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vintage_RN has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

I love tiny humans

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  1. Its night shift and this is where my brain is going. Just some fun at 3AM... What are some common misconceptions and/or truths about your specialty, or that you have about other specialties? For example, people often think in the NICU we just hold, cuddle and feed babies all day. Maybe in a level 2 unit, but many of our babies are so small, fragile or sick that we don't even touch them unless absolutely necessary. Also, I think there is a thought that NICU nurses are all sugar, spice and everything nice....when in reality NICU nurses have some of the darkest humor I've seen and are savage as hell LOL
  2. vintage_RN

    When was your a-ha moment?

    I did a high school volunteer placement in the NICU, filing papers and whatnot. But I got to sit in on rounds and listen and see what it was like there. It made me want to be a nurse and work in the NICU. I worked with adult surgical patients for a few years while I worked on my degree but I always knew I wanted to be in the NICU. I've been there for 3.5 years now and cant imagine myself working anywhere else, not only do I love it, but it's so specialized I feel my knowledge won't translate anywhere else LOL
  3. Just curious as to the practice at other hospitals, whether this is standard or not. Here we do RSI (rapid sequence intubation) for all intubations....Atropine, Fentanyl and Rocuronium (or Succinylcholine if intubating for surfactant only) given prior to the intubation attempt (unless for some reason its too emergent and we dont have time). Also I would say 95% of our babies are nasally intubated unless they cant get it....we hate oral tubes! I'm in Canada in a level 3 (highest level) tertiary centre.
  4. vintage_RN

    Anyone from SickKids Hospital in Toronto?

    I work at another children's hospital in Ontario and we only hire RN's.
  5. vintage_RN

    New subspecialty (ELBW and Neuro) NICU certifications?

    I find it a bit weird and unnecessary. In Canada, they have just only released the NICU nursing speciality exam through the Canadian nurses association last year. I feel like NICU is so specialized in its own right that you don’t need all these sub specialties 🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe transport because that’s a whole other ballgame, but not the others.
  6. vintage_RN

    Gastric residuals/ NG placement

    We do not routinely check for residuals. That being said, I do check placement via aspiration prior to each feed. This means sometimes I do get residuals when I do that. Often when I tell the docs they give me hell for checking, but you have to check placement somehow!
  7. vintage_RN

    Day shift ICU to night shift NICU? Please Help!

    Not sure what level you work in @adventure_rn...I’m in a level 3 in Canada (tertiary centre, highest level with all the sickest babies of the region)...and we have a lot of codes, we’ve had at least one every shift this set alone! Lots of very sick babies. A baby died yesterday. Babies that get NEC, perf and need a bedside OR....this happens often in my unit. It’s pretty much always crazy. But I do agree that not every baby is critical like in an adult ICU, we do have lots of feeder growers. I would advise the OP to find out what level the NICU is so they can know what kind of acuity they’ll be dealing with.
  8. vintage_RN

    What is the "tension to ET tube" in NICU setting

    Yikes! This is something I’ve never heard of and definitely not something we do in our NICU. Actually all intubated patients are a 2 person RT/RN handle due to having many unplanned extubations.
  9. vintage_RN


    We don’t swaddle any of our little ones, only once they’re old or term babies. How can you assess their belly and skin/colour/breathing without waking them up all the time?
  10. vintage_RN

    RPN (Ontario) to BScN

    I worked part time as an RPN and did the bridge full time. It was busy, my last year when I had consolidation placements I had 1 day off a month. But I did it. And it’s worth it.
  11. vintage_RN

    RPN (Ontario) to BScN

    I did! And now I’ve been working in the NICU for 2 years and I love it. Best decision ever.
  12. vintage_RN

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    I like seeing stuff come up when I suction an ETT. I like making my patient a nice bed with clean, matching cute linens. And getting my babies all snuggled up with their positioning aides to make them look all cozy (im in NICU)...it’s very satisfying. NICU nurses are very anal about their linens and bed appearance!
  13. vintage_RN

    Does ANYONE like the hospital?

    I work in the NICU and love it. I can’t imagine not working there.
  14. vintage_RN


    That assignment sounds crazy, and we have some pretty crazy assignments in my NICU. I’m in a 63 bed level III and very rarely are patients 1:1, only if they were actively crashing or very very sick. A HFO/NO would usually be on a 2 baby assignment..for instance last night I had a PPHN baby on NO/pressors and a 29 weeker on CPAP. Tonight we’re short and I have the 29 weeker, an old ex prem who is now 6 months old, trach vented and waiting for discharge and an older prem who had NEC on CPAP and has ostomy refeeds, lots of fluid balance stuff...this is a typical assignment although it would be 2 babies if we weren’t short. It’s not uncommon for us to have 4 feeder-growers either.
  15. vintage_RN

    Timeless Breast Milk Scanning

    Our unit just started with timeless. I think it’s a big waste of my time and just more things to add to the RNs duties. Before we always had DAs who checked and made all our feeds. Now the RN has to do all this labeling and computer entry, and sometimes even make our feeds if the DAs are too busy...isn’t that what we have DAs for? Seems more things that other disciplines can now offload onto the RN.
  16. vintage_RN

    NG tube question

    In my NICU (large teaching) we don’t check for residuals unless indicated. Our docs actually tell us not to because there isn’t evidence to show it’s necessary. We only check for placement before an NG feed.

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