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WaitingonMyMoment's Latest Activity

  1. WaitingonMyMoment

    2nd attempt - Passed with 149questions

    Congrats Nurse!! I hope to be successful when I test in 3 weeks
  2. WaitingonMyMoment

    Passed with 75!

  3. WaitingonMyMoment

    My Journey on Passing the NCLEX!!!!

  4. WaitingonMyMoment

    My NCLEX story: I'm finally an RN!!!!

    Congrats RN!!
  5. WaitingonMyMoment

    Diff message for Pearson View trick

    Congrats RN!
  6. WaitingonMyMoment

    Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    Congrats RN and thanks for the tips!! I test for the second time next month. Hopefully I have a positive outcome!!
  7. WaitingonMyMoment

    PASS NCLEX 189 questions & time ran out

    Congrats to you RN!!
  8. WaitingonMyMoment

    Passed my Nclex in 145 questions

    Congratulations RN!!
  9. WaitingonMyMoment

    I just passed the NCLEX!!!

  10. WaitingonMyMoment

    3rd time is truly a charm!! PASSED NCLEX-RN

  11. WaitingonMyMoment

    Still in Shock!

  12. WaitingonMyMoment

    op.nysed.gov exam result

    Congrats!! I can't wait to see the word PASS next to my name!!
  13. WaitingonMyMoment

    Pass my NCLEX rn

    Congrats Nurse!! Very happy for you!! 8)
  14. WaitingonMyMoment

    Nclex I passed

    Congrats to you!
  15. WaitingonMyMoment

    Thank you Allnurses and my NCLEX Story

    Congrats nurse!!
  16. WaitingonMyMoment

    Passed NCLEX!! yeah!!!

    Congrats! This is definitely motivation to me! I will sit for my 2nd time in February, hopefully.

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