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    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    *MOST* of the time, people who have passed are not charged $200. *SOME* of the time, they ARE. As you just said, it is a trick. Not valid results. It is a game. Using an invalid card number will give you a 'card declined' message; you won't know if you failed or if your card was declined because it was an invalid card and the test charge was applied. Using an invalid expiration date on a valid CC account also will not guarantee not being charged in the event of a pass OR a fail: a valid account can be charged regardless of the expiration date used; it is urban myth that your card "can't" be charged. You authorize the payment (as you do with PVT) you can be held responsible for the payment. Doing the PVT prior to 24 hours' from completion of the test is when most of the charges that are unnecessary (or inability to register, for that matter) occur. If you don't wait until the exam is FINALIZED....impatience will cost you. For those who say "it worked right after the test", they just don't understand that in THEIR cases, the results did not change. For many others...especially those who have the maximum number of questions!....it does. Good luck.
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    I'll weigh in on this, since I've followed PVT for far too long to admit to.....it is a guessing game. *MOST* of the time the 'trick' tells you the outcome that matches your actual outcome. SOME of the time it does not. It is anything BUT a "sure thing". Anyone who tells you it is is simply being foolish; as the saying goes, 'the plural of anecdote is not data'. Think EBT: would you rely on what "lots of people" say in a chat room, or would you want research to support the position? PVT=lots of anecdotal evidence, nothing real. Some people report seeing the 'good pop up' and having their anxiety relieved a bit, although not a LOT as (let's face it) it has been wrong. Same with people getting worked up over failing, having to study again...and then they passed. Angst for NOTHING. I guess it's up to you whether to do it or not. Did you like playing with a Magic 8 Ball when you were a kid? You know, asking it if someone cute thought you were cute, and you flipped the ball over to read "it may be so". Ok. Maybe it WAS so. Maybe not. Game. In this case, it's a game with $200 on the line (if you don't use a valid credit card number, it's going to be declined as invalid). Changing the expiration date does not guarantee the card won't be charged. Might be...might not be. Helluva expensive gamble! Hang in there and breathe. If you took the NCLEX-RN, the BreEZe website posts a whole lot faster than the CA BoN.
  3. RNsRWe


    And another smart poster told us about how she did that but got charged the fee anyway. A valid credit card account can be charged as long as you authorize it....expiration date wrong irrelevant. The PVT requiring one to submit financial info is really old news at this point; some swear by the PVT because, anecdotally, THEY had the result match their Magic 8 Ball PVT guesstimate. Others not so thrilled, as they were able to pay for another exam they did not need because it turns out they passed (nonrefundable, plus freaking out over a failure that didn't happen). Still others celebrating their "good pop up"....great relief....and turns out they failed. Not a pretty sight. So, in a nutshell, if you got 75 questions, in all likelihood you passed. NOT because of the PVT guessing game, but because MOST people who are US educated pass on their first attempts. Odds are with you. And the minimum number of questions means you either did really well---and could demonstrate competency quickly---or you did very poorly---and could demonstrate incompetency quickly. Given the kind of student you were in school, your school's NCLEX passing rate, and how you prepared for the exam....which scenario is more likely? Put aside your credit cards, people, unless you really ARE prepared to blow $200 for no good reason. If you get a 'good pop up' you won't REALLY know anything anymore than if you didn't do the game at all, anyway. And a 'bad' pop up is either a receipt for payment or a card declined message, neither of which is going to make you feel very good....and might STILL be wrong. I wouldn't want to be studying for several more weeks for no reason....food for thought. Good luck!
  4. RNsRWe

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    Considering the number of posts that begin "I'm freaking out...!!!!!" I think I'll bump this. People, don't freak out. It doesn't look good on you and frankly it's never once helped anyone...ever. You need to do your best to remain calm, think rationally. "Freaking out" does you no good whatsoever. Breathe :)
  5. congrats, and welcome to the fold
  6. Congrats! Time to change your UserID
  7. Since you know there are many threads addressing this, not sure what the confusion is. If you don't get charged $200, you probably passed. If you DO get charged $200, you might have failed. Or passed. Guessing game. And the money is non-refundable. Some tweak the card data so they don't lose money. Ok....and then the pop up means nothing anyway. Card declined, no money lost...bad pop up...maybe you failed. Or not. Know what's a way better plan? Pay eight bucks total for Quick Results if you can get them in your State, or check your State's BoN website for updates. That doesn't cost a thing
  8. RNsRWe

