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  1. BEDPAN76

    A little down

    Are you a new nurse? How old are you? Sometimes you will find that co-workers can have a "warped" sense of humor. If you don't feel better soon, see your family doctor. Hang in there! It is normal in this profession to feel depressed from time to time. :hug: Hugs!
  2. BEDPAN76

    Help! What would you do?

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. It is what it is. in the future, you might just say, " Oh, enough for now" and change the subject. Really can't see why you should lose your job.....Relax!
  3. BEDPAN76

    It's Not MY Responsibility to Get YOU Home...

    It could be YOU! We are all only a couple of paychecks away from being in this position. My heart goes out to patients who have nowhere to go.
  4. BEDPAN76

    Sharing Prescription Drugs

    Hopefully they aren't nurses! Don't think it is a felony, let alone reportable. Instead, use it as an opportunity to teach and explain to them all the reasons that this is a dangerous idea.
  5. This is not legal advice, but if the DUI is w/out complications such as a wreck, and is first offense, I would get a lawyer (thru your malpractice carrier, usually $10,000 coverage ) and go before the Board. Probation due to a DUI, to me, is better than going into a diversion program, if diversion is not what you have done. That being said, might be good to start AA meetings NOW. On probation you will probably be randomly tested for alcohol. Giving up alcohol is much easier than giving up your job and seniority and be "labeled" as a drug diverter, especially w/ 25 yrs on the job... Whatever that state is, the BON is really aggressive for a first time "offender". Unless you have had legal/license issues before. Good luck! It just shows again that as nurses we always have to remember that the Boards are holding our licenses in their hands. I'm assuming the " I " in this case refers to influence of alcohol and NOT impairment by drugs. Yes I know alcohol is technically a drug, but there IS a difference, IMHO. PS I wouldn't say ANYTHING to your employer until you have spoken to a lawyer. And also, it is usually a better bargain to find a lawyer in the same city as the Board. because you won't have to pay for their gas $$ and travel time. :)
  6. BEDPAN76

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    Agree w/ above poster. Her drive home was the main priority at that time...Did she make it? Hope so, because since OP described her as "swaying" . she probably would NOT have passed a roadside sobriety test. Many people would then feel guilty for letting her leave work like that. Not any different than letting a friend drive drunk. Not your job to do a Breathalyzer, but at least take the keys. If YOU had been that nurse, would you have wanted her to stop you from operating a motor vehicle while impaired? Knowing that " impaired" doesn't have to be caused by a substance! Just saying......
  7. BEDPAN76


    Kardexes were Great! Whoever decided to get rid of them were anuses. I know I'm an old nurse but they were so helpful and written in pencil to facilitate updates. Back in the good old days, the Kardex WAS the care plan,,,,
  8. BEDPAN76

    Pet Nurse?!

    That is what I should have done 35 years ago. Be a cat nurse. I would probably be in a better place mentally right now....... Seriously, though, you are right. Not just anybody should use the title of nurse. Vet Tech sounds impressive enough to me......
  9. BEDPAN76

    Info on Amedysis for anyone interested

    thanks. Sadly, not surprising.
  10. BEDPAN76

    am i understanding this correctly?

    A nurse should NEVER EVER even mention any meds she is prescribed at her place of employment. There are too many mean-spirited and two-faced people who are backstabbers looking to start trouble and rumors. Sad but true.
  11. BEDPAN76

    Is it all in my head?

    Wow, Najah! Did any of this happen on the job? You might want to consider a desk-type job. I have mild fibromyalgia and Lyrica has helped tremendously. Been on Zoloft for years. But, the main thing you need to do is take care of yourself by seeing an MD or NP as soon as you can. Keep us posted, please! :flwrhrts:
  12. BEDPAN76

    What is going on with me?

    Could be a lot of things. Depression, menopause, anemia etc. But most importantly, you need to get a complete medical work-up. ASAP. When we are caught up in the merry-go-round of nursing school, we often neglect taking care of ourselves and/or ignoring symptoms because we just don't have time to be sick. Or God forbid take a sick day. Anyway, please see a doctor or NP. STAT! Also, welcome to the site and please keep us posted. We are a pretty caring group! :flwrhrts:
  13. BEDPAN76

    L&D CNA....what do they do?

    same things with more clean ups and more orders from RNs. My advice is just wait till your'e a nurse:smokin:
  14. BEDPAN76

    Do they have to know? I need help!!!

    Just taper down, like decrease by one per day. Then you will avoid getting into an UNFAIR situation with BON.
  15. BEDPAN76

    working while in diversion program

    Mind Your Own Business!
  16. BEDPAN76

    Being forced to rethink my views on fibromyalgia

    I am NOT giving medical advice. I wall just share with you that I was also dx with fibromyalgia a coulple of years ago and MD gave samples of Lyrica. All those aches and pains were nearly gone. I am still on it and the only side effect is the big bucks unless you have insurance, which I don't at the moment but MD has been giving me samples pretty regularly so I am in good shape. Anyway, it might be worth a discussion with your doc. Best of luck and please keep us posted!