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  1. vegas2009

    March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Well, Dr. Smith... don't look at me. You interns should know your stuff!
  2. vegas2009

    March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    What?? Dr. Sexy is NOT on call today? Yup, I'm doing overtime for nothing!
  3. vegas2009

    Fun: Coke or Pepsi Nurses?

    Regular Pepsi and Diet Coke. But, I've considerably have cut down on soda during the recent months. I hardly drink it anymore. However, summer is coming up -- so that can change. I don't know yet.
  4. vegas2009

    What will you do with your RN license?

    IF I ever get into nursing, I would say either ER or cardiovascular. I know I have to work my way to them, but I'm willing to do that though. Surgery looks interesting too, but I might get grossed out (lol), too close to internal organs and such. Eventually, I would want to go into teaching later on. Hopefully, pass on what I've learned. Nursing is just too hard to get back into right now. Oh well. . . I'm sure there are others who would want to do what I want to do.
  5. Thanks for the little chuckle I got from ur post! TeeHee... :DHere's the 411: Nursing school is hard. I remember when I was there, I was always stressed showing up for clinicals, lectures, labs and it didn't matter who the professor was. My stomach was always funny and I always needed yogurt/ice cream bar to calm me down. The last thing I'd be thinking about is, to get to know anyone on that 'attraction/level' or whatever. I'm a girl, I get hit on at work... etc., no, I'm not in the healthcare field. Guess what? I ain't interested, haha. Sometimes, it's just flattering but that's how far it goes. In other words, I don't take it seriously. By the way, ur post is funny and a little conceited, but thanks for the laugh Oh yea, I find myself thinking more about: SLEEP. Even if I found anyone "interesting," WHEN will I even have the time to talk to them casually? Most of my conversations were about things that were due and casual conversations were "timed." I was also a little irritated in everything that was due every week! It's probably the reason why I always felt like I forgot something. That's nursing school for ya!!
  6. vegas2009

    substance abuse and schools

    Several years ago, I knew a girl (woman) who actually exceled in her master's program. She worked as a pharmacist (had her bachelor's) and eventually decided to work on her master's. She attended one of the most competitive schools in the United States, who for the most part, had A's and B's under her belt. She graduated and worked on her internship. Anyway, her secret is: She is a drunk and occasionally takes illegal drugs. She is very smart and NONE of her professors or class 'friends' knew who she really was. She presented herself very well. She is a professional, well-liked individual. But, in reality, she had her demons. She had other friends who were into 'stuff' that she did. Anyway, as far as I know -- she is working as a pharmacist in the East coast as of today. Still, a 'professional' in her field and an in-the-closet occasional user of illegal drugs. People are deceiving. Just because someone has a title, makes really good money and is put up 'nicely' -- it doesn't mean that they are better than other people. No one can change her, but her. Yes, she is a practicing Pharmacist. She is smart as a whip! All I can say is, I'm just glad I don't live in that part of the U.S.
  7. vegas2009

    Do we need to take drugs.. in order to do our job?

    Nope. However, I definitely agree that we should eat a balanced diet to do our jobs (any kind). For example, I just fixed my slight computer problem (which I created earlier, since I was distracted watching TV). It was driving me nuts, because I couldn't remember what I pressed and so forth. I was also in a conversation with my brother, so I don't know where my head was I just had a yogurt just now and it's a miracle. The stuff that I randomly read (yes, I was distracted again, while reading them) actually helped. My computer problem was simple to fix. All I had to do was to press a key and look at my screen! I swear YOGURT really helps. If that important key was a snake, it would've bitten me and I would've been in ER by now -- EEEWW.
  8. vegas2009

    I either need day shift or to be single. Vent

    Yea just tell him what's bothering you (it's how u say it, so be calm). Tell him nicely, like how you would want someone to talk to you (honestly, this strategy works). Eventually, he'll get it. I work nights as well, not as a nurse though. I can relate to nightshift workers. But, my schedule is changing soon -- yay! I will finally attempt to try to have some kind of life? haha. I said try.
  9. vegas2009

    Was asked if I was bisexual?!?!?

    this is what you should have said: Hmm, why is that an invitation? lol... then give her a wink and a smile! haha
  10. vegas2009

    Can someone explaine dimensional analysis to me?

    Dimensional analysis is. . . when you think you got something right, then you DON'T. Because you don't, you have to withdraw from your nursing program. That's what dimensional analysis is! Then, you end up more confused than ever, lol.
  11. vegas2009


    I agree. The problem is, it's just getting ridiculously harder and harder to get in to nursing programs now (I don't know why), since nursing jobs aren't falling from the sky! A potential nursing student works and invests his/her time on doing pre-requires and compete just to get in to the program. Then, while in it, there's still a bunch of hurdles to get through. This is true 'til today. The added concerns are (happening more now): will there be ANY jobs at all after student graduates. On top of this, the nursing school might close down, cut more, or both --> which affect graduation rates of student/s. So, many more people will probably end up sitting on the sidelines for now. For how long? No one knows. Working on pre-reqs and nursing school is a lot of $$ that most people today, just can't afford to invest on (anymore). A degree that's just getting to be MORE and more saturated. Getting trained for 'real jobs,' like mechanic, plumbing, etc. seem to get more action nowadays. I don't know, I'm confused myself. I thought I knew what I wanted, but the more facts as I see/hear/read about is just discouraging. It's just sad on what nursing has become. Less and less 'new blood' are getting in. The ones that have been in it too long, are more resistant (I can't say I blame them though).
  12. vegas2009

    pet peeves when nursing students arrive

    I guess one can look at it that way. I can only control what I do, not what others do. My CI was another issue. The class liked her, who am I to say anything? -- seriously. CI was nice and approachable, period. As for those two -- I'm sure they're not the only ones. Anyway, what's done is done, nothing I can do.
  13. vegas2009

    pet peeves when nursing students arrive

    Haha, them two would never admit that. They acted like they were doing something/concerned when the CI was around. The two were at the patient's bedside when CI shows up. They made sure of this. They were standing by me, while I did the work. Since I wasn't their leader, I couldn't make them do anything. CI couldn't be around all the time. She was checking on other students. So, I did my IPPA, basic check stuff, assessments (or attempt to try something) on my own. I didn't care if they were there watching or not, whether CI was in the room or not. I did my own thing and wrote my own info. down, so I can report something to CI before class ends. They did only very little for patient, after I do my stuff. It doesn't take a genius to figure out, that they didn't want to do much - besides talking/watching. I figured, well, at least, I've attempted to practice on patient - I did what I'm supposed to do that day (at least). P.S. I'm not bitter on the two students, but I wouldn't want to be with them in a group. There's a part of me that understood them, because clinicals, is hard work. But, I also know that what they're doing will only hurt them. Sigh, I kinda hate it sometimes, when I get 'enlightened.'
  14. vegas2009

    pet peeves when nursing students arrive

    Because that's the way the school had it set up. Our class total was only 7 people. One guy dropped out on the last day that we practiced at our school campus. Then, we were sent out to our clinical rotation (wherever they tell us to go). So, on first day (more like orientation)... I got stuck with two group mates for a couplet assigned patient and then, two group mates for our group patient (we're supposed to write a paper on her). We were expected to practice on BOTH with our respected groups. I liked my group for our group patient, because we really worked as a group. No egos, no attitudes, just get the job done attitude. We listened to each other's suggestions, concerns, etc. We would have (most likely) ended up writing a good paper. We clicked as a group. My other two group mates had a general attitude that they didn't want to practice much on our couplet patient. I asked them nicely a couple of times that we should do this, that, etc. I had a feeling that they didn't like that. They preferred just talking to the patient, everytime we went to her room. They would only touch the patient, after, I touched her. They don't know nor care that the next clinical rotation will require us, NOT to have assigned groups working on patients. In other words, one patient assigned to one nursing student. I could tell that my class really liked the CI. Our class spent most of the time in the conference/meeting room. We would have gone blind on paperwork looking at charts/records. Of course, I liked that because I got all the info. I needed for our paper. CI was there to answer any questions and lectured a bit. But, that was it. The other people were able to practice something here and there (a few of them said so). But, of course they wouldn't complain about CI. She was nice and approachable, but after the class ended - I wished I had a different CI, I probably would've learned more that day!