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    You posted this on a thread that discusses the ways in which the PVT has changed since Pearson Vue upgraded its software registration program nearly a year ago....but didn't see that EVERYONE who attempts it WILL be directed to the credit card page? That you must submit credit card info BEFORE knowing anything either way? Odd.
  9. RNsRWe

    Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    Kaplan has a variety of programs available for purchase, including a series of seven "trainer" exams. They vary in length (number of questions) and format. They are copyrighted materials and can be purchased the same way you bought the question bank. Good luck.
  10. RNsRWe

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    You're welcome :) Only thing I'd add to this is that in recent months the PVT has been a bit more "iffy" than it used to be. At one time, it was almost unheard of for a "pop up" that one received AFTER 24 hours to give an unexpected result. What you got....you got. However, over the last couple/few months in particular, there is an increasing number of reports from people who say they submitted credit card info, a charge attempt was made (or actually charged) which was always considered "the bad pop up" and in the end they DID PASS. It would seem that PV simply began making more charge attempts when people continued to willingly submit funds I guess in the end, "forewarned is forearmed", and people will do what they will!
  11. RNsRWe

    How I Passed NCLEX-RN in 75 Questions

    HOW did I miss this thread? oops. Congrats on your achievement, and thanks for the good info on NCLEX preparation :)
  12. RNsRWe

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    awww.... :)
  13. RNsRWe

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    I think you're confusing two different things. The PVT is an unsanctioned "glitch" of the computer software registration program that Pearson Vue uses; for the most part if you attempt it prior to 24 hours you aren't any more 'in the know' than if you wait a full 24 hours, and only risk non-refundable charges. AFTER 24 hours from time of COMPLETION, it's been *mostly* accurate but by no means 100% AND it's just guesswork, not an official result. Quick Results is a fee-for-service that Pearson Vue offers. The fee you pay is $7.95, is the official pass/fail result of your exam, and is only available 48 hours from COMPLETION of your exam. Sometimes it's available an hour or two earlier, but 48 hours is the standard. I have no idea if your State will update it's webpage prior to that. You can always check it and see.
  14. RNsRWe

    Random Valuable NCLEX Facts :)

    You found this for me just in time, LOL....I had posted an update of sorts on my other "NCLEX info" article; should put it here, too: Just a note that I believe there are increasing instances of people getting "the bad pop up" and then finding out that they passed. This happens both when people put in valid CC info (and lose $200) or invalid info and get the "bad" pop up telling them that their card was declined and to check with their bank, etc etc. It seems to be occurring more frequently now than in the past that Pearson Vue will throw out a 'test' charge, meaning that as long as you are willingly submitting your payment for a new registration, they are willing to take it. They are 'testing' your card to see if the payment will go through: if there is $$ there, it will take it. If there isn't, you get the 'card declined' notice. In the past, it had always been taken as The Sign that one had failed the exam, because Pearson Vue hadn't been even attempting to charge someone for a new registration if one wouldn't be needed (because it was a passed exam). But nowadays.....they sure are. And everyone doing the PVT has to go past screens informing them of the fact that the submission is entirely NON-REFUNDABLE! So no, you can't ask for your money back after you pass and therefore don't need a new registration: you bought one anyway. Probably the biggest issue for most people isn't the fact that they might lose $200, as an invalid card can be used. HOWEVER, if an invalid card is used and the 'test charge' is attempted to be made (and you get the 'card declined' thing)....you will absolutely believe you have failed based on the stupid "bad pop up"....and maybe you didn't. Bottom line, folks, is the PVT is nothing more than a *MOSTLY* good Magic 8 Ball. MOST of the time if you get the good pop up you passed. MOST of the time if you got the bad pop up you failed. And SOMETIMES.....you are crying for no reason for days until you find out you really passed.....or you are celebrating for days until you find out you actually failed. Consider carefully if you REALLY want to do this thing. Word to the wise!