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  1. grad Rn job hunt

    Thank you Mavrick for your time, sadly i am an BSN with 3 years of MS experience from my country,but here they consider me as new graduate.
  2. grad Rn job hunt

    Hi all, I recently cleared my rn exam and now am looking for jobs in new york .Being a graduate its really hard to find job to my understanding .Can anyone out there help me with some suggestions to get hired as an new grad rn.PLEASE HELP .
  3. advices on graduate jobs

    Hi all,i would like know about some good hospitals where i can start to work as an RN. Recently i cleared my rn exam,and now looking out for Rn jobs.But my problem is that as i am an international nurse,my current visa status doesnt allow to work her...
  4. cgfns examination requirements.

    Thank you
  5. cgfns examination requirements.

    hey all.i would like to get some information about cgfns examination. i already passed my nclex rn exam and i didnt have to write cgfns exam or toefl.but as i would like to apply for my green card process i saw the requirements are i should clear cg...
  6. Help regarding Review

    Hi hmahdoui,I think it's better to know the content more on nclex.as you said you have taken all these courses ,which one did you feel helped you more on nclex exam,better go for it.i have sent you pm..
  7. Is PDA + Study guide enough?

    This is truely inspirational,good luck for your future..I have sent a pm.thanks.
  8. Is PDA + Study guide enough?

    Congrats..what did u do differently this time?
  9. Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    Hey congrats on passing...u really did a great job...
  10. Passing the Nclex with only 75 question

    check out now if u can,,
  11. Passing the Nclex with only 75 question

    sent u a pm..
  12. Low Kaplan Scores

    hi wayemika,my id is jewelvenus@gmail.com
  13. Low Kaplan Scores

    hey wayemika..congrats on passing..u are such an inspiration to those who really struggle to pass this exam..send u a pm..thanks.
  14. Failed I need a good Content source

    hey,katrn2324..i just pm u..check out..thanks
  15. NCLEX-2014!

    congrats on passing..can tell which study resources did u use?