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Oldest practicing Nurse?


I work with a 94 year old Nurse who still is using her RN degree! She will be 95 soon and I was wondering if it's possible to find out the oldest or longest practicing Nurses? I've done a quick google search without much luck... I think it would be cool for her 95th birthday to give her some type of recognition if it exists... She no longer works the floor but does paperwork which she could not do without having her RN! She recently celebrated her 75th anniversary of her graduation from Nursing school!!! Thanks for your help, I have so much respect for this amazing woman.

I knew one who was 82 working nights at LTC. And we have a 75 yr old, but not anyone close to 94.

We do have an amazing surgeon in the area, in his 80's and still at the top of his game, and very athletic. A real Superman.

Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

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The oldest practicing nurse I've met was in her early 80s. She works for the Red Cross doing disaster relief. I could have listened to her stories all day!

I had a great-aunt who retired at age 76. She was a public health RN in rural WI.

But almost 95?? That. Is. Awesome!!

BrandonLPN, LPN

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I worked briefly with an RN in her late 70s in LTC. And she could still rock a 40-patient med pass!


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I worked with a nurse who just retired at age 82. She was really good until she was about 80, then she started to lose it a bit.

When she was "younger"? Watch out!

kbrn2002, ADN, RN

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95?? Good grief, that's amazing! The oldest i ever worked with was a LTC LPN that was still working full time at 73, I couldn't imagine working into the 90's. Good for her and good for you for wanting to recognize her in some way.

I did find a couple of article that are about 2 years old about older nurses one of these was 90 at the time. I have no idea if they are still practicing. Oldest nurse in U.S. still going strong at Tacoma General > MultiCare Vitals Blog > MultiCare Health System and Notable Nurses | Nellie Wade

Seems to me like 95 might take the record though!

OP, I think you just DID find the oldest practicing RN in existence!!

Please offer congratulations from all of us....and get her on this forum if possible :D


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That's awesome. I love to talk to well-seasoned nurses. I'm sure she has some stories.

vintage_RN, BSN, RN

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That's amazing! I can't imagine the stories and experiences they must have....and all of the changes in nursing over the years!

Mavrick, BSN, RN

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I worked with a former OR nurse in her 80's who did audits. She would get to work at 0500 as bright and chipper as anybody.


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I work on a busy 22 bed med-surg floor and we have 2 nurses who are in their 70's. One is an RN who works 7am-7pm and the other is an LPN who works 7pm-7am.


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As former Manger Central Intake homecare agency, I had 3 "retired" nurses come back part time as wanting to keep their minds sharp working into late 70's. One colleague is now 82 and is my back-up performing legal Medical Record release and still does Intake RN review 3 days/wk.

There is no database I'm aware of. Your 95yrs young RN is oldest I've heard!

Kudos to her.

Conqueror+, BSN, RN

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I had a supervisor that was 83 and took the stairs in our three story building when she did her rounds.

TiffyRN, ADN, BSN, PhD

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I would arrange a party for her, that is astounding.

Also, drop a letter (w/employer consent) to some local media outlets. This sounds like an awesome human interest story.


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Inspiring! I intend to be one of these nurses, as I have no intention of retirement anytime before the age of 75. God willing I am blessed with such good health.

calivianya, BSN, RN

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I would arrange a party for her, that is astounding.

Also, drop a letter (w/employer consent) to some local media outlets. This sounds like an awesome human interest story.


Also consider contacting the ANA or something. They might just be interested in recognizing her.