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  1. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Hi Laura.S, If you're a pre-specialty student, I don't have any recommendations because I entered the program in my specialty year. If you will also be starting the program in the speciality year, I recommend using your free time to do things you enj...
  2. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Chappie- I didn't prepare in advance for advanced pharm or patho, and I currently have an A average in both of those classes right now. I mainly use the lectures and the lecture powerpoints to study, and use the books to clarify anything that I didn'...
  3. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Hi Robin1992- I'm not sure if al specialities have to interview. I am in the PMHNP specialty and I got asked for an interview in middle-late January I believe and was accepted on February 14th.
  4. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Hi Tennisoopss, Do not worry! If that's what you were told by your speciality then that it what you should go with. I am in the PMHNP speciality and the specialities all work a bit differently. Hope this helps.
  5. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    TangoDeux, I can only speak for the PMHNP program, but the prespecialty students DO NOT have to find their own clinical sites/preceptors. Prespecialty students are required to stay in the Middle TN area and the faculty sets up their clinical sites. O...
  6. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Chappie-- The program is a lot of work, but it's been manageable. Just stay on top of watching the lectures and the assignments and you will do fine. I find that the exam questions are easier than BSN because they are straight forward as opposed to "...
  7. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    1. I spent a considerable amount of time writing/tweaking my essays to make sure that they reflected my personality, my reasons for wanting to become an NP, and my goals once I become an NP. In other words, your responses need to go beyond just "I wa...
  8. Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Hello all- I am currently a specialty PMHNP student at VUSN (entered the program with a BSN). Please feel free to ask me any questions. Good luck with your applications!
  9. Vanderbilt MSN 2017

    Is it to early to assume that it's not a good sign if you applied for PMHNP before the November 1 deadline and havent heard anything yet?
  10. Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    Thank you so much for the kind words! The Q bank login has been given away, but maybe that person will pass it on once she passes her NCLEX ?
  11. Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    I looked through these discussion boards a lot while I was preparing for the NCLEX, and I told myself that I would come back to share my experience if i passed. I also wanted to share my experience because I got stressed out reading about others' pre...