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I'm now considering inching toward RN-BSN 🙂

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  1. RNsRWe

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    Well, I guess it's good for students that some will :) As I said, I have done this, after a night shift that took 13 hours to complete. Would I do it ALOT? No. Would I do it once? Did, and had a nice time with a nice student. Not everyone will, but that's a good reason to ask an HR person or nurse recruiter for a name, as they might just know who would be more willing. A reasonable guess, anyway. NO guarantees, of course, but the student who doesn't ask DOES guarantee that no one will do it at all!
  2. Cancer is a condition that creates a significant body of evidence, and recognizable, well-known adverse effects that CAN be managed (for some, for many) with monitored medical marijuana. NO doubt. But I'm curious about how the practitioners that prescribe marijuana for people who claim insomnia (and what qualifies as that, I wonder? How is it proven?) and anxiety (again...how is this measured by the practitioner?). Seems to me that the 18-34 year old male demographic could very easily choose such a "treatment" option if there is no actual proof required that the condition even exists! I wonder how well their prescribing practices would stand up on a medical audit.
  3. RNsRWe

    shut off at 76..

    Well, I guess the obvious answer is, "No". You must reach a 95% Confidence Interval in order for the test to end; the people whose exam concluded at 75 questions were able to reach a high enough level of questioning and maintain it to reach the 95% CI. I know it's all of one question more, but you didn't do so overwhelmingly well in the minimum number to have satisfied the 95% by that point. Doesn't mean you didn't do VERY well, and reach that 95% CI at the conclusion of #76. It's really not worth making yourself nuts over how many questions....it's meaningless, really. Do this: consider the kind of student you were in school, the grades you got, how you did on exams. Consider how you prepared for the NCLEX...how you did on the practice components. Consider your school's reputation in the community, and the passing rate for the school. Given all that....is it really more likely you bombed this thing, or aced it? Breathe :)
  4. RNsRWe

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    I have. Used to work nocs, and met with a student at 0800 after I gave report. SHE had coffee, *I* had orange juice, and after a half hour chat, we went our separate ways. Couple of years later she started on my unit.....I was charge nurse....and I imagine she was glad to have made the contact
  5. RNsRWe

    Registered Nurse Interview (Due ASAP)

    On the point about non-nurses (let alone non-RNs) telling people they are nurses when they are not, I just finished with a patient...he told me he worked "in healthcare". Oh, what do you do? "I help physicians and nurses get their jobs done". Umm...ok....are you a nursing aide? "I'm like a medical coder". Now this is getting tiresome. So I ask "you are LIKE a medical coder? What is it that you do, exactly?" Answer: "I enter all the information into the computer". That's right: he's a data entry clerk. But to have him tell it, he's "in healthcare" and is vital in assisting physicians and nurses with their work. OH, and the best part? On the form he had to complete for me, it described his occupation as "Healthcare Professional". Any questions??
  6. RNsRWe

    Pearson Vue Trick October 2015

    It "works" only insofar as most of the time the popup you get matches with the end result. Sometimes it doesn't (and this has happened more often in the last six months than ever before). Sometimes people pay for a new registration they don't need because they passed. Sometimes they couldn't pay, thought they passed...and then found out they failed. MOST of the time, the Magic 8 Ball Game gives the answer you want. And sometimes....no. To me, the only wonder I have over PVT is why anyone still does it! Then again, anxiety makes people do some VERY strange things...
  7. RNsRWe

