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2LT Gwin. Graduated from Edinboro in December, 2014. NCLEX passed on January 21, 2015.

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  1. Pearsonvue trick 2015

    newRNpa, I misread your comment originally, thanks for clearing that up. I have heard of a few cases where the PVT did not work, and the person got charged again. Did you receive a refund?
  2. Pearsonvue trick 2015

    I am sorry for the misunderstanding. My comment was not directed toward newRNpa.
  3. Pearsonvue trick 2015

    I used the trick in late Jan as well, with positive results :) Naigem, you have to complete the whole process for the trick to work. There are plenty of instructions on the Student>NCLEX boards. (Also, I hope you didn't put false credentials on yo...
  4. pittsburgh- applying without nclex?

    You can apply for your temporary license prior to taking your boards. Most hospitals will hire you with work restrictions until you pass. If you fail your first attempt, your temporary license will be revoked.
  5. Feb - Mar 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I asked for a shower CHAIR, not the desk"
  6. PA License issuing

    Well, I checked this morning at 9am, and nothing. I send them an email, and they replied with my license number and told me to verify it online at the state licensing website. Its official!!
  7. PA License issuing

    Yes, I have looked up my license. I keep checking the site every morning around 10am. I am looking at the PA licensing page, and it shows my status as Pending. I have the checklist completed. I did pay for the Pearson Vue Quick results as well and I...
  8. How I Passed the NCLEX

    Congrats fellow nurse! Good luck in all of your future endeavors!
  9. NCSBN Review, Worth it?

    I used the KAPLAN review course only. It really helped me solidify my existing knowledge and gave me a few tips. I passed my NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions. I would say any additional study material you can get your hands on would be worth ...
  10. Passed my Nclex!! Thank you god!!

    Congrats fellow RN!
  11. PA License issuing

    So quick question. I passed my NCLEX on Wednesday Jan 21st and am still waiting for my license to be issued. I have heard that Pennsylvania had very quick turn around times, so i didn't think I would still be waiting today for my license. I have the ...
  12. Kaplan scores

    My Qbank score were very similar to yours. Anywhere between 50-65%. I didn't do too many of the Qbank questions, but when I did, I did them in increments of 25, that way I had more time to go through the rationales and look things up. I feel like I r...
  13. Pearson Vue Trick--trick no more

    I guess it all depends on how lucky you get when you try:***:
  14. Pearson Vue Trick--trick no more

    Not true. I took my test last wednesday, and tried the PVT over 10 times (My nerves were getting to me). I kept getting the "Good" Pop-up, and was not charged once for my attempts.
  15. Oh yea. I felt like I bombed it hard after the exam. I did the PVT, which showed up to be good, but still refused to believe it. I payed for the quick results as soon as i could and found out that I passed. I slept the best that night that I had in o...