Nurses,say you had the chance to choose another career,which one would you choose ?

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This question goes to the nurses who wish they could start over and pursue another career and to those who actually plan on leaving the field to embark on a new journey.

Specializes in Med Surg/Tele/ER.

Hmmm... super model with a huge horse farm in Lexington Ky.... and a guest on The Real Housewives of New Jersey so I could kick Danielle's orifice! :lol2:

Specializes in Geriatrics.

yes, I've thougt about that

Specializes in Long term care-geriatrics.

I would like to do a job at home. I would like paint.

I would love to be a promoter for the entertainment industry, Work at a winery and host fabulous wine tasting parties, perhaps work as a special effects makeup artist, be a consultant in fashion, any thing creative, artistic and fun.

Surgeon Doctor, dentist, astronomer

Specializes in med-surg.

Initial dream: do nursing, then go on to be a doctor (starting to rethink that one...)

Dream job: food critic, wine taster, artist, painter, writer, or maybe just an internet job that I could work from home.

Acheived dream job: my friend and I are opening a coffee shop :)

Specializes in ER, ICU.

I want to be a writer for the Onion.

Maybe, Occupational/Physical Therapist.... just something medically related.

Specializes in NICU Level III.

Vet or work at an animal shelter. If only it paid well!

Well I am a new grad and nursing is not treating me very well so far!! (Things would be a lot better if I could find a job!!). My someday plan is to open up a coffee shop/playland for young kids & moms. Just need the financing!

Specializes in Psych, LTC, Acute Care.

I would love traveling around the world being a Motivational speaker. I love encouraging others to do their best!

Specializes in Critical Care, Clinical Documentation Specialist.

Ethnographer (field anthropologist), novel and travel writer.

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