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  1. 1. Stay on-schedule with your assigned readings. 2. Set-up a study schedule and STICK TO IT! 3. Research for applicable study questions with answers and rationales to reinforce your understanding of specific topics. 4. Recite certain areas to increase your retention of the material. 5. Envision your success of your assignments, exams and course--- WITH FLYING COLORS!!! 6. Grant yourself a prize for your success! Much success to you and your career!
  2. showbizrn

    What Do You Love About Nursing?

    OMG! I pray YOU are never THE NURSE assigned to ME and My FAMILY/FRIENDS.
  3. showbizrn

    Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    Congratulations and thank you for an honest, heartfelt story! Much success to you!
  4. showbizrn

    What do you do to mask odors? A mask? Vicks under nose?

    Offensive odors!---one of the many occupational/ environmental irritants of health care. I use Lysol disinfectant spray and yeah, we're not suppose to use spray. DON'T CARE!!! Allergic to aerosols but NOT ALLERGIC TO OFFENSIVE ODORS??? I don't work with FUNK & FUNK don't work with me:sour:
  5. showbizrn

    House supervisors!

    I LOVE your salary!!! YOU-GO-NURSE!!!
  6. showbizrn

    What Do You Love About Nursing?

    Welcome to Nursing! Nursing involves people and I LOVE PEOPLE!--- All types of people. Since I work in "the Big Apple" I have the blessings of working with and taking care of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, cultures---everybody!
  7. Greetings Fellow Educators! Any creative tips for teaching 1 - 2 day Certification Exam review courses? Review questions, researched content outlines and group exercises based on case presentations are strategies that I have utilized. Thank you in advanced
  8. showbizrn

    Five Networking Myths

    Great article!!! Thank you for the valuable information!
  9. showbizrn

    A Published Writer???? Who....ME???

    Thanks for the invite. I will give it "a shot."
  10. showbizrn

    How Many Letters Do We Need?

    In my opinion, nurses are some of the most well-rounded professionals in the healthcare industry
  11. showbizrn

    Sick of floor nursing, what now?

    wish I could hear from someone who has been there, made the change, and give me some kind of hope that there are better options out there that are worth making the change. I just can't see myself doing this forever. I did home care on a free-lance basis during the daytime hours IN ADDITION to working nights because I WANTED SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! And I got it--- less pressure, more independence, more relaxed patients/families---I liked it and did it for about two years. The extra money wasn't bad either. But that was MY CHOICE! YOU DO YOU!---but it takes courage and perseverance to experiment and jump into a Job mix that's not the necessary "tried and true." It's you doing you! Many blessings and much success!
  12. showbizrn

    Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    Just give me the night! So I can teach, perform, relax ---take down the facts! Nurse by night Actor- Teacher by daylight These are my rules Don't try to stop me, fools! From beginning to end I'm SHOWBIZRN!
  13. showbizrn

    One CARN---To Go!

    Imagine after having my CARN application for re-certification signed/ approved by my employer for twelve previous years, I'm told, "The population of your unit has changed and your experience is no longer eligible for the CARN AND you are the ONLY one with this certification in the building." Bulls***! I calmly justified that ALL inpatient units have addictions clients, that ALL admitting patients have to be screened for addictions and ALL My graduate school credits are in Addictions Nursing. (Idiot didn't know that I teach a review course in Addictions Nursing). YES, my application for recertification was signed! This CARN was NOT To-Go!
  14. showbizrn

    Calling in for no sleep

    D*** right! If you lack sufficient sleep, patient safety is at risk or is jeopardized! Never mind, your faulty nursing judgment due to impaired cognitive functioning related to your lack of sleep. NEVER risk patient safety due to some " pretentious" or "false" sense of commitment to report to work. If you don't take care of yourself, how can you take care of the patient(s)?
  15. showbizrn

    RN vs MA

    That's what I'm talking about!