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MassED has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. MassED

    Would love some advice!

    your routine, family life and off time are the most important. I'd say stay per diem in the hospital and go to the school nurse job, work per diem on weekends or holidays to pick up some time here and there. You can always go back to the hospital after the kids are older.
  2. MassED

    Mental health patients and smoking

    suicidal patients cannot leave, you are bound by law to protect them until evaluated. So, no, they cannot leave. IF they do, we call the police to go after them.
  3. you are defensive. You don't seem like a seasoned nurse of 20 years, you seem to reject everything that posters write in response to you. Your posts suggest you are a young nurse with little experience who focuses on the wrong things as a nurse.
  4. but you've been an RN for 20 years?? Something sounds fishy....
  5. your blase attitude regarding a med error is startling. Your being flippant regarding this is just scary.
  6. reporting a med error to the MD is first and foremost. You file an incident reports and you tell your charge immediately. You don't delay. This should be done before going on break. You also write "your second break" - that is a luxury MOST facilities do not have, so you might be living a bit the life of luxury. You lack of reporting in a timely fashion leads me to question you. I do agree if you're busy and others are sitting around socializing, that there is zero excuse and they should be helping. This is an issue to bring up, but I find this lack of work ethic is often something you cannot change in a person. People are either team players or they are not.
  7. MassED

    Was I told wrong information?

    is Science your thing? Are you interesting in nursing? I'd look into what you want to do with your life and less interviewing what EMT's and medics or firefighters think you should do about nursing/medic. Are you doing pre-req's for nursing? I would choose one route or the other, personally. Each would require its own path and focus.
  8. MassED

    Did i do something wrong? CPR question

    broken ribs happen with good compressions, especially on elderly with weaker ribs ie osteoporosis. You did a good job, don't worry. You did what you had to do. I always think that broken ribs are a sign you pushed hard and fast.
  9. MassED

    Not taking a break

    what?? 2 hours? Are you kidding?
  10. MassED

    Not taking a break

    ?!?!!?oh my god, you get TWO breaks??!?!! I barely get 10 minutes in a 12 hour shift, and even then it is sitting at the nurse's station shoving food down my face.
  11. MassED

    ER - How to stay calm

    when you're busy, if you can jot down a time and a short idea/intervention - you can always go back and addend your note when you have more time. Sometimes if it's written on a piece of paper, if that's easier, then go back and enter your notes. Such as: 1300 to xray, 1530 urine sent, 1630 waiting for CT results. 1700 medicated for pain. Then add more to those later. Don't feel bad about treating your sicker patients first. Your less acute patients will either learn this from you or someone else. You can pop your head in and say "this is what is going on, this is what we are doing, I'm in the next room with a sick patient and will be back in approximately 20 minutes for xy and z." At least you have updated them and then you can see your sicker patients before getting back to the less sick ones. It's all a matter of time management. Some never get the hang of this. If I have an ankle pain, or wrist pain, or something that I know won't require more than a Tylenol or Motrin, I may not asses them until I discharge them (like a true fast track patient) and this is just how it goes. If it's not an emergency, tell your brain that this is o.k. Don't feel bad about it. If it were a true emergency patient, you'd be in there, so let that guilt go and don't let others tell you what your priorities are (unless you just got a new patient you didn't know about). Good luck. Keep your ears and eyes open.
  12. MassED

    Help with career choice

    I would think either choice would provide good experience for flight nursing. ER nurses have challenges going to ICU and ICU nurses have challenges going to the ER. Either way you cut it, it's up to you and how you adapt. Good luck!
  13. MassED

    ER nursing: adjusting to ratios

    I think you just have to give yourself time. There is a learning curve in any new ER and everyone knows this. Hope everyone is patient with you in that learning curve. You'll soon figure out who is doing what and come to expect or anticipate that. Even with all of that, some days are just more awful than the other and even knowing what to expect, some people are just not good communicators . Good luck! I would add for your ratios, remember your sickest ones go first. A young woman with belly pain can wait a bit (if you're not thinking ectopic), get that urine and move along. I'd pay most attention to the highest acuities and move on from there. Assume you are alone and when you are in each room, if you can, put your sick ones on the monitor so at least you know vital signs will be taken care of if there's not anyone else to do it later. When you are in a room with a chest pain, for example, get that IV while you listen to their story. Do their EKG, put them on the monitor, get their history, meds, etc. Send off the blood and move on to your next one. With many patients, doing all you can while you're in the room the first time is usually easiest and then you can move on to the next sickest and so on. Routine is different for each place. You'll find your groove.
  14. MassED

    Thank you, Joy Behar!

    OR... rather than sign a petition for Obama about ratios, how about we have FELONY's in ALL states for threats against providers or staff? Where I live, it is not a Felony for assaults against healthcare providers in the ER (or first responders) and it is laughed at by the District Attorney. How about that? It is more viewed that this is expected and we should accept it. That may be ok for the police, because they have GUNS and HANDCUFFS.
  15. MassED

    Thank you, Joy Behar!

    I'm more interested in not boarding INPATIENTS in our emergency departments!!!!! This is the straw that is breaking the camel's back. SCU and intermediate level patients, along with ER patients (mainly waiting in the waiting room, by the way, because all ER beds being held up by admitted patients) is just a disaster and a sentinel event waiting to happen. This is what our healthcare system has turned into. No one can afford healthcare (thanks, Obama), so they are all now forced to go to the ER when they need healthcare, thus collapsing our infrastructure.
  16. MassED

    Thank you, Joy Behar!

    it appears that the woman on the right, the black woman, had a defiant posture. Wonder what that was about in that segment. Her body language could mean many things, her lack of applause.... maybe she does not like the nursing profession. I haven't followed this story, know little of The View, so it's not really on my radar, more just passing the time at this moment.

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