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I'm now considering inching toward RN-BSN ?

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  1. RNsRWe

    4th x NCLEX RN

    Then the person responding to you is typical of most customer service representatives in most Boards of Nursing I find: if they don't know the answer they make one up. After talking with hundreds of people... maybe thousands of people over who know...
  2. RNsRWe

    4th x NCLEX RN

    When you pay $7.95 to Pearson Vue for Quick Results, of course it's accurate. It's what you PAID for. The "trick" that far too many people are enamored of is a game, and is NOT accurate. QR are unofficial but NOT inaccurate.
  3. RNsRWe

    Cannot find no ADN programs!

    Well, OP, since you are clearly very knowledgeable on the topic and are quite certain that everyone responding to you is completely wrong....why don't you just do exactly what your friend is doing? From what you are saying, you seem to be the only o...
  4. RNsRWe

    Cannot find no ADN programs!

    One more thought, OP: would you honestly be able to say that you would choose to have your child, spouse or parent under the care of someone who skipped courses, didn't attend clinicals, and might not be able to write intelligibly in English (so that...
  5. RNsRWe

    Cannot find no ADN programs!

    SO MANY things wrong here: OP, you cannot do what you are trying to do, period. This is why you are having such a hard time. Online programs are designed for those who are already RNs to achieve a higher degree. You are not eligible. My strong sugge...
  6. RNsRWe

    Did I pass NClex? I used PVT. Haaallllp!!!!

    No. I am (extremely) well-versed in CAT systems and your assessment would be incorrect. A person who continues to receive questions is NOT "below the passing level"; more questions are asked because the candidate has been inconsistent regarding cor...
  7. RNsRWe

    Did I pass NClex? I used PVT. Haaallllp!!!!

    On what do you base this statement? There is no such fact saying that the more questions you get, the greater your chances of failing. Why scare people unnecessarily? Again...this is scaring people for no reason. People most certainly DO pass at ...
  8. RNsRWe

    If a paid quick result says "pass"...?

    One dimension to add to this: passing the NCLEX is one step in getting a nursing license. Some States do not do background checks, application verifications, etc until AFTER they receive notice of a passed status for the NCLEX. For those States, a ...
  9. RNsRWe

    The must have T-shirt for every male nurse!

    1. You have just attacked someone who only offered you suggestions on how YOU might avoid looking truly stupid upon your first appearance in nursing school. Not sure how you find a correlation between recognizing your poor attempt at humor as poor t...
  10. RNsRWe

    Domestic Violence: The Elephant In The Room

    I would never wish that any harm came to anyone, no matter how much I may despise the individual. I'm thinking, though, that I DO wish that anyone who places blame for abuse on the VICTIM should have to KNOW someone who has been abused....BELIEVE th...
  11. RNsRWe

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    Well, I guess it's good for students that some will :) As I said, I have done this, after a night shift that took 13 hours to complete. Would I do it ALOT? No. Would I do it once? Did, and had a nice time with a nice student. Not everyone will, but...
  12. Cancer is a condition that creates a significant body of evidence, and recognizable, well-known adverse effects that CAN be managed (for some, for many) with monitored medical marijuana. NO doubt. But I'm curious about how the practitioners that p...
  13. RNsRWe

    shut off at 76..

    Well, I guess the obvious answer is, "No". You must reach a 95% Confidence Interval in order for the test to end; the people whose exam concluded at 75 questions were able to reach a high enough level of questioning and maintain it to reach the 95% ...
  14. RNsRWe

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    I have. Used to work nocs, and met with a student at 0800 after I gave report. SHE had coffee, *I* had orange juice, and after a half hour chat, we went our separate ways. Couple of years later she started on my unit.....I was charge nurse....and ...
  15. RNsRWe

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    On the point about non-nurses (let alone non-RNs) telling people they are nurses when they are not, I just finished with a patient...he told me he worked "in healthcare". Oh, what do you do? "I help physicians and nurses get their jobs done". Umm.....