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  1. Let me illustrate to you something about the futility of worry in any given situation. * If you can in fact change the situation, there is no need to worry. * If there is nothing that you can do to change the situation, then there is still no need to...
  2. Frustrated Charge Nurse

    Consider yourself to be implementing the testing/experimentation phase of the scientific method, in proving/disproving your facilities orientation procedure. Now, take your "evidence based" results to management in the form of a formal memo, if you t...
  3. What is the most important trait to have as a nurse?

    That was extremely well done. Out of curiosity regarding background, I could not identify the author
  4. Your work environment

    Precisely the leadership that is absent within the "toxic" work environments for every poster regarding this issue that you will ever see.
  5. To quote or not to quote...

    Because the patient and family are laymen, and you are the professional, a very basic premise. You have to push it (whatever the issue) right up to the line of refusal of treatment by the patient or proxy. A caveat, the proxy is not the proxy until ...
  6. Nurses and your significant others

    My favorite hospital viewing device.
  7. Your work environment

    A great deal no, you can lay it all squarely at the top. We had a saying in the Navy, "The Captain of the Ship Sets the Tone."
  8. WHY??

    Now that was a lot of flak. Terrible numbers for those crews, I hope your grandfather did come home.
  9. dreading going back to work tomorrow

    Yes, but in the second part of post #5, I'm referring to criminal, or professional wrong doing, not a minor faux pas with your employer over time and attendance and such. I should have been a bit more clear, my apologies.
  10. Massive changes to 2011 healthcare benefits??

    I hear you. Just another unfortunate example of how everybody, from the corner bank to the tax man, and everyone in between, have their hand in your pocket. I boycott what I can whenever I can. Professional sports teams? Those idiots wont get a dime ...
  11. WHY??

  12. dreading going back to work tomorrow

    Agree with all said here except for one thing. Remember that it's their bat and ball, it's their game, and their rules. If you want to play, you need to sign the mitt when asked with one exception. When an admission of wrongdoing violates your fifth...
  13. dreading going back to work tomorrow

    Write-ups in general Whenever suddenly presented with a write up of any kind, always print the words "See employees written response" in plain view of your signature. Then write something brief in response and submit it later (a day or so) when clear...
  14. which nursing speciality is at most risk for being sued?

    Yes of course, I'd forgotten OB, L&D. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.
  15. which nursing speciality is at most risk for being sued?

    Follow the money (insurance premiums), NP with the collaborating physician would likely be at most risk. In ICU, once they get to us they are more closely watched.