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  1. what is insane about this is that people AFFILIATE themselves with their job and thus are representing that institution. Not only that, PATIENTS can find you - look at your pictures, see what your kids look like.... C R E E P Y! This really should give everyone pause.
  2. It's laughable that anyone would not know this. Seriously. It's just such a sad evolution of our society.
  3. MassED

    Unhealthy stress

    knowing it's all temporary. You might actually meet a patient you like, or (gasp) families and visitors who say thank you! I also have a nice commute to and from work, gives time to decompress. I bring something refreshing to drink, a good meal, and look forward to my 2am coffee break! Sometimes that's all that keeps me going. I try to keep work and my personal life separate, unlike 95% of my coworkers. It gives distance from drama.
  4. MassED

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    Amen to that. We don't have full body suits or any specific buddy system in place. No way to dispose of waste, no dry runs of what we do when an Ebola-suspected patient checks in.. We are also told negative pressure rooms are appropriate. We are not prepared. Period.
  5. MassED

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    That rarely happens. People are afraid of being stigmatized, or for whatever other reasons they choose not to divulge everything. This is why, as ER nurses, we know to believe little of what a person says and err on the side of caution and assume they're being dishonest. Acting with a certain criteria and an abundance of caution might catch those that are being dishonest. Vital signs and symptoms do not lie. Such as a heart rate of 60 and 10/10 reported pain.
  6. MassED

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    perhaps she touched something.... it's the unknown details that leads to some speculation. One cannot expect every person to be perfect in their donning and removal of PPE. This is precisely why these patients should be in a specific facility specially made to house these deadly diseases and their hosts.
  7. MassED

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    "Ebola is an RNA virus, which means it mutates once or twice every time it copies itself. This could change the way the virus operates when inside the human body." "Ebola does share some of the characteristics of airborne viruses like influenza and we should not disregard the possibility of it evolving into something that could be transmitted in this way," added Sanders, whose work on Ebola led to his participation in the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency's Biological Weapons Proliferation Prevention Program. "I want the facts to be clear. It's important that we not get the idea that this can't happen," he added. "When people say that it is impossible for this virus to mutate, this is simply not true." To pose a major threat in the U.S., the Ebola virus would have to mutate so that it could survive outside the body for a significant length of time like influenza can, Sanders said. "This is not how the Ebola virus is currently known to spread, but there is evidence that it has some of the necessary components for respiratory transmission," he said. Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com Experts: Ebola Could Spread Like Cold or Flu
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    Shockingly Humbled

    but it's good!
  9. MassED

    Social Media And You

    I don't think it's even that, about nursing related anything, it's about posting your ideas or opinions and having the world at large judge you. We should be allowed to exercise our first amendment right to free speech. You see people getting ARRESTED for ridiculous comments that are just that: ridiculous. Not against the law, but our society has become increasingly a police state where our opinions or comments are monitored and we could be arrested for them!! I'm in total shock to how our society is evolving (or devolving).
  10. MassED

    Social Media And You

    where I work, as I would imagine most places do, has a policy about social media and if you list X place as your place of employment, you are representing that institution, therefore are held to the policies of said institution. That being said, there are people on Facebook who relate patient stories, trauma scenarios that are SPECIFIC, etc. to the point that I deleted my Facebook account completely. I actually had two accounts, one work and one personal, but neither of which I could justify as having anything positive to offer. Especially the work one. I think any affiliation and personal opinions that are written and forever will stay in internet oblivion is a crazy thing and everyone should fear (or at least reflect on) those repercussions.
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    laughter: essential to survival, let it spread!
  12. MassED

    Is there a nurse on the plane?

    are you sure about this? i haven't researched it, but i just watched a documentary on pan-am and stewardesses in the hey day of flying, and their only requirements they listed were: under 120 pounds, single and under 25.. this was either on the history channel or biography. and to the poster just previous to mine, this was one person (ellen church) that tried to change the industry, but apparently didn't become widespread... nice attempts, anyway, but glad it didn't stick to have all of those sexist definitions of being under 25, single, under 120 pounds... and let's not forget they were all very pretty. add the nursing qualification on top of all of those requirements and it would have truly changed flying. perhaps that's what they should require now and we'd get paid a heck of a lot more than in the hospital setting! addendum - reading a bit on the history of flight stewardess' - originally they were required to be nurses in the 1930's but that was dropped in the 1940's.
  13. MassED

    I'm so stressed, I want to give up nursing...

    why didn't you tell that doc that you were instructed by the u/s tech that insurance won't pay for r/o DVT??? Not a big deal.... You could call that doc and clarify that was what was going on....
  14. MassED

    Staff Meetings: What Are They Good For?

    I wouldn't know. I don't go. The last (and only one) that I've been to where I currently work, it was mandatory, and it was an adversarial meeting of the worst kind. There's a reason I never go.
  15. MassED

    Intrinsically safe defibrilators

    interesting topic, of which I know nothing about... interested to read more!