    Nursing Student applicant help

    Honestly, as long as the nursing school you attend has a great local reputation, that is all you need. If you want UPenn, of course, apply. Just realize that competition for new grad jobs is steep, and you might find that Ivy League degree VERY expensive in the long-run....paying off pricey student loans while your colleagues have little to no debt might color your opinion regarding the importance of a specific school. Just food for thought. Good luck wherever you choose to apply! :)
  8. No one has disagreed with you on this. And, once again, no one is disagreeing with you. IF you have a legal prescription, you are not breaking your State's law by smoking. Where everyone is disagreeing with you is that your right to smoke does not trump the employer's right to not hire you--or fire you. They DO have that right...and courts will uphold it time and again. And, of course, anyone who maintains Federal employment recognizes Federal law...not State laws. Common sense is not up for debate here. What is being discussed is whether your legally-obtained prescription entitles you to smoke anywhere, anytime, without any consequences. It's not common sense, but rather the LAW that tells us this is NOT the case....you cannot smoke anytime, anywhere, without consequences. There are....and you are required to accept that if you accept the employment. You seem to be operating under the misconception that only nurses would be accountable for being impaired while at work, and that their legal use of certain prescription drugs could negatively impact other people. I'm pretty sure physicians would have the same liability, and accountability; no witch hunt in place for nurses alone. Same would be true of school bus drivers, long-haul truckers, and the list goes on. Nurses are not held to an exclusive rank of being restricted in their drug habits. Can only speak for myself, but online discussion isn't really exhausting....a 14 hour shift, well, THAT'S exhausting Clear?
  9. What a strange mistake to have made. It is completely incorrect, I said nothing of the sort. What I SAID was: "People who have nursing licenses are supposed to be educated enough to recognize that if they want something to change, THEY should work on changing it--legally." That was my exact quote. Perhaps you misread it. Perhaps you are intentionally misrepresenting what I said. In any event....you are making false accusations....and anyone who DOES read what is written can see that. This forum is for "lively debate and discussion". Are you choosing to not do so?
  10. And now we have officially devolved into nonsense. Do you have anything further to add to the discussion concerning marijuana laws and the State BoN.....or is this it? For the record, no one "destroyed their towns" over a confusing or twisted law. They "destroyed their towns" because of bad race relations. Not in the same debate, really.
  11. And I thought you 'liked' all that
  12. Putting aside for a moment the childish "blank blanks" (incorrect use of apostrophe removed), what is common sense to ME is that people should be expected to be able to follow the law as it is written, OR expect to handle the consequences. You don't have to like the law, but I don't think MOST of us are terribly CONFUSED by it. You don't like the law....you think it's a stupid law...ok. Got that. But it's not "ridiculous"....it serves a purpose. People who have nursing licenses are supposed to be educated enough to recognize that if they want something to change, THEY should work on changing it--legally. You can't just sit there and complain that "it's ridiculous" because you WANT it to be different. Inconsistencies from one law to another are common, no doubt. But confusing...? Not really.
  13. So...you brought up a topic YOU wanted to discuss, and along the way tell us you like to throw out things just to see what reaction you'd get. When you GET the discussion...AND you get reactions....YOU get all huffy and want to drop the topic you started. Am I getting this right? Some people....what?
  14. It's the statement below that made that connection....and why your credibility plummeted. In one breath you say that the laws (regarding marijuana) are confusing...and then point out people who are rioting. Indicating to anyone following a normal train of thought that you were connecting the two. Which, naturally, is ridiculous and allows those trying to follow the logic (illogic?) to dismiss it entirely.
  15. That's all there was on that list; I have no doubt there's more pages with lots more info. But still pretty sure pot smoking is not a "protected" activity
  16. RNsRWe


    This thread grows more absurd by the minute. Pinay, you aren't making much sense: you say that background checks are not legal (and of course they are). Then you say that you run them on your own employees (indicating, naturally, that you break the law frequently, OR that you have no real understanding of what you're doing). Which is it? And, as has been pointed out, the OP is not asking a question "about her profession". She's not asking about CNA work. She's asking a legal question that we cannot answer for her. What was your reason for posting, then, if not to annoy? OP, whether or not your shoplifting history affects your future employment is NOT a question a forum full of nurses (and in at least one case, NON-nurses) can answer for you. If you have a question about nursing...sure, we'll do our best to help. A question about legal intricacies and your background checks? Ask a lawyer.