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  1. Oh I was actually looking into that this morning.My college has this program and it's call "Urban Health Planning." I suppose this is what you are talking about.I checked the salary and got discouraged lol....But you say the salary starts at $60,000 in hospitals ? Thats pretty awesome.
  2. Thank you so much.This is very inspiring.
  3. Thanks ! I'll look into the careers you guys suggested.
  4. It's been 5 years since I entered college.I earned an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts (3.47 GPA) and have a few credits in Education from CUNY Hunter College.I have been rejected like 3 times from Nursing school during my early college years and right now,I can't afford to waste time.I need a career.As much as I want to be a Nurse,I think it's time to change directions.I dont mind entering any career that is health related that is in demand and will allow me to make comfortable money ($50,000 and up).What are health related programs that are less competitive than Nursing ?Any suggestions ???
  5. Back2Nursing09

    Nursing Program at Hunter College NLN Score

    I diasgree.I know plenty of schools that admit students with a 3.0 GPA.Hunter is competitive because seats are limited.There aren't enough Nursing instructors.There is nothing weak about a student,like myself, with a 3.55. GPA.
  6. Back2Nursing09

    BMCC - Question about MAT104 & CHE121

    I took chem 21 a few weeks before my H.S graduation and earned a B .I could have done better if I had the book.Make sure you purchase the book.It's not that hard really.I think you could take both classes together.Math 104 is very easy although the final was a bit tricky.I earned a A- for that class.Your Chem 121 grade won't matter but do well in it anyhow.
  7. Back2Nursing09

    BMCC Spring 2011 hopefuls?

    Memories...I applied in 2006 with a 3.55 gpa and did not make it in.I graduated with an Associates degree in Liberal and went on to Hunter ...Be sure to have all A's.Good luck.
  8. What was your GPA and NLN score ?? Im going to apply there soon.
  9. I tried applying to a Nursing program at a CC like 5 years ago but didn't get accepted.I had a 3.55 GPA...My chances of getting into a Nursing program are much high at Private schools which are very costly.
  10. Im thinking of going into another field.I really want to be a Nurse but im afraid that I won't find a job a.Plus I can't really afford Nursing school.I prefer to get my Associates degree in another health related career so that I can pay the bills and pay for the furthering of my education .Any ideas ??
  11. Back2Nursing09

    Is having a ADN useless these days?

    Do employers favor those with a BSN ?
  12. What about in physicians' offices and in outpatient care centers, such as freestanding ambulatory surgical and emergency centers ?
  13. Back2Nursing09

    Farmingdale State College

    Congrats,Bella !!!! What was your gpa and test score ? Im thinking of applying to Farmingdale. Oh and are you in the BSN or ADN program ?
  14. Back2Nursing09

    What are my chances?

    Well it depends where you want to apply.Most schools ask for a minimum gpa of 3.0 but Nursing school is very competitive.All you can do is apply or just keep wondering.Good luck.

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