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  1. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    Oh man! That is terrible to hear.. I can’t imagine 16 chapters on a test! That is insane..and it is a very hard class . thanks for taking the time and wrote this, that gives us a good idea and will be prepared for that class. I probably will go part ...
  2. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    @Bedawsyay!! Congrats and welcome! I am so happy for you. So exciting we get to start the program together and in the same class! I was told by my old school mate that all first year courses are online. I also looked in registering for class and saw ...
  3. TWU Spring 2020 FNP/WHNP Students (Dallas Campus)

    @tamustudent I am in the hybrid program in Houston, but I think our classes will be the same for the first year. I am wondering the same about manageable while working since I am in the outpatient clinic and works M-F. Did they tell you what cla...
  4. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    @Bedaws Thank you! Yes it make sense since everyone wants to do the online program definitely fills up quicker and more competitive. I am glad we are all accepted somewhere and congratulations to you as well!! You can also transfer later or star...
  5. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    Found out last week I was accepted to TWU Houston campus hybrid program. Not sure how different it is to the online program.
  6. Thanks for your feedback guys. By the way, do you guys have a facebook page/forums for NP students? is it pretty active? So far I am not seeing so many students posting things about CW. I am mostly worried about faculty and student support when doing...
  7. @Babeebean1 Don't be stressed! Just have good time management and you will be fine. I would love to be in your shoe right now. How long did it take for you to know you got accepted?
  8. Just applied today. Hopefully I will get in and be able to start Spring 2021. How long did you guys waited before hear back a decision? Where do you go to check on the status?
  9. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    @Bedaws Ah okay, good to know. Hope we get in somewhere.. I will keep you posted once I hear back from them.
  10. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    @Bedaws Wow I didn't know people got accepted since Summer? no wonder adviser said I was late. Hmmm but 250 applicants isn't too bad though and I do see people that got in Spring 2021 was offered to start in fall 2020 also. I remember our BSN ...
  11. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    I applied third week in August, I still haven't heard anything yet. I got my BSN through TWU and my last 60 is horrible. I did speak to the adviser and she said I was kinda late in applying and it is more like first come first serve. But alot of time...
  12. Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    I did lots of studying 6-8 hours for two weeks before my exam. I only studied Hurst and did their 6 Q reviews (750 questions total). I also did about 150 Qs on Uworld and was glad I did because they have very good rationals and the challenging level ...
  13. I took my test on Feb 2 Tuesday stopped at 75Q and found out today I passed! I did the trick 11hours and 26 hours after. I was told to try the trick by a friend and didn't know anything about the nonrefundable policy. The first time I input my real c...
  14. TWU Spring 2014 Applicants

    Thank you abi1 :) I greatly appreciate it!
  15. TWU Spring 2014 Applicants

    Can you name the book titles they give you? My CPR class isn't until next week and I want to order textbooks before school starts. Thanks in advance! I didn't get my blue card as well.. I am going to call and check just to be safe.