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  1. I never feel guilty for not working on my days off.
  2. RNDreamer

    How long can it take to hear back from an employer?

    The hospitals that hired me, all called me less than a week after me applying. Other took months before calling. One place called me about a position, in a different specialty than I applied for. Definitely follow up and show your continued interest.
  3. RNDreamer

    biggest mistake of my life

    ...And where in NY have you been applying?
  4. RNDreamer

    New York poised to require bachelor's degrees for RNs

    If NY can follow California and mandate safe nurse to patient ratios, then I'll be impressed. BSN as a mandated entry to practice? Many hospitals (in the City, at least) prefer a BSN prepared nurse anyway.
  5. RNDreamer

    Called back within 6 months??

    Yes, it has happened to me with 2 facilities. Both called about 2-3 months later and asked if I was still interested.
  6. RNDreamer

    Job Opportunity

    Still worth a try. Thanks for the post!
  7. RNDreamer

    New Grad RN CAN'T FIND WORK!! What should I do?

    I agree. With every interview I had, I applied for the job online, that's it. No follow up with HR. The places I DID follow up with, I got nowhere with.
  8. RNDreamer

    How Often?

    Very frequently. I love to read, love discussion boards. And I REALLY learn a lot from reading these threads. Reading stories, debates, etc have helped me get answers correct on nursing school exams and have helped in my daily nursing practice.
  9. RNDreamer

    What have other nurses done that have freaked you out?

    Walked away from a patient in respiratory distress. Thank goodness the MD and RT were there. The nurses on that unit didn't have the greatest reputation. I guess her phone call was more important.
  10. RNDreamer

    Is it just nurses or........

    I had a Bachelors degree and got a BSN. I did not have to start from scratch and take my general courses over, and would NOT have gone to a school that require me to. And I did not go to a second degree program. (Not that I'm against them.)
  11. RNDreamer

    New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    Apply, apply, apply. Even for positions that say exp preferred or required. My first job was advertised saying exp preferred, my second required years of exp I did not have. Side note: the places the called me back, I NEVER followeed up with them. My resume spoke for itself, I guess. The places I DID follow up with after sending my resume, I got nowhere with. Their loss.
  12. RNDreamer

    BSN, grad 2009 >>still NO JOB

    Have someone look at your resume and cover letter. Also, if you haven't already, start applying to places in person.
  13. I would have enjoyed life more. It hurt badly to work hard in school and watch slackers and classmates who barely went to class get jobs before me.
  14. RNDreamer

    Just started my job... and considering quitting

    Hi, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I understand that you work in a nursing home, but what type of unit do you work on that makes it so busy? What would I do? Honestly, hang on as long as I can until I found something else. But that is just me, YOU have to decide what is best for you. Good luck!
  15. RNDreamer

    Did you leave soon after your "One Year"?

    I have never been so unhappy in my life. How I lasted this long, I have no clue. I keep thinking that I will wake up and realize that this was all a nightmare. I started sending my resume out and got some calls. I really hope one of them leads to a new job. There has got to be something better than this.
  16. You keep telling me that you are going to leave, but you are still here. Why do you insist on teasing me?