Nurses,say you had the chance to choose another career,which one would you choose ?

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This question goes to the nurses who wish they could start over and pursue another career and to those who actually plan on leaving the field to embark on a new journey.

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A book reviewer or travel writer, or something like Anthony Bourdain does.....:smokin:

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Hmmm...a game developer. Long shot. :))

An excerpt from my reply on another thread,.....

I often think about what I might do if I lost the ability to be a Nurse tomorrow. Most answers require various degrees of physical ability and vary greatly in my case, Truck Driver, Undertaker, Flight Instructor, Restaurant Manager, wherever the supply and demand, experience, or other factors may be in my favor.

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1. I'd love to be a food critic who received full-time pay with benefits. It would be nice to eat meals at the new restaurants and prepare my critiques for the Sunday newspaper.

2. Working at home would be nice. I could make my own hours, avoid being awakened by an alarm clock, stay away from the rude and entitled public, not have to deal with a commute, and still receive full-time pay with benefits.

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Gold digger. I could really use a sugar-daddy.

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some kind of therapist, or a health psychologist

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Too bad being a housewife doesn't pay enough for me. I would love to be home.

During my senior preceptorship I worked with some PAs. I may look into that if Nursing doesn't work out for me. As a matter of fact, I may just pursue it anyway as a back up career.

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Princess or possibly a mircobiologist

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Egyptologist! if I were to do my childhood wish.

Photojournalist for my adult wish.

Pharmacist would be the reality wish.

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Open a flower shop. Why: no employees would mean no bickering, work would always smell nice, and you'd never have alarms/bells going off. Just nice music and wonderful aromas.

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a doctor so i could treat nurses wonderful for once

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