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  1. Setting the Precedent: Nurses Fired for Being Sick

    I work in oncology. While my employer is quite supportive of our own illnesses and sends us home with coughs/fevers/GI bugs to protect our neutropenic patients, I have seen far too many patients with cancer get pushed around and fired from their jobs...
  2. coworkers constantly checking your charting

    There is a specific team for chart audits and I'm guessing they are not part of that team. They must have plenty of time on their hands. I would bring it up to management and show them the emails and see how they like all of the time wasted nitpickin...
  3. New Grad Orientation Contracts

    Most hospitals in my area utilize new grad contracts, and they vary in length of time and monetary value. I signed a contract as a new grad, and the hospital put me through a residency program (which was helpful for learning hospital policy but not a...
  4. Oncology RN in doctors office

    I currently work in an outpatient oncology office. I used to do chemo infusion but now I work in the clinic. I take care of the patients when they are newly diagnosed/are starting a new treatment with education. I also take calls from patients who ar...
  5. New grad interview on Ortho Unit

    Night shift and frequent weekend shifts wreaked havoc on my family life!
  6. All had SCD and Ted stockings. Depending on the surgeon, most had Lovenox and some had ASA. Some form of pharmacological VTE prophylaxis was required within 12 hours of arrival to PACU. Some surgeons started ASA on POD#3, although many patients were ...
  7. New grad interview on Ortho Unit

    Congrats on the job offer! I worked on an ortho/spine/general surgery unit for 14 months after I graduated. 75% of the patients were recovering from joint replacements. I worked night shift and it was no walk in the park. I learned a TON about time m...
  8. Hello fellow nurses:geek: I have been an RN for a little over 2 years. I spent a little over a year on an inpatient surgical (ortho/spine) floor as a new grad and for the last year I have been working outpatient in ambulatory surgery and a clinic. I ...
  9. Is this really happening??

    I was hired on a post op medsurg floor a week after passing NCLEX. I had ratios and situations that echo yours. After 6 months of nights, I was burnt out by it, and I was truly terrified that I would walk in on a dead patient (it happened to other nu...
  10. nursing in Las Vegas as a single Parent

    I've lived in Vegas for 27 years and my opinion echoes that of others regarding neighborhoods. I will add that the Southwest area is nice as well but a little far from Sunrise. Henderson would be your best bet for neighborhood and distance to Sunrise...
  11. CSN Nursing School Schedule

    4th semester had the best schedule. 211 Clinical once a week for 10 hours x 9 weeks, 211 lecture twice a week for an hour and a half x 10 weeks, 211 lab once a week for an hour and a half x 6 weeks. 208 is hybrid with about 6 in-class sessions that a...
  12. RN pay in Las Vegas

    It does not matter around here. For most staff RN positions, the pay is the same.
  13. CSN Fall 2015

    As an alternate it is best to have everything done just as everyone else is because they can potentially accept you days before school starts, as it happened with a friend of mine.
  14. CSN Spring 2015

    It will be on nursing fundamentals. You should have received a book..
  15. Roseman University 18-month Program?

    Sorry I'm not a current/former Roseman student but I do know that they charge an application fee. That could be the incentive for getting lots of applicants in.