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Spikey9001 has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Case Manager.

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  2. I have been working for a small mom and pop-esque home healthcare agency part time for about six months now. My role there is basically of a case manager. I open up new home health aide cases to staff as well as short term skilled nursing cases, follow patients during the time we service them and take care of any needs they may have and discharge them if needed. Ever since I've started, I've noticed that my boss has been doing sneaky things to try and get over on me money wise. When I first started, I noticed that my pays stubs did not have a section for deductions. I later found out two pay periods later that taxes were not being taken out of my check and that he had classified me as an "independent contractor." Afterwards, he considered me to be a "hourly" employee, but I'm paid an hourly rate. Now, every pay period, my hours and pay are the same, even if some days I work 10 or 12 hours. Also, I do not have my drivers license, which I let the company know when I first interviewed there. So therefore, I am driven around by a driver. The pay for the driver is also deducted out of my pay as well. Whenever I'm being driven around to open cases or do visits, my hourly rate is cut by 25%. I only get paid the full rate when I'm in the office. Something to add as well, everything is pretty much done by paper. All the charting and timekeeping is done on paper. One thing I should note, is that I have learned a lot about the business side of how home healthcare and healthcare facilities in work in regards to insurance, payments, authorizations, etc... and I've learned valuable skills that I may not have been able to learn elsewhere that I can put on my resume for future employment. As of now, I'm not in a great position to quit or take legal action (if I even can), but I'm looking for advice as to what path I should take in order to not keep getting screwed over. Should I just wait until I've left the company completely to take any action or figure out a way to get my just due? Thank you.
  3. Spikey9001

    contact nurse manager directly?

    Don't do it. I did and pretty much black balled myself from ever working at the facility because of it.
  4. Spikey9001

    Do I Have a Legal Leg to Stand On?

    Theft by deception. No, I won't go into details.
  5. Spikey9001

    Do I Have a Legal Leg to Stand On?

    Well, I guess I won't pursue or let this matter bother me any further. I'll just let future employers know exactly what happened and just hope they hire me. People get arrested all the time for things they didn't do or because of misunderstandings. At the time I had the interview, the case was still open. They didn't ask, so I didn't disclose. Doesn't matter what I was arrested for, you're innocent until proven guilty. Like I stated earlier, the case resolved positively so I'm not gonna let it get in the way of future employment if I can help it.
  6. Spikey9001

    Do I Have a Legal Leg to Stand On?

    In the application, it didn't ask for arrests, only convictions, which I have none of. So I didn't disclose it. And like I said, arrests cannot be used in a discriminatory matter.
  7. Spikey9001

    Do I Have a Legal Leg to Stand On?

    Yes, I'm in at will state. And according to the email, it was made "in whole or part, based on information obtained by [background agency] and/or in a consumer report prepared by [2nd background agency]. Neither agency made this decision and cannot provide specific reasons why this decision was made."
  8. Spikey9001

    Do I Have a Legal Leg to Stand On?

    Good point. Yeah, when all this stuff came to light, I figured they were firm in their position. Even after I divulged every detail and apologized for any miscommunication on my part.
  9. Spikey9001

    Do I Have a Legal Leg to Stand On?

    I am a minority and I haven't formally requested to get my security clearance back but maybe I should.
  10. Recently, I interviewed for a hospital job that I had been striving to get for years. The interview went great and I was offered a position within a week pending a background check. Well, fast forward to the end of month (I got the offer at the beginning of the month), I've completed all my pre-employment paperwork, physicals, and purchased uniforms and supplies for the job. The weekend before I was to start orientation, they rescinded the offer because of a misunderstanding on my part regarding separation with my previous employer. I was working at a correctional facility until the end of last year because I lost my security clearance due to getting arrested. At the time I spoke with management, they did not say I was terminated but just unable to work until I resolved this legal matter and got my security clearance back. So, therefore I considered myself to still be employed by them and thus put it on the application. Apparently, I was terminated. I did not know this because I never received any documentation stating so. I found this out because of the background check with this employer. I then emailed management at my old job and they confirmed that I was terminated about a week after being charged. Also, the pending charges came up as well and I explained that to her as well (in the end, the criminal charge were dropped). I'm considering contacting an employment attorney on the basis that despite being truthful (to my knowledge at the time) on all aspects of the application, the job was unfairly taken from me. I also feel that at the time, the pending charge against me was used negatively. There was no criminal conviction so the arrest should not be used against me.
  11. Spikey9001

    Having Trouble Finding FT Work

    Hello, I have been searching for full time work in a facility setting for almost six months now. I was working in a correctional setting until November when I lost my security clearance due to getting arrested. I have since then resolved the legal matter positively. Since then, I have been working in home health/private duty nursing but as you all know, the hours are inconsistent and the benefits are nonexistent. Lately, I've been doing some "out of the box" things that other posters have suggested on here and said it worked for them. Most recently, I applied to my local area hospital and followed up by going to the units I applied to and speaking with the managers personally while handing them my resume. Apparently this didn't go to my liking as the lead nurse recruiter contacted me and basically reprimanded me for "soliciting resumes" to management and to the only way to apply for the job was to just apply online and wait. This is a huge gripe to me because I feel as though online applications are throwing shots in the dark and getting lucky to be selected. I have about 2.5 years nursing experience total between LTC, corrections and now home care and I have my BSN.
  12. Spikey9001

    How I Got My Dream Job!

    Tried this method. Didn't work for me. If anything, it just expedited the rejection process. I mean I can now say I know the emails of a few department heads and managers now.
  13. I see your point, but moving is a lot easier said than done. You kind of need money to move. I did use the wrong word when I said "fair." What I meant was more of the lines of "just." But I hear where you're coming from.
  14. That's just not fair. I shouldn't have to move or relocate to satisfy the sake of someone who doesn't like me. I'm not saying I'm entitled to a job, but I want to at least have the opportunity to showcase my knowledge or ability before management or HR decides to hire or not hire me. I couldn't care less about a "black list." If I have to ask the HR reps themselves, I'll do that. If anyone is going to be the cause of my troubles, it's going to be I, and I only.
  15. When asked about it in interviews, I tell them basically what I said in the OP. Anonymurse, I tried to PM you but it said you're storage space is full and you must delete some messages.
  16. Yeah, I've heard about the blacklisting thing too, which I think is BS. And the patient was catheterized.