Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

Can I pass the NCEX in just 3 weeks?

I want to show that it is possible to prepare for the NCLEX in 3 weeks without using a plethora of prep tools. Here is what worked for me:

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Hi @Angel_joyz03 thank you for your post, it makes me feel more relieved to see that you only used kaplan Qbank and passed you test congratulations!!!:D

I am testing in excatly one week, a little nervous, trying to remain as calm as possible. I only used kaplan qbank questions, did all of then¡m and right now I am reviewing the notes with the rationals, it is also SO GOOD to see that kaplan questions are similar to the NCLEX, feeling optimistic.

Hope to give you good news soon


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Thank you for the tips & Congrats .. I would love & be thankful if you email me your account for Kaplan I am one of those who cannot afford it. PLease Please I begged... Thanks in Advance :)


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Anyone has a helpful study guide they would like to share. I have the 35 pages already


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I'm taking my NCLEX RN test soon and I'm looking for free NCLEX RN test sites where I can find questions and answers.

Do you know of any? Thanks.


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I did lots of studying 6-8 hours for two weeks before my exam. I only studied Hurst and did their 6 Q reviews (750 questions total). I also did about 150 Qs on Uworld and was glad I did because they have very good rationals and the challenging level questions really prepared me on some areas. On my test day, I was very anxious and felt like I forgot everything that morning. I had about 15 sata, 1 put in order, no med calculation, lots of priority and 1 delegation. There were many topics that were not covered in Hurst. So I suggest to look over the green Hesi book or Saunders for a good preparation. My test stopped at 75 Qs after 1 hour 15mins. I rushed through because I didn't want to second guess myself. I only read through the questions twice and picked the best of all. I learned that if I spent too much time on one question, I will keep on changing my answer and that's how I failed my exist Hesi after 4 hours. Our school gave us a chance to retake the Hesi to see if we have improved and I was able to pass the second time after 1 hour 30mins.

Honestly, I didn't think I was gonna make it because there were so many questions I either guessed or just had no clue. I tried the PV trick at 11 hr and 26 hr after the test and had good popup. 48 hours after I had my passing status.


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I took the NCLEX on July 26th. the computer shut off at 75 questions!!!! I did the trick and got the good pop up. I checked on July 28th and I passed! I did ALL of Kaplan (about 3000 questions), I also did some Lacharity questions on quizlet, I did some NCLEX Mastery as well maybe 400 hundred questions on there. I HIGHLY recommend NCLEX Mastery if you can't afford to get Kaplan or any other review course. The ONLY time i reviewed content was when I had no idea as to why a question was right. I STRICTLY focused on just questions. I also made sure that I knew my labs! Good luck to anyone who has yet to take it. You got this! DO NOT second guess yourself, confidence is key!


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Congratulations and thank you for an honest, heartfelt story!

Much success to you!