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  1. I never feel guilty for not working on my days off.
  2. RNDreamer

    How long can it take to hear back from an employer?

    The hospitals that hired me, all called me less than a week after me applying. Other took months before calling. One place called me about a position, in a different specialty than I applied for. Definitely follow up and show your continued interest.
  3. RNDreamer

    biggest mistake of my life

    ...And where in NY have you been applying?
  4. RNDreamer

    New York poised to require bachelor's degrees for RNs

    If NY can follow California and mandate safe nurse to patient ratios, then I'll be impressed. BSN as a mandated entry to practice? Many hospitals (in the City, at least) prefer a BSN prepared nurse anyway.
  5. RNDreamer

    New Bill Eases Work Visas for Foreign Nurses

    One of the 14 hospitals is in my state. When I was a New Grad, I called the hospital and expressed interest in applying. I was firmly turned away because they were not interested in hiring a New Grad.
  6. RNDreamer

    Mount Sinai Med. Center Orientation

    NurseFairy, how long was your hospital orientation before you started on the unit, and when you started orientation on your home, were they flexible the scheduling so that it did not interfere with your cuurrent job. Thank you in advance.
  7. I would start looking at the job postings of hospitals in NY, to get an idea of what is out there. You can also try getting in contact with nurse recruiters to get an idea of what they are looking for and when they want you to start appplying.
  8. RNDreamer

    Mount Sinai Med. Center Orientation

    How did you snag a job there? Did you apply online or in person?
  9. RNDreamer

    Nursing tops list of high-paid jobs of the future

    Please be advised that I am truly not attacking you with my response: Me, work my nursing job for 18 hours a day? HECK NO! And it's hard for me to adequately 'help' people the way I want to when we are constantly short. I used to think the same way you did before I became a nurse. Then I became a nurse and those rose colored glasses were thrown off of me so fast. Honeymoon phase as a New Grad? Never had one. I was too busy trying to adjust to the career that was NOTHING that I thought it was going to be. Also, whenever I see a post about someone (esp someone with no HC experience) who states s/he wants to become a nurse because they want to 'help people' I so badly want to say: social workers also help people, so do the case managers, RT, OT, PAs, CNAs, techs, volunteers, transporters, etc. It just can be frustrating when, with how much I bust my arse at work, I'm supposed to feel guilty for discussing money. I LOVE my paycheck, and I feel no shame in that.
  10. RNDreamer

    Nursing tops list of high-paid jobs of the future

    Absolutely. There are people living in NYC on much lower salaries, so you can live quite comfortably on a nurse's salary. You don't HAVE to live in Manhattan.
  11. RNDreamer

    Ritz-Carlton provides hospitals customer service lessons

    As long as our "clients" want the hotel customer service treatment, hospitals will give it to them.
  12. RNDreamer

    Unhappy With Current Position One Fourth of RNs Move On

    I'm a statistic I see, since I left a job this year. But not before finding a new one.
  13. RNDreamer

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    What do you mean I will "get used to it"? We shouldn't get used to working in unsafe working conditions. And you have a union??? I'm putting in for a transfer ASAP. You might be "used to it", but I deserve better.
  14. RNDreamer

    Hospital nurses - is it really that bad?

    Having Press Gainy and HCAHPS shoved down my throat every week doesn't exactly make my day.
  15. RNDreamer

    Why doesnt the NY BON update its site daily?

    They do not update their list of license info only twice a year. It's updated regularly. If you passed the NCLEX, your name and license number will show up in a few short days. My number showed up 2 days after I took the exam.
  16. RNDreamer


    I think Beth Isreal School of Nursing has a track where you can finish pre-reqs, but I'm not sure. Try there. Also, try visiting the NY Nursing Programs forum on this site to read about different programs in NY.