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Sand_Dollar has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Critical Care, Clinical Documentation Specialist.

Clinical Documentation Specialist (RN) on weekdays, ICU RN on weekends for fun


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  1. Hi ivyleaf, I am currently a CDI in a level 2 trauma hospital. I have been looking at other positions and haven't found one that doesn't require at least 1 year of acute care nursing. The big hospitals want you to have at least 3 years in an ICU or ER for background. It's not just coding, which in itself is a challenge, but the clinical part of it. I had a patient who was found down and had a STEMI. They were so focused on the STEMI they overlooked the very high CK-MB. I sent a query for Rhabdo which the physician agreed with. Without the clinical experience you won't know what to look for in critically ill patients. CDI is horribly hard to get into even with the preferred clinical background, most jobs want experience. It took me months to find a job and when I did I took a pay cut and now commute an hour each way just because they were willing to train someone. I have never heard of anyone going from UR to CDI, but every hospital is different and one may accept that as background. I wish you luck! I adore CDI; it's everything I love about ICU (critical thinking, multiple co-morbidities and putting the puzzle pieces together), but it's a ton less stress than ICU. My back is still intact, my knees don't hurt and when a code blue is called I just put my headphones back in and get back to reading through another chart.
  2. Sand_Dollar

    Twelve hour shifts. Are you doing 3 or 4 days a week?

    We work 3-12s for full time status. We can schedule anything above that at 1.5 pay, which are called incentive shifts. No mandatory OT.
  3. Sand_Dollar

    Old/New Grad seeking ICU Internship (HELP)

    I graduated in May of 2013 as well. It took me until Sept to get my job at a clinic. Barely anyone would look at me. And acute care, forget it. So, I took what I could get because student loans were coming due! Here in the PNW you can work for up to 1 year and still be eligible for new grad residencies. I kept applying to them (and other jobs) and while I kept getting residency interviews, for some reason I wasn't hired. I have applied to 200 positions that said were eligible for new grads....but nothing. I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me (BSN, summa cum laude, 225 hrs in an ICU, worked at a U hospital, ACLS, TNCC). But....don't give up! I just got accepted into a new grad residency as a critical care float. This is my absolute dream job. When asked what critical care unit I wanted I said I loved it all and it really did not matter. I will be training in the CVCU but also get to work in MICU as well as the Neuro/trauma ICU. I can't be happier!! I would leave the experience on your resume, afterall you are working as a NURSE. And, even if it is slow, you are ticking away the one year clock to when some hospitals will accept you regardless of the experience. Good luck on the search, I know how disheartening it can be. Don't give up and keep applying. I looked at it like a numbers game and eventually either I would get a position, or the one year countdown would be over.
  4. Sand_Dollar

    Job opening Lewis county

    Hey there, I wanted to put it out there that Valley View Health Center in Lewis country is looking for 2 RNs. One is for a spot in the walk-in clinic, 4-10s, 4 on and 4 off. The other is for the position of RN for the 3 southern clinics in Winlock, Toledo and Onalaska. That one is 8-4:30 M-F. The people at VVHC are great, supportive and always helpful. It is a good place for a new grad or if you want regular hours. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. ~SD
  5. Sand_Dollar

    hand written class notes vs typed

    I would make handwritten notes next to the lecture powerpoints which I had printed out. Once I got home I then made a set of study notes on my computer. This was the best thing for me... I would often reorganize the lecture notes into something that made more sense to me. And, this is the funny part...pinterest became my #1 study tool! Because I'm a visual learner, I would find pictures/graphics that would represent what was talked about (ie blood flow in the heart). I would add different fonts and arrows to my study notes and by the time I was totally done, I would often not even have to study them again. Working, and I mean really WORKING with the lecture info worked great for me.
  6. Sand_Dollar

    Currently any RN office jobs?

    I am working in a clinic right now. I want acute care, but in this market I'm just happy to have a job. I have to admit the 8-4:30 M-F is nice but the work is not challenging for me...at all. Much of my time is spent refilling meds (have to make sure protocols are followed, if not they are denied), but I also run the anticoagulation clinic. I do DM education now and phone triage. To fill my time, and keep from being bored, I have started looking at target numbers (such as FOBT's for pt's over 50) and doing what I can to improve them. It's great hours, OK pay (beats 0 per hour as a student!) and fabulous coworkers, but I actually prefer 12hr shift and direct patient care. 95% of my time is on the phone and computer and except for DM education, I see a pt for maybe 5 min. I will be gone as soon as I can get a position in acute care. As a note, there are a couple other nurses who love this job. They have new babies and it works great for them. So, it all depends on your own situation.
  7. Sand_Dollar

    Is there any nursing Job that is not stressful

    I am a new grad and got my first job in a non-profit clinic in WA. I do med refills, manage the anticoagulation patients, do DM education, phone triage...stuff like that. I work 8-4:30 M-F and I have to say, it's a snap. I make about as much as a new grad was making in a hospital back in CO. The only stress I have is figuring out how to get into acute care (market here is brutal for new grads)!!
  8. Sand_Dollar

    Legacy RN Residency - Winter 2014

    Critical care for me too. :) Good luck everyone!
  9. Sand_Dollar

    Legacy RN Residency - Winter 2014

    Okay, I'll bite. I applied again. I live in the area now so will be doing my interview in person.
  10. Sand_Dollar

    New Grad: feeling defeated

    I'm in the same boat. I thought I would have an easier time than I am finding a job. I graduated with my BSN, had an excellent GPA, and worked concurrently in a tech type position in a University Hospital. I graduated in May and have put in 80+ applications to positions I meet the minimum requirements for, but since I am a new grad and have no RN experience, I'm put at the bottom of the pile. Even new grad residencies in the PNW want experience (WTHeck?!). It is very discouraging to say the least.
  11. Sand_Dollar

    Youngest person in your cohort?

    My daughter just turned 19 and is at the end of her first semester of nursing school. She did dual enrollment (started at 15 1/2) and will be 20 when she graduates with her BSN.
  12. Sand_Dollar

    Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013

    I think it went okay. I am an optimist, but being that there are only 1-2 critical care spots and so many applicants, it's hard not to be worried.
  13. Sand_Dollar

    Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013

    Just got off the phone. The interviewer told me they are trying to finish up the calls this week and then the unit managers have 3 weeks to make decisions on who they will bring in for the interviews. So, she said, it will be around the end of July when we'll start hearing back from them. Good luck everyone!!
  14. Sand_Dollar

    Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013

    First phone interview. :)
  15. Sand_Dollar

    Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013

    Mine is for critical care.
  16. Sand_Dollar

    Legacy Versant RN Residency, Late Summer 2013

    Just got a call to set up my appointment and will be doing my interview tomorrow.