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  1. healthstar

    what should I do for CODE BLUE

    I remember one of my nursing instructors used to say: when you don't know the pt's code status, it's better to perform CPR and find out that the pt is DNR and stop! , instead of not doing CPR and then you find out later , that pt was full code and died !
  2. healthstar

    Shockingly Humbled

    keep writing :)
  3. healthstar

    Shockingly Humbled

    Beautifully written!! When I was reading this, it reminded me of House / grey's anatomy --sounded unreal!
  4. healthstar

    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    i enjoyed reading this :)
  5. healthstar

    My Defining Moment as a New Graduate Nurse

    This is touching and inspiring at the same time!
  6. healthstar

    Contact with Mrsa, now I'm so afraid?

    We don't even isolate for MRSA!!
  7. healthstar

    Bedside Reporting- your thoughts

    I used to hate bedside report , but now I absolutely love it ! I get to see the pts, make sure they're not Blue, not hypoglycemic ,make sure they look comfy, clean , IVs are not beeping, make sure the TPN and IVF are not running dry. When we didn't have bedside report I would get picture perfect report and when I walked in te pts room so many things were not done! There are lazy people out there!
  8. healthstar

    Not Excited About Becoming FNP

    Curious: Can a NP work as a bedside nurse too?
  9. healthstar

    Are nurses really respected???

    The problem is that many people cannot separate work from personal issues at home !! They bring all the anger from private life and take it out on coworkers! The negative , miserable person will always want to make others miserable!
  10. healthstar

    Would you leave a job you like for a better shift?

    My only advice : please change the display picture!!! Unless you want management to identify you!
  11. I thought seeing the light at the end of the tunnel meant #freedom #stressFree #amazinglife Boy....was I wrong! Spent so many years in nursing school, spent 3 months studying for nclex, passed the nclex and days later started orientation as an RN! Did everything back to back and at the moment I didn't mind, I was very excited to do it all! When I am happy I don't think clearly !!!!!! It was a terrible transition- nursing school and nurse in a hospital setting = are worlds apart!!!! I faced the reality shock!!!! 3 (12s), sometimes no lunch, my orientation was 3-4 months, I was exhausted, burnt out already!!!!! And it was only the beginning of my nursing career and I felt like I had been working for 40 years!!!! That's how exhausted I was! Mine was not a smooth transition because I failed to take a break and care for myself!!! I jumped from one thing to another!!!!! One great tip: Search for a job that you might like, do not accept any job just because you're desperate !!!!! Apply at different hospitals not just to one or two units!!! It's better to wait 3-6 months to find a job that you like instead of accepting the first offer you get and be miserable!!! I also know that sometimes as a new grad we do not have much of a choice, we have to start somewhere to work our way up :)
  12. healthstar

    8 Hour Night Shifts

    Great article! Thank you. Personally I love 12 hr shifts because I only get to work three days and off 4 days. If I work 8 days x 5, there's a chance I'll have 5 miserable/ bad/busy days, I 'd rather have 3 terrible days working 12s :). I love 8 hr shifts because they fly ! When I worked 8 hrs, I was able to think more clearly and I was alert at all times!!! The last 4 hours dragged no matter how busy I was! I was forgetful, weak, dizzy, not very focused, and could not stop thinking how tired I was!
  13. healthstar

    Accuracy of Automatic BP machines?

    Machines can be accurate, but one day they may break / not function properly! Your ears will never fail you :)
  14. healthstar

    Work bags: What do you take and what's in it?

    Just curious : why a laptop?! Do you really have time as a nurse to use your laptop at work?
  15. healthstar

    saline flush ..Joint Commission

    It's still called COW in some places? Hmm. We call it WOW, this is because patients thought we were referring to patients when we said COW
  16. healthstar

    Differences between Canadian and USA nursing?

    I think I discovered that my dream nursing job is located in Canada, happy work environment

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