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6 hours ago, vio said:

I wish I was trolling. Is it so hard to believe that the highly polarizing issue of vaccines has also affected relationships? I specifically created an account on allnurses so I could get some nursing perspectives on my situation. If you think I'm lying, then maybe refrain from commenting. 

I don't think you are lying.  I am just not convinced you are real.  There is a difference.

There is a trend around here of trollers fabricating members. One of them recently got bored and started being creative. 



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I left my boyfriend for not putting on a mask. He lied about 14 day quarantine and was reading Q stuff. I realized I didn't know him at all. I figured he was putting my family at risk and said goodbye. This was before the vaccine was available. I don't mess with that. 

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On 9/26/2021 at 1:01 PM, londonflo said:


Working with photoshop to produce a forged receipt probably takes more time than 30 minutes. Think about what you want out of life.

Exactly. The guy is dishonest and willing to make the effort to be deceitful.  Do you want to spend your time second guessing everything he says and supposedly does? 

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On 9/26/2021 at 12:48 PM, vio said:

My boyfriend and I (20s) have been dating nearly 2 months. In the beginning when I met him, he told me he hadn’t had his first dose yet. But he said he will get it soon. Every single time it’s the same story, he swears he’ll get it, then the next time I see him he still hasn’t gotten it. He says he’s just lazy. Swears he’s not an anti-vaxxer.

Recently the gov’t mandated vaccine passports to enter restaurants and other indoor establishments like theatres. He showed me a forged receipt he made with Photoshop. I was upset at him and said he shouldn’t be doing that. He asked me why I care so much.

Almost everything is perfect about our relationship except this one thing. I work for Public Health in Covid response and I have literally done everything this pandemic, last year I’ve worked in the hospital as a floor nurse treating Covid patients, I’ve done contact tracing and health education for Covid patients as part of public health, I even spent months giving and preparing vaccines. 

He knows all this, I tell him how horrible this Covid *** is, and still he is too lazy to do the one thing he can do to help end the pandemic. He cannot take 30 minutes out of his day to go to ANY pharmacy and get the shot.

I tell him if he doesn’t care about his health, fine, but do it for me. I know fully vaccinated people have less chance of getting sick but there’s still a chance that I could carry it. 

My friends are judging me because my boyfriend is unvaccinated. They don’t know why I’m with him. I love him and I care for him but I’m reaching the end of my rope. He always says he’ll get it but he never ever does. I’m seriously tired and hurt by his inaction and indifference.

Am I overreacting? Sometimes I feel like I am, but sometimes I feel like I’m not reacting enough.





You’re not overreacting. This is a big deal. 



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My boyfriend of 2 months is a liar who doesn't share my values.  Other than those little details, he is just great.  

I am not sure what this has to do with Covid.   

This would be better posted in a relationship forum.  


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Sit down and talk to him.. ask him what his true reasoning is. Tell him there are different vaccines available for him to chose. Give him credit for going with you to the pharmacy.  This is stressful for everyone. Don’t let covid make your life even more miserable.

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If you're that desperate for a man's attention and affection, keep him and be ready for therapy later in your life. He doesn't have balls instead he manufactured his vaccines. 


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14 hours ago, Carpe Diem2006 said:

My advice wasn't based on the vaccine issue itself. The OP's boyfriend has lied to her, has gone to the trouble of manufacturing a fake vaccine card to go around mandates set for public health, and has admitted to a general laziness when asked about why he didn't want to go through with a promise he made to her to get vaccinated. They are very early in a relationship for someone to be showing so many red flags about reliability and the groundwork for a long term relationship. 

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On 9/29/2021 at 7:50 AM, CrunchRN said:

If this was all real and you truly wanted him to have then you would have gone to a different pharmacy to get the vaccine. It is available everywhere so the whole "out of doses" and no further attempts makes this feel like a made up situation in my opinion.

I agree, this post reeks of trolling to get reactions. New poster and all. At 2 months into a relationship, no s/o would have been forcing any issue, I would be stepping away, regardless of what side of the argument I'm on

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People argue that the transmission of this virus is quite the same among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. I'd be terrified not to get vaccinated.

 The viruses are in the environment, too. Airborne


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1 hour ago, Honyebee said:

People argue that the transmission of this virus is quite the same among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. I'd be terrified not to get vaccinated.

 The viruses are in the environment, too. Airborne

Yes. Vaccination does not prevent exposure, never has.  I would imagine that there is a ton, literally, of virus circulating in our shared airspace here in the USA. There's just so much virus growing in the unvaccinated and released into the atmosphere that it would be expected that there would be breakthrough symptoms of exposure and immune response and even active infections which could be serious.  It's just how this works.  It will really slow when we can vaccinate elementary school children.  It's starting to slow now because enough communities have achieved at least 70% vaccination of eligible adults.  And enough of the unvaccinated have had at least mild illness and have protection for a spell.  

Vaccination is our pathway out of the pandemic.  


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Tell him you're going to take him on a date but then take him to get vaccinated ?

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