before the exam, I babysat from 8-5:30. Throughout the day, I did 106 Lacharity questions that I found on quizlet. After I got off, I went to the bar with my friend for a couple of drinks. When I got home, I skimmed the 38 page study guide that's floating around on here and then went to bed.


I woke up at 6:30 am (test was at ? and had breakfast. I got my dad to drive me to the testing center so that I could review lab values and nutrition info (what foods are high in potassium, phosphorus, etc). I went into the testing center at 7:30 am and waited for my number to be called. I started the exam at around 8:05. I completed the entire process (exam instructions from the test center employee, pre test questions, test, post test survey) in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

I was nervous during the test, but not to the point where I was shaking or anything. I was able to focus on the questions. I had 22 SATA, 3 drag and drop, 5 medications, and no calculations. I wasn't sure on any of the medication questions, but I guess that I was able to make good guesses.

When I got home, I did the PVT and got the good pop up. I used a visa gift card that had $2 on it. The card you choose to enter has to VALID. It does not have to have $200 dollars on it, but the card number and expiration date has to be valid. After I got the good pop up the first time, I tried it again by changing the last number on my card. It said "invalid credit card number". When I entered it again using my real number, I got the good pop up once again.

Today when I woke up, I checked my state board website and I saw that I was officially an RN and I have never felt so relieved!

In case you didn't read my ramblings above, here is a summary of what I did to prepare:

  • The entire Kaplan q bank
  • Lacharity questions I found on quizlet
  • 3 Question Trainer banks
  • 38 page study guide that I found on this site

I studied for 3 weeks total. I hope that this helps anyone that is discouraged about their Kaplan Q bank scores or anyone that is only using the Q bank to study.

GOOD LUCK to those of you preparing to take the exam soon! Just believe in yourself, trust your knowledge, and do as many practice questions and you can get your hands on!

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I tested yesterday at 1200. I'm hoping my license pops up today. I did PVT at 1900 yesterday and got the good pop up. I will try it again in a few hours after it the 24 hour mark if my license isn't up at that point.

God made me Rn

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Hey congrats on passing...u really did a great job...


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Congrats!! Sent you an email for your log in. Hoping to take them middle of February. ?


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Congrats on passing! I just messaged regarding QBanks. Thanks

Congrats RN and thanks for the tips!! I test for the second time next month. Hopefully I have a positive outcome!!

gaj418, BSN, RN

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Has 4 years experience.

Thank you so much for the kind words! The Q bank login has been given away, but maybe that person will pass it on once she passes her NCLEX ?


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I hope she does! My exam not till March keep me posted Plz! Thanks


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Congrats! I took my NCLEX yesterday as well. I got the "good" pop up with the PVT. Still waiting for the official results.

Your study plan sound just like mine actually. Maybe we have found the secret to passing the NCLEX!:up:


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Congrats! will take mine in June. Please pray for me.

Congrats! I take mine in feb and i was wondering if you could post a link to that study guide you got on here? And maybe what main categories of questions you got. Thanks!


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Congratulations to you for passing your exam! I wish you the very best of luck on your new life journey as a RN :)