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  1. healthstar

    Shockingly Humbled

    keep writing :)
  2. healthstar

    Shockingly Humbled

    Beautifully written!! When I was reading this, it reminded me of House / grey's anatomy --sounded unreal!
  3. healthstar

    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    i enjoyed reading this :)
  4. healthstar

    New nurses wanted.

  5. healthstar

    A Note of Deep Concern and Worry

    This is a great note and it should be posted in every school, bathroom mirror, stores, it has to be visible everywhere! Talking with someone who is positive and a good listener is the best medicine!
  6. healthstar

    Barrage of Terrible Cases: Remembering to Feel

    I was not the nurse caring for these patients but when I read your post-- I held my breath! my heart hurts for these patient in this kind of situation . What is even scarier is the fact that these people have been healthy for the most part, no complicated history. I can't stress enough how important it is to have compression stockings on at all times, not crossing the legs, heparin inj,and the importance of frequent walking after surgery!! It amazes me how quickly a clot can be dislocated and turn into a PE and soon lead to death--- it is scary to think that an 18 year old with no complication, no history , lost her life from something that can easily be prevented. Many nurses and doctors have told me how important it is to walk pts, have compressions stockings on, because PE can lead to death very quickly! But I didn't know it was as serious until I hear about stories like this ((( lesson learned!
  7. healthstar

    Coffee Addiction

    I think I am the one and only human being that HATES coffee, hate the smell, the taste etc....and I function really good without it.I love flavored tea:)
  8. healthstar

    Calling a Patient 'Sugar': Abuse?

    lol, I use the word offended a lot, I think it's a European thing. I agree with what you said :)
  9. healthstar

    Calling a Patient 'Sugar': Abuse?

    I call my friends honey, love, darling all the time but I will NEVER call a patient honey, darling etc. Patients can misunderstand these words and I just want to remain professional. But I don't think calling a patient sweetie= abuse
  10. In my school you can. I do all the time. When I passed meds for the first time my instructor had to be with me. Once she knew that you were capable of doing it on your own, she only checked the meds in the hallway and she would send you to pass the meds alone.
  11. I hate it when some of my classmates say "I didn't study at all" before every test they have to take. Really?! So why do you even bother showing up? Why waste your money? Some other classmates say," oh I didn't study for this test" and I got an A. Yeah ok, somehow your brain got the pharmacology books memorized without even studying. Interesting!! Yeah, I know we all get lucky sometimes but you can't get an A everytime you don't study. Please stop saying to me "I hate you, you're so smart" listen I am not smart, I just study for my tests.
  12. Good luck on Nclex and in your future career as a nurse. I don't know how good you're going to do (when everybody knows that you cheat in every test). I also don't know why you are looking forward to graduation, this is not your accomplishment anyway, it is someone elses.
  13. Stop Freaking calling me 100 times/day for test questions and answers. I study so hard to get good grades and you want good grades by getting answers from me?! I can explain things to you but not give you questions and answers. I am not going to risk my education either, it's hard to trust people today. This happens everytime we have a test ugh.How are you going to pass the Nclex if you get all the exam answers from other students? I would kill myself if I end up like these students.
  14. healthstar

    Medical words that make you cringe.

    ahahahhaha it sounds so bad ahahaha
  15. healthstar

    I almost got kicked out of my program from ONE mistake!

    Oh Wow, you are one lucky person. My instructor is never present when I pass meds. She is only responsible for checking the meds with me she doesn't have to be in the room. Good luck to you and be careful.