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Ruas61 has 38 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MDS/ UR.

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    Remembering you today....
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    Thinking of you this snowy day....
  3. People lose their license for unpaid taxes in some states.
  4. Ruas61

    No Call/No Show - Is My License at Risk?

    I think the way you are making your points comes across on the heavy handed side or scare them straight mentality. I believe most nurses know they can be reported to the board for anything by anyone. If I practiced in a state that would penalize or discipline a nurse for calling in sick one hour instead of two for a shift or someone who was a no call/no show for a shift with a reasonable explanation. I would be gone. We have to live our lives mindful but not in fear.
  5. Ruas61

    Denied from nursing school...

    There may be other reasons she didn't make it. Everyone gets a 'denied' at something. It isn't always fair. Can she reapply for another year or look elsewhere?
  6. Ruas61

    To all the Trauma nurses

    https://allnurses.com/nursing-specialties/ You could check out this section. You might also google for dedicated forums for that specialty field.
  7. Ruas61

    Pagan in a Catholic Hospital...

    never mind
  8. Ruas61

    Where are the nursing discounts?

    Put out tip jar....
  9. I am speechless.
  10. 50 G to be able to sit/practice in 4 states? That's enough to make me gasp. I guess if you are so driven and see/have no other roads and are open to limitations it gives, well, why not?
  11. Wow, 1 week and the drama at this level. Good luck.....
  12. Ruas61

    Medical kidnap? Discuss

    Mayo in Rochester is not the golden castle everyone thinks it to be.
  13. I see documentation now, never mind.
  14. It might depend on what kind of situation caused you to be reported. I am not asking about your 'report' but missing charting vs. abuse vs. poor assessment skills may weigh in on the decisions to disclose. Good wishes for you.
  15. Yes, they can.
  16. Ruas61

    Exclusion List

    You need to get lawyered up and see what can be done. Anything else is just speculation, torture or wallowing.

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