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I'm Amy a 39 year old mom of 7 year old b/g twins that finished the RN program at Penn State this past May

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  1. Twinmom06

    Question: Tooth or Foot First?

    I know for kidney listed transplant candidates, (former dialysis nurse) that dental issues will get someone removed from the list. Same with hearts.
  2. Twinmom06


    I worked with people that were "feelers" - they preferred to feel a fistula. I was a listener - I would follow the entire fistula with my scope to find the curves. You can also make sure you're in the vessel by attaching an empty syringe and pulling back - if it pulls and pushes without difficulty you're golden. Also if its a fistula ALWAYS use a tournaquet. Good luck!
  3. Twinmom06

    Spouse of nurse

    in 17 years we've gone from equal salary, to him supporting the household when I went to nursing school, to me supporting the household when he started a business, and due to the salary inequality in America I make double his salary...doesn't matter...its not his/mine its ours. Oh and we had to file bankruptcy when the business didn't work out. It did not affect his ability to get a job with the federal government recently
  4. NE PA 6 years experience $32 an hour
  5. Twinmom06

    Is Anyone NOT Going to be an APRN?

    I have an ADN (also 2nd career) and don't even have the desire (or need) to go back for my BSN (let alone MSN or NP) at 45 years old.
  6. Twinmom06

    Help with Staffing Incentives?

    The local hospital does it per shift in tiers. For example if a dayshift nurse picks up a 12 hour nightshift they get Tier 4 bonus which is an extra $500 for the shift (I believe). Tier 4 is the most critical.
  7. Twinmom06

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    asked a BKA dialysis patient if the floor got him out of bed to weigh him that morning...
  8. Twinmom06

    Do you have a side hustle?

    I just left dialysis for case management in Hospice, but my dialysis job is keeping me PRN. I have yet to pick up any shifts, but I'm not out of orientation yet.
  9. Twinmom06

    Bidding Adieu

    Well, my time in acute HD has come to an end. I'm leaving (although staying per diem). The hours are more than I can handle, and I'm missing out on too much of my 13 year olds lives. I love my job and my bosses, but I haven't worked less than 48 hours a week in over 6 months. I may pop in now and again, but my focus is shifting to Hospice. I'm going to a small privately owned hospice agency as a case manager.
  10. Twinmom06

    Help!!!Accesses covered compliance

    the policy is the same everywhere, don't cover the access, most pt's are "cold" and don't care, they cover up when you walk away. Uncover, recover, ad nauseum. I educate them constantly in the hospita to no avail.
  11. sounds like a high maintenance HD patient. Our docs won't order more that 25 mg, ever. She should consider herself lucky...
  12. Twinmom06

    Stupid hurts.

    Using your dialysis catheter for other illegal things will kill you
  13. Twinmom06

    Peritoneal dialysis, no orientation, night shift

    Technically, if the hospital is contracted to do PD, a PD nurse should be coming in to set them up\disconnect them. If the hospital is not contracted, then the patients all the work themselves.
  14. Twinmom06

    Over-tightened blood line connection and sterile caps

    All of the above, and when that fails to work, I find one of the male ICU nurses to loosen them LOL (my unit is at the end of our ICU unit)
  15. Twinmom06

    First Nursing Job Dialysis Am I Stuck Forever

    I appreciate ER nurses like you that remind doctors that a 2L bolus on a dialysis patient isn't a good idea just because EPIC says they meet "sepsis protocol"
  16. Twinmom06

    RN PAY dialysis

    Damn! That's premium wage! I make $31 base and I have 3.5 years acute experience. My differentials and mileage make my salary higher. I'm in PA

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