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NeoNurseTX is a RN and specializes in NICU Level III.

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  1. Where can I find an approved CNE course that fulfills this new 2 credit requirement? The link to CE courses on the Texas BON website is not functioning. Thanks!
  2. NeoNurseTX

    RN salary a Texas Children's Hospital

    MD Anderson is the highest.
  3. NeoNurseTX

    Benefits at Vanderbilt

    I interviewed there and declined after finding out the pay.
  4. NeoNurseTX

    Houston nicu jobs!

    TxSunflower, check your PMs.
  5. NeoNurseTX

    Helping Parents- Looking for a Good Book

    There is one called "Preemies" and I'm not sure of the authors but it's by two women. I think they are NNPs.
  6. NeoNurseTX

    To Filter or Not to Filter

    We had that issue in the past so for the past few years we haven't been filtering lipids.
  7. NeoNurseTX

    Houston to Nashville

  8. NeoNurseTX

    If you had to do it over again would you?

    Yup, sure would.
  9. NeoNurseTX

    woman's hospital of texas hiring new grads?

    Most new grad positions should have been filled for Dec grads last year but postions for May grads should open up in March-ish.
  10. NeoNurseTX

    New Grad NICU in Houston

    As for other options for Houston NICUs, there is Woman's Hopsital of Texas in the med center, St. Joseph Medical Center downtown, MANY outlying Hermann NICUs other than the Medical Center. Cypress-Fairbanks, Oakbend, erm...can't think of any more right now.
  11. NeoNurseTX

    New Grad NICU in Houston

    Definitely don't move here w/o a job lined up. Having NICU experience in school as my capstone course I think helped me out.
  12. NeoNurseTX

    Level lll NICU require more than NRP?

    Oh, our charges and transport team are required to do PALS. Honestly we probably all need it.
  13. NeoNurseTX

    Houston nicu jobs!

    Same here! I learned great time management skills at St Joe's and am ever thankful for all the hands that are at Hermann!
  14. NeoNurseTX

    Level lll NICU require more than NRP?

    and BLS. We aren't required to do STABLE as we get transports and never transport out.
  15. NeoNurseTX

    Frustration with the board of nursing

    After I graduated, my school never sent my ATT and I had no clue...so I graduated in May and couldn't even sit for NCLEX until August. And jasy, they are here to serve the public, not the nurses...at all.
  16. NeoNurseTX

    Houston to Nashville

    Hey guys! I am looking for a level 3 NICU in/near Nashville. I am really interested in Vanderbilt but they do not have any postings online. I have 4 years level 3 experience with 3 of those being in a 3c facility. I am certified and have a fairly impressive resume, would like to work nights and part time if possible (as long as I have medical/dental/vision benefits still). I currently have a base pay around $30 plus shift diff, but I have heard TN pays a good deal less. If anyone knows of anything, please PM me! I still live in Houston and don't want to move without a job.