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  1. New nurse, need advise!

    Thank you for the reply, I worked one night and its been good. I am still with preceptor even though she left me alone I felt confident taking care of all the 5 patients and catching up with my charting. The nurses kept asking me if i need help whic...
  2. New nurse, need advise!

    Hello guys, I started working recently in med surg floor. I will be starting midnight shift in a week. I am nervous because I heard from other new nurses that midnight nurses aren't helpful, they don't want give fair assignment and they try to let ...
  3. new med surg nurse

    Thank you so much for the advises!! Actually I am very kind, down to earth.. I baked for my previous jobs.. I was able to get along with everyone.. I am very hard worker and I do ask a lot questions!!!! I am planning to write all the questions I ask...
  4. new med surg nurse

    Hi guys, I just got job offer in med surg midnight shift. I am starting as a new Nurse.. any advise? My orientation is 12 weeks.. My unit max 5 patients and there is private room. Each hall has 10 patients. 2 Nursing assistants. I am anxious but e...
  5. endorsement how long is the process?

    Thanks for the reply can I start the orientation and my license isn't active in Michigan?? It will not harm me if I tell them that?
  6. endorsement how long is the process?

    Hi guys, I am transferring my license to Michigan. I called since they took the money from my bank account. They told me 4-6 weeks from the time they receive the application. My question can I take them sooner than that? I have a job interview n...
  7. 75 Questions and got the Good pop-up

    To be honest i am a repeat test takers.. i did got good pop up too... previously when i failed it declined my card... now i did the trick 1 hour. 8 hours after.. and 24 hours i still got the good pop up too!!!
  8. Anyone knows how to check NY license?

    I took my board yesterday afternoon. My name isn't there but I got a good pop op....
  9. Regarding PVT

    Hi guys, I am multiple test takers.. I have taken NCLEX RN yesterday I got between 85-90. I had few SATA.. .lots of Teaching, Infection disease questions and few priority. I did the trick after I received the email I did the trick this morning. I ...
  10. Anyone knows how to check NY license?

    HI, I would like to check if my name exist under NY license? Anyone knows the site for it please? Thank you
  11. Illustrated study guide

    Hi, Did anyone used Illustrated nclex rn study guide by joAnn Zerwick. Thank you
  12. Drowning because I failed

    There's always hope to pass. Try to focus on your weak areas review contents then do questions and go take it again don't wait too long. Good luck!!! stay positive and motivated. You passed nursing school for a reason!
  13. Nclex Michigan

    Hey! you need to register on review course as soon you complete it such as (NCBSN,Kaplan,or Hurst) you have to fax the completion letter of the course to MI board. Then, it takes 2-3 weeks to get another year to take the board. There's no need to wai...
  14. Shut off 102+ questions and I know I got last question right!

    Are you doing only questions or you will review content again? Good luck!
  15. Shut off 102+ questions and I know I got last question right!

    I hope you passed this time!! Try PVT I hope it will be a good pop op stay positive :) How did you prepare for the fifth time?