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casi has 3 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. casi

    Facility refuses to give raises

    This has been the trend in skilled nursing facilities. I think they are expecting nurses to job hop for raises.
  2. casi

    Overhead Paging Banned

    Paging in LTC really should be kept to emergencies only. I really hate to hear paging at my work, we are a person's home.
  3. casi

    Nurses' handoff to EMTs

    I work in LTC so I have a lot of interactions with medics. I give them report, most times I'll stay through their initial assessment or collection of history so I can advocate for my patients, this isn't long at all. Then I'll ask "Is there anything else you need from me?" and go on my merry way. Is the social worker newer at their job? Sometimes social workers don't really understand the nursing assessment and process. She also may have no understood that you handed over all care. Also the patient was discharged at 11am. He was no longer a patient of the facility, so you really weren't his nurse anymore.
  4. casi

    Brian Short News

    Much love and hugs to the Short Family and the AN staff. I am shocked and saddened by the news. I have been a member of AN for tooooo long and remember when it was small enough to see Brian take a more visible role with posting, such a nice guy.
  5. casi

    What happened to MOM?

    We rarely use MoM, it's not even on our house standing orders. Too many renal patients who you can screw up electrolytes on.
  6. casi

    My first dump and run

    We had one recently that when he found out his family was transporting him to LTC grabbed the steering wheel on the car.
  7. casi

    Staff development

    I would find out from the nurses and the nurse managers what education they want and feel like they need. Some of my favorites are UTIs (not blaming every change or behavior on a UTI and getting away from constant UA/UCs), respiratory care (I can't tell you how often I find someone with a mask on at 2L), IVs, g/j-tubes, wound care, labs
  8. At the beginning of the shift make sure your aides know what you expect. It's nice to have a quick report with the aides. "Mr. Smith had a suppository on nights, please let me know if he has results. I need weights on Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Jones, and Ms. Anderson before breakfast. Mr. Doe has been combative with cares, from report PM shift had a lot of luck talking to him about his daughter while doing cares which kept him calm. Oh and Ms. Thompson has Shingles, if you are pregnant or haven't had chickenpox or the Vaccine stay out of her room, otherwise gown and glove. If you need any help holler and I'll try to help." When and if you can help out. As a new grad you'll be running like a chicken with their head cut off, but if you can help a little it helps gain some respect in some instances.
  9. casi

    Eye drops

    I'd also question how necessary the medications are. What is the patient's plan of care, maybe not giving the medications would increase her quality of life by not having that daily battle with her. Then again, I tend to think that we prescribe too many medications to our geriatric patients.
  10. casi

    I work at the worst LTC facility ever.

    Time to start making changes. Take your med cart and own it. Most places nights are responsible for cleaning the carts. Dig in and waste those loose pills. Reorder medications, call pharm and find out why the heck they aren't sending reordered meds. A lot of places I've worked aides to apply creams and powders. Doesn't take much more instruction than, "Put this powder on Mrs. B's groin." Check the facility policy and if you aren't comfortable with this do the treatments yourself. I personally like to do some of my creams and powders on occasion to see how a yeasty groin or alligator legs are coming along. When it comes to aides (non-TMAs) giving pills I've only done this a couple of times when I was right in the room with the patient, I've had difficult/demented patients who would only take their oxycodone/pudding cocktail from someone who wasn't me. Is this good or legal practice? No, but the patient needed their oxycodone, if it were another medication I may have held it, but some you just can't hold. What kind of morning medications are you seeing given at night? There are certain medications that need to be given x amount of time before specific medications or food. If it continues to be a big problem, talk to the primary (or see if days can) and see if you can get an order, "May give synthroid at 8am with AM medications." The biggest thing I can say is you're the nurse, take control of your residents and med cart.
  11. casi

    New roommate on precautions

    Nope wouldn't happen in my facility. If a patient has VRE the only roommate they can be paired with is another patient that has VRE.
  12. casi

    Terminal Agitation

    Lots of hugs in your direction. These types of patients are just heartbreaking. It sounds like you did everything right working with hospice and advocating for your patietn. I'd talk to your DNS about the potential of using IV or sub-q drips on patient's like this. I tend to get hospice or the MD to titrate morphine (or any narcs) up until unconscious. I think the highest dose I've seen was a TCU patient on Dilaudid IV drip at 1-2mg (I can't remember), Valium IV q3h, intrathecal dilaudid q3h. It was pretty insane. Before she started going unresponsive she was on Dilaudid 24mg PO q3h.
  13. casi

    My Unit Is Bleeding Staff & Morale...Vent!

    I'd be really tempted to write an anonymous letter to the media about the lack of resources. My LTC has more working defibrillators.
  14. casi

    Do you get sick alot working as a nurse?

    Rarely. I'll normally pick up a URI once a year and maybe once every other year a stomach bug. When I first started out in healthcare I picked these things up much more quickly, but that's chagned.
  15. casi

    Foot Care

    I honestly wish that lotion was just apart of AM and PM cares, especially in the winter months. I'm seeing a lot of excoriation to backs and legs from scratching.
  16. casi

    Cdc declares flu epidemic

    I work in LTC/Post Acute and we are starting to see a lot of people recovering from influenza. We're also swabbing resident's like crazy. When I worked Friday the nurse managers were arguing over the few swabs we had in stock. The post-acute patient's we are getting that are recovering from influenza are freaking sick. The local hospitals are d/cing some really sick people to make room for all of the new influenza cases.