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  1. I say apply to local community college and other schools. Just apply to as many schools as you can. Because now, so many people are trying to get into nursing schools and it's a big COMPETITION out there. Even those who have perfect grades are still put on the waiting list because some schools can only accept "x" amount of students . Good luck
  2. josinda421

    Lpn pay rate

    ummm....which facility is this Jules?
  3. josinda421

    Am I selfish for going back to school?

    Hey Heidi, if you don't mind me asking...what are you going back to school for after so many years in the nursing field? I definitely feel you on the "burn out" thing. It's something every nurse goes through and question themselves.."why did I get myself into all of this".lol
  4. josinda421

    What a good feeling!

    good for you.
  5. josinda421

    What are some Common interview questions for LTC facility

    I GOT THE JOB!!!! Thanks
  6. josinda421

    What are some Common interview questions for LTC facility

    Yea, I agree with you. I haven't been in LTC a really long time, but my first LTC job wasn't an interview at all since I was straight out of school. But this time, I feel like I have to be well prepared since I have experience now and just afraid about the questions that are going to be asked and how to answer them correctly. I'll definitely check out the site above. Now, are these nursing interview questions or interview questions in general?
  7. josinda421

    What are some Common interview questions for LTC facility

  8. Hey guys. I finally got an interview coming up and need help with some common interview question for LPN's in LTC facility. I'm one of those folks who get really nervous during interviews and afraid I might not answer the questions properly. Please help. Throw at me all and any interview questions you might remember for LTC facility and how you went about answering them.
  9. josinda421

    Any good Agencies in MD, D.C metro area?

    any suggestions anybody???
  10. josinda421

    LPN Starting Salary

    If you don't mind, where in the metro area do you work?
  11. josinda421

    Overwhelmed new grad, need tips

    I dealt with the same thing as a newbie. Here's a tip that worked for me. For AM shift look through the MAR and flag your am meds and injections on one side(say right side) and your pm meds(including BS) on left side. This will allow you focus on one side at a time. For ex: you have a 9am and 12pm med. Give your 9am and sign then, switch your MAR to the left side of the book. This will allow you to group all your pm meds together. If you like you can even list all your am injections and BS on a note pad according to the room number or resident and your pm injections and BS on another side of the note pad, so that way you don't have to flip through the MAR looking for who gets what, allowing you to save time. Also keep in mind you can always give meds 1hr before for 1hr after. Say you have a 9am and 10am meds, you can give this all together. Don't worry, with time you'll get better.
  12. josinda421

    Should new grads always start on a med/surg floor?

    Go in a field you love and grow in it:)
  13. josinda421

    Stay or go??? Need advice!!!

    I think you already know what to do, you just need reassurance. I say go ahead and take the new job. You said it yourself, they will cut nurses down in the future, so why waite for the future, why not start now. Yes, it's difficult being the new nurse because of how people will treat you, but you'll get over it like your first time at your present location. Before you know it, you'll get the hang of things. Even though it's an hour away, it's better to take on the job now, instead of waiting for them to let you go. Good luck
  14. josinda421

    RN to BSN - look at prereq's only?

    When it to comes to nursing, some schools look mainly at your sciences to compose a gpa which will determine your eligibility into the program
  15. josinda421

    Pay for hospital nurse vs LTC nurse

    As a new graduate with a need to pay off your loans, I would go with LTC, being that they would pay more as opposed to hospital pay. But as far as your skills, I would do PRN or one or two days a week at the hospital to pick up some skills in varies areas.
  16. What state are you in, and what agency do you work for.