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  1. JLB1215

    Stony Brook Adult-Gerontology NP SUMMER 2020

    Haven’t heard anything yet but based on previous threads they got tentative acceptance emails mid/ late February. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. JLB1215

    Stony Brook Adult-Gerontology NP SUMMER 2020

    yes! I got an email to schedule an interview yesterday .. anyone else get this email? *edit to add I submitted my app Monday and got an interview email yesterday
  3. So you are doing FNP or adult? how did you decide between the two?
  4. Great! So exciting. Im finishing up my essay now. so nervous.... Im only applying to stonybrook as its the most within my budget and online. what about you?
  5. Hi everyone!! Looking for some friends who are also applying for Summer 2020 Stonybrook FNP program! I just called the admissions office for the graduate school of nursing and she said the application is available first week in August... anyone starting/ started the program this summer already? If yes, any info or tips greatly appreciated on application / interview process! Thanks 🤗
  6. Hi everyone, I’ve been a critical care nurse for almost 5 years and have recently moved to the PACU. I am really starting to get motivated to advance my career in someway but don’t know which direction to take.. I ruled out nursing education because I know as an NP I can also teach so think it would be a better route to take overall... I am so interested in CRNA but I have a young children and have heard with the program you can’t work? I am studying now for my CCRN so I can have my certification to start. Should I go for my FNP? How did you decide what to choose and which direction to go in?
  7. JLB1215

    Scared to have a convo with my nurse manager 😖

    But then how do I get a transfer ok’d? I do still have to work.
  8. JLB1215

    Scared to have a convo with my nurse manager 😖

    That is true however I was told if my nurse manager allows the transfer then it can be done. She has to ok it first which is why I’m having the conversation.
  9. JLB1215

    Scared to have a convo with my nurse manager 😖

    Honestly no. Looking to move out of icu. Thank you for the advice!
  10. JLB1215

    Scared to have a convo with my nurse manager 😖

    Honestly im not sure if other nurses have been. My preceptor was even uncomfortable with the assignment and complained. Its 3 very sick patients also. I think since they feel that I have a preceptor we are 2 nurses and can handle being tripled. However the preceptor just ends up putting all 3 on me and not doing much. I work in the ICU and the stepdown is directly next to the unit. Not being floated to step down from ICU would not cause me to lose my skills IMO.
  11. JLB1215

    Scared to have a convo with my nurse manager 😖

    Honestly overall its just not a good fit for me and my family. And unfortunately I did not realize how difficult nights would be with having 2 young kids. The last time i did nights I didn't have kids so really didnt give it much thought and even imagined it would be better. I take full responsibility for that fact though and feel really bad about it not working out like I hoped. In addition to that, the people on the unit are bullies for lack of a better term. To be tripled multiple times in ICU to me is unsafe. Ive asked for help from other nurses before and the response I got was "Im focused right now, go ask someone else". The aides do absolutely nothing even when asked. When being taught how to use their accudose machine someone came up behind me and screamed in my ear "MOVE". The culture there is just terrible. My preceptor was 8 months pregnant also and unable to help me when tripled.
  12. JLB1215

    Scared to have a convo with my nurse manager 😖

    Yeah im not going to mention any of my complaints about the unit, was thinking of saying school and nights isn’t working for my family at home which isn’t untrue. I can’t sleep prior to my shift because I don’t have anyone to watch my kids. I hope she isn’t mad because she will have to OK my transfer with HR.
  13. I’ve been a MICU nurse for 5 years now and recently have had 2 kids. I had to move hospitals to be closer to home and take a part time nights position in doing so in another icu. When I interviewed for the job there were definitely vague facts left out that I found out later on when I started actually working. For example floating to step down. I was asked if I was comfortable with that which I was because we did it at my old job, but when I asked how frequently I wasn’t given an amount just told there was a “book that kept track of when it was your turn etc.” come to find out we float there once a month. Also nursing ratios I was told were 2 to 1. I have now been tripled 3 times while on orientation. Granted I had a preceptor but the idea is for me to learn the new environment, no? Anyway I want to make a move out to a procedural setting and go back to school I’ve decided. I found a part time days position in a Cath Lab at another hospital within the same system. However when I spoke to the recruiter she told me I need permission from my nurse manager to interview or else I have to wait 1 year in my current position! I really don’t feel like I can make it a year but I’m scared to have a convo with my NM and basically tell her I want to leave and it’s not working out. PS my last week of orientation is now. I just feel like I need to make this move and it would make me a much happier person for my family. Any advice???
  14. I recently switched hospitals and am now in a neuro ICU setting. I have 5 years MICU experience and am finding the bedside demands to be increasing from management. I made this move to be closer to home and my kids but have come to realize being in the ICU is weighing on me emotionally and the night shifts have not been good for my family at home like I thought they would. I have an opportunity to go to a Cath Lab position but not without the OK from my new current manager. Any advice on the Cath Lab and if I would like it better? Any advice as to how I should handle this? I obviously know there are demands in Cath Lab as well (critical patients, management etc.)
  15. JLB1215

    Burnt out ICU nurse?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been an ICU nurse for almost 5 years now. I’ve had 2 kids along the way and am now even part time. Even though I’ve shortened my hours I’m feeling like I dread going to work. I recently moved hospitals to be closer to home and my kids and the transition has made me realize how burnt out I am. I’m in such a terrible mood whenever I have to work. My new hospital has even more demands on customer service etc. and the bedside has become increasingly more draining to me. I think I know now it’s time for me to make a move but was looking for advice on what to do next. I would love to go back to school for my NP as I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. I also really enjoy teaching. I applied for a Cath Lab position recently and have a phone interview Tuesday. Also thinking PACU? I’m nervous because I feel bad that I was hired in this new position and it just didn’t work out. Ugh now I have to face the nurse manager etc. and explain 😖 I’m just so unhappy at the bedside and don’t know what to do.
  16. JLB1215

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I think there is much more to the story then just the nurse giving the wrong med. horrible someone lost their life over it but a root cause analysis needs to be done. It’s never just one persons fault IMO. It seems to have gotten through pharmacy, Pyxis, drs, maybe staffing was bad too? I can’t imagine the utter devastation the family or that nurse must feel. 🙏🏻