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Ruas61 has 40 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MDS/ UR.

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    Late but not forgotten... whole new ball game here. I miss you.
  2. Ruas61


    Remembering you today....
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    Thinking of you this snowy day....
  4. People lose their license for unpaid taxes in some states.
  5. UM any day of the week for me. I left MDS to go for it and I am moving from office to home working. I plan to ride this horse into retirement.
  6. Ruas61

    What is a Skilled Nursing facility?

    I would suggest checking out your state's department of health web site. They should have information on individual nursing homes via report card and survey results. In Minnesota we have a senior linkage line that can help consumers, other states mig...
  7. Ruas61

    without a job until after new years

    If you get busted for 'escort' work your nursing career is toast. Sell, pawn stuff- hustle yourself at a couple of jobs- temp jobs galore for the Holiday season. See if you can strike a deal with the rent people.
  8. Season's greetings is my go to.
  9. Ruas61

    Would you call in sick?

    Can you get a temp job?
  10. Ruas61

    Rising insurance premiums through work

    Greedy profit is the cause.
  11. Ruas61

    Hemodialysis Big Two Benefits

    Try the web site Glassdoor dot com. It has an employee review section. They might help in the time between.
  12. I hope he enjoys his fame!
  13. Ruas61

    Sleeping IM

    Your coworker sounds like they need some remedial education and some critical thinking skills. What if they were having problems with OSA?
  14. Ruas61

    Nurse Imposters

    You are airing your dirty laundry on an internet forum.
  15. Ruas61

    Stick a fork in it!

    Mazel Tov!