Nurses,say you had the chance to choose another career,which one would you choose ?

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This question goes to the nurses who wish they could start over and pursue another career and to those who actually plan on leaving the field to embark on a new journey.

Specializes in Case Manager.

A quantum physicist or cosmology

Specializes in ER, IICU, PCU, PACU, EMS.

I just spent an hour at the book store looking through LSAT prep guides...

Specializes in ED, MS, CC.

Childhood dream - English Teacher

Realistically - Master's in Healthcare with a minor in IT so I can get the HELL away from these annoying A$$ patients and their needy families, ( only the ones with IMAGINED sickness,(the really sick ones don't bother me one whip) you know the ones-census was low so we admitted them for dehydration and low K and it was 3.3- I mean come on, REALLY?-- I had 2 of those last week-- According to the families they were ready to be in ICU :) )

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