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  1. Don't wake the Dr, Or maybe I should?

    I am the charge nurse on my shift and on the other shifts the LPN's are considered the charge nurses along with the RN supervisor. And yes they're are standing protocols like the ones you mentioned, also in many cases I have just opted to fax the Dr....
  2. Don't wake the Dr, Or maybe I should?

    Night shift nurses in which instances/circumstances do you call the Dr. I work night shift 11-7, I've been a LPN for about 5 months now and I've called the Dr maybe 3 times. Twice in which it was through the night. Of course you would call the doctor...
  3. If not why not? If you have or are now, how is the experience? Im debating if I should work at this job as a nurse that I did as an aide.
  4. CNA scope of practice issue on my unit

    Oh plaeezee lol that's a bunch of bull. I was an aide and we change leg bags to beside bags ALL THE TIME! It's a piece of cake, you did exactly what I would've done even as a new nurse that I am...Write her up! People want to come to work and clock i...
  5. Common meds given in LTC facilites? New nurse seeking advice

    Thank you very much!
  6. Common meds given in LTC facilites? New nurse seeking advice

    WOW! Thanks so much! This is going to really help me, I'll be sure to make myself familiar with some of the drugs that I don't recognize :)
  7. Failed boards 3 times..

    UWORLD will have you passing on the 4th attempt! Read the rationales and LEARN from them
  8. Hi I passed my nclex-pn exam this pass Tuesday 8/16 and verified my nursing license on the License verification site on Thursday 8/18. I'm interested in working at my current job as a nurse that I worked at as a CNA and another LTC facility PRN. I wa...
  9. LPN Nclex

    The same thing was happening to me, don't put in your county, zip code etc. Only put in your first and last names and the type of license you're searching for (nursing, practical nurse/registered nurse) Once I did that my license popped up! Good luck
  10. I passed NCLEX-PN!!!!

    Congrats! I passed mine 8/16 in 85 questions!! I used UWORLD and completed the entire NCLEX pn mastery app question bank!
  11. Retaking 1st week In Sept

    Read my post under this forum, posted lots of great advice and tips for future test takers! Good luck!
  12. Need 6 week NCLEX Study plan

    UWORLD, and entire NCLEX mastery app question bank
  13. Thank you!!! :)
  14. Thank you so much!!!
  15. Bad pop-up. When can I re-apply in CA?

    Read my post under this forum, I posted lots of great ideas and tips for future test takers. I passed my nclex-pn exam in 85 question in less than an hour, on the first try! I HIGHLY recommend that you read my forum post. I will say this, I used UWOR...