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  1. christina731

    coworkers constantly checking your charting

    There is a specific team for chart audits and I'm guessing they are not part of that team. They must have plenty of time on their hands. I would bring it up to management and show them the emails and see how they like all of the time wasted nitpicking your work.
  2. christina731

    Oncology RN in doctors office

    I currently work in an outpatient oncology office. I used to do chemo infusion but now I work in the clinic. I take care of the patients when they are newly diagnosed/are starting a new treatment with education. I also take calls from patients who are having side effects/illnesses at home. I'm also the right hand to the MD whenever they need to consult with another physician or call the patient. I also facilitate inpatient hospital admissions for patients who will receive chemo in the hospital. I used to do chemo infusion but I was transferred to this position when I became pregnant. Overall, it is a fantastic job. I've worked in the hospital and in outpatient surgical services and this is by far the best job I've had as a nurse. I hope this helps and let me know if you need anything else.
  3. All had SCD and Ted stockings. Depending on the surgeon, most had Lovenox and some had ASA. Some form of pharmacological VTE prophylaxis was required within 12 hours of arrival to PACU. Some surgeons started ASA on POD#3, although many patients were d/c'd by then. My unit very rarely used Coumadin. All patients were to at least attempt ambulation within 6 hours of arrival to the floor (anywhere from dangling at the edge of bed to walking if safe to do so, along with PT/OT daily beginning on POD #1.
  4. christina731

    New grad interview on Ortho Unit

    Congrats on the job offer! I worked on an ortho/spine/general surgery unit for 14 months after I graduated. 75% of the patients were recovering from joint replacements. I worked night shift and it was no walk in the park. I learned a TON about time management, prioritization and safety. In any given shift I could have a complete turnover in my assignment due to discharges and admits from PACU (some patients waited in PACU until after midnight for a bed) or ER admits awaiting surgery (most were post fall hip fractures). I loved taking care of the patients but I hated the fact that there was no help. My unit had 35 beds, 5 RN's (including charge who had a full assignment) and if we were lucky, 1 CNA who worked their butt off. Many patients were confused due to dementia/Alzheimers/side effects of meds and attempting to get out of bed. Get a good pair of running shoes and make sure you learn proper body mechanics and use of equipment whether it be lifts/trapezes for the beds etc. Learn your facility's protocol for prevention of surgical site infections and venous thromboembolism. Treat your fellow RNs and CNAs like family because you'll need them more than you'll ever know. I finally left for outpatient PACU (also ortho/spine) and I LOVED it! Good luck to you!
  5. Hello fellow nurses:geek: I have been an RN for a little over 2 years. I spent a little over a year on an inpatient surgical (ortho/spine) floor as a new grad and for the last year I have been working outpatient in ambulatory surgery and a clinic. I have recently obtained a position in an outpatient hematology/oncology clinic. I have always had a desire to take care of cancer patients, as my mom is a survivor. I'm wondering if there are certain meds, tricks or any other tidbits of advice that you can provide to this newbie heme/onc RN? Thanks peeps!
  6. christina731

    nursing in Las Vegas as a single Parent

    I've lived in Vegas for 27 years and my opinion echoes that of others regarding neighborhoods. I will add that the Southwest area is nice as well but a little far from Sunrise. Henderson would be your best bet for neighborhood and distance to Sunrise. Additionally, I would not live in the area immediately surrounding Sunrise. I can't comment much about schools because I have no kids in school but I did attend k-12 in Las Vegas and I can't say that I got the best education, however I did graduate in 2003 and I'm sure things have changed. Good luck to you.
  7. christina731

    CSN Nursing School Schedule

    4th semester had the best schedule. 211 Clinical once a week for 10 hours x 9 weeks, 211 lecture twice a week for an hour and a half x 10 weeks, 211 lab once a week for an hour and a half x 6 weeks. 208 is hybrid with about 6 in-class sessions that are required about once a month for 4 hours during the time you're in 211. 296 is dependent upon your preceptors schedule. I did 10 night shifts on random days over 3 weeks.
  8. christina731

    Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    Congrats!! I tested yesterday at 1200. I'm hoping my license pops up today. I did PVT at 1900 yesterday and got the good pop up. I will try it again in a few hours after it the 24 hour mark if my license isn't up at that point.
  9. christina731

    Saunders Scores - NCLEX in 10 days!

    So far I've only been studying with Saunders and Hurst (live review). Once I test I'll post about how it went 😊
  10. christina731

    TAKING THE NCLEX-RN in a few hours...

    Sorry you had a bad test 😔but the PVT is not official so try to keep your chin up and think positive thoughts.
  11. christina731

    Saunders Scores - NCLEX in 10 days!

    No, I didn't use it (Saunders) until after graduation. I wish I would have though. I probably would have done better knowing strategy.
  12. christina731

    Saunders Scores - NCLEX in 10 days!

    Thanks!!! That makes me feel good!
  13. christina731

    Saunders Scores - NCLEX in 10 days!

    Hey peeps! I posted a few days ago about my Saunders NCLEX-RN practice test scores and I have since finished the entire 6th ed and my scores have changed significantly now that I'm done. I'm wondering how my scores stack up to others, whether you're still studying for NCLEX still or have already passed. My progress scores are as follows: Adult Health: 74% Child Health: 72% Critical Care: 76% Fundamental Skills: 74% Leadership/Management: 78% Delegating/Prioritizing: 72% Maternity: 80% Mental Health: 77% Pharmacology: 77% My school had us take the ATI Comprehensive Predictor and I scored a 97% probability of passing but that was after not studying for nearly a month while completing my preceptorship (we finish all of our regular courses before completing preceptorship). I have since taken the practice tests and scored 98% and 99% probability. I have also taken a Hurst Live Review, reviewed all of my content and I plan on taking the Hurst Q Review tests over the next few days. I'm wondering if what I'm doing is sufficient and if I should do anything differently. I appreciate your input very much!
  14. christina731

    TAKING THE NCLEX-RN in a few hours...

    You studied for a month and I think you're calm because you're well-prepared for what lies ahead. Best of luck to you! I'm sure we'll hear good news from you shortly! I take my test next week so I'm hoping I feel calm like you before mine! 😊
  15. christina731

    CSN Spring 2015

    That is how I always paid for ati. It would have been nice to pay online though.
  16. christina731

    Quick results after testing on a Saturday

    Thank you both so much!