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BrandonLPN has 5 years experience as a LPN.

According to an old Midwestern folk-tale, BrandonLPN appears in a bathroom mirror to people in the final stages of delirium tremens, and pleads with them to mend their ways. In another version of the same story he can be induced (by threatening to break the mirror) to reveal winning lottery ticket numbers.

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  1. BrandonLPN

    "LPNs are glorified CNAs"

    People with the least amount of knowledge on a particular subject often seem to be the most eager to reveal their lack of knowledge. I have a medical assistant cousin who frequently proves this in regard to her assertions re: LPNs. Apparently, I’m no...
  2. BrandonLPN

    Save yourself; get out of medicine.

    I’m in the nursing profession, not the medical profession.
  3. BrandonLPN

    Best LVN position for experience while in R.N. program?

    It depends on what you want to do as a RN. Urgent care LVN experience will look better on a resume for the ER, experience in outpatient surgery will look better on a resume for a clinic. I don’t think one is overall better than the other when it come...
  4. BrandonLPN

    I have not worked as a nurse since graduation.

    I would imagine most employers will simply view you as a nw grad nurse, which in a way you still are because you have zero experience. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be considered for an entry-level position any other new LPN would be considered for. T...
  5. BrandonLPN

    LIES About LPN's and LVN's

    If you want to be disheartened, go read the Yahoo! comments section on the story about the nurse who impregnated the nursing home resident. It’s unbelievable how many commentators are “correcting” the article by saying the culprit is “a LPN, not a nu...
  6. Reserving judgement. we have all had patient who, through tolerance, are on very high doses of opioids. What constitutes as a “potentially fatal” dose for one person may be routine for another.
  7. BrandonLPN

    LTC nurses: Can I hear from you, please?

    A few off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts: the assumption that nursing home nurses make less than hospital nurses is false. In fact, since nursing homes have a harder time attracting nurses, they often offer high wages as an incentive. a mistake I see ne...
  8. Massive patient loads mixed with high turnover rate can go a long way to explain how no one noticed. I work in a 200 bed facility, alternating between six halls. And, at two years, I am already one of the highest senior nurses. I can see myself missi...
  9. It has been my experience that a every 90 day assessment by a physician is the minimum requirement in LTC.
  10. BrandonLPN

    Don't Say The "Q" word!

  11. BrandonLPN

    Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    Honestly, I'm quite glad that the cultural pendulum is swinging in a direction where no one bats an eye at beards and tatoos. It was always a stupid "rule" that they made one look less professional. And, really, it's more uncommon for a guy *not* to ...
  12. BrandonLPN

    For Adult Male Nurses Only

    As opposed to all those child male nurses......
  13. Of course it's legal. But I would laugh *so* hard at the ridiculous human being who tried to tell me that I was expected to clean a room after a death or discharge.
  14. BrandonLPN


    What, you mean the half-assed pizza parties and five dollar gas cards didn't work??
  15. BrandonLPN

    LTC nurses...

    It has been my experience that the staff members in nursing homes who work all shift without so much as a 15 min break is definetly *not* the CNAs. The ones working without breaks and staying over for hours tend to be the licensed nurses...... just